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After The End of All

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Mangaverse. From Knives' point of view. At the end of the final battle, Knives was succesfully captured, but at what cost? What happened to Vash? Where is everyone? You can never guess... Rated for...

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Disclaimer: Dun even wanna own it. I can't draw a smexy Knives like Nightow can. Tee he hee. =P

Spoilers: All of mangaverse till Trigun Maximum episode 94. Huge, I mean HUGE spoilers. Though, I can't resist taking bits of acceptable animeverse into this story. X3

A/N: This story if totally from Knives' POV. Some OOC-ness should be predicted, as I want dis story to be as angst as possible. You may even see Knives as too fragile, but I really believe he absolutely loves his dear brother. ...and I'm still not sure whether this story should be twincest or not... ponders but I am tempted... snickers

Oh, will have a lot of ranting from Knives for the first 3 episodes, and there will be a character that I believe most can't even predict will walk into any fandom. May I introduce to you... (SLICE!)

(Knives stomps the decapitated author repeatedly in the guts) "Do. (stomp) You. (stomp) Wanna. (stomp) Ruin. (stomp) This. (stomp) Story. (stomp) You. (stomp) MANIAC? " (stomp) (stomp) (stomp)

(Vash steps in, pulling away his frenzied brother from the bloody author) (Vash smiles his shiny grin as he faces the readers, while patting on a sulking, snuggling Knives' back) "Ah, as Knives tried to say, it'll be too much of a spoiler. And, err ... that person... will only get into this story around the second episode. So please bear with my brother ranting about for now- Hey, Knives! Stop nibbling on my earring!"

(Knives retracts his tongue, and sulks again, snuggling even closer to a nervously smiling Vash, if that's ever possible...)

(The still bleeding author sweatdrops, raising a crooked hand, waving it)

Err... may we start with the story then...?

After The End of All

Part 1

I've lost track of time.

The human ships from Earth managed to stop me from my rampage. From annihilating the filthy human spiders that my dear brother loved so much. And even more surprisingly, they somehow were able to separate me from the bonds - or cointegration, as the Earthens dubbed it - of the rest of my Plant sisters.

I thought it was impossible. I was ready to sacrifice all to get the Eden I've desired. Even my own body, even my own brother... but still they spared me from death.

It didn't stop there.

They locked me up in a mechanized /coffin/... somewhere. My best guess? In one of the Earthlings' spaceships. They wouldn't dare to keep someone who's capable to bring genocide to human somewhere near human settlements, right? I was left defeated after the final battle, was sure that whether my brother or one of his foul humans would end my life. Surprise, surprise. In my last few moments of awareness, I could barely discern my brother begging to the spiders to spare me. Me; a suicidal murderer of all human species. Thanks to him, now strapped in my cold tomb, that was slowly treating me back to health. Notice the sarcasm?

So here I stay, in the total darkness of my coffin, unable to activate any of my powers. May be it's the damned coffin that suppresses the powers of Plants. Hell, they bind me so well in here; I can't even twitch a muscle. I can hear nothing, except the soft humming of machineries, and my own breathing that can barely be heard though the face mask that have been a permanent ornament on my face. I can't even determine how long I've been here; alone in this fucking shadow of a metal sarcophagus.

In this distasteful situation, the only thing I could do was /think/.

When I first regained my awareness, I was enraged for the fact that they kept me immobile in some godforsaken box. Standing straight up, but securely bounded onto the wall behind me. Arms spread on either side of my body, with needles attached to my forearms. I felt like I was put into some kind of metal cross of sorts. Fuming as I can't even friggin' move. I started screaming for release, demanding to anyone out there to let me go. But at time goes by, with no reaction or changes whatsoever, I gradually lowered the volume of my shouting. Now, I barely even used my voice anymore. I can't even remember when was the last time I even uttered a syllable.

Then, I started thinking of a way to free myself. I tried everything I could think of; straining myself of the binds on my body, trying to use my powers, ...everything. But the damned coffin was able to withstand every effort I put in. I was left extremely exhausted after every tries. I suppose the human civilization on Earth is much more advanced that that of Gunsmoke when it comes to technologies involving in controlling and manipulating the powers of Plants.

As I started to realize that it was impossible to escape, I begin to think seriously of Vash.

Vashu, my dear twin brother. The liberation of Plants from humans was to create Eden for him. For us. For our sisters. But especially, for him.

My sweet, innocent Vashu. He didn't want to comprehend what the filth was doing to him. Constantly yearning for contact with humans, he left me and sided with them. Even willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity. But how did the insects repay him? By labeling him as the Humanoid Typhoon, a hazard; someone who was able to destroy a town to oblivion in mere hours, with a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Vash the Stampede. For fuck's sake, he can't even hurt a fly! He'd rather leave a portion of his food to the little fly, just to let it live! Can't they see that? No. They'd rather get rid of anything that they thought will bring them harm first, and then think of the consequences; when the harm only comes in the form of their own kind. Always selfish. My poor brother was more than happy to be at their service; to make them happy. And by spreading his "Love and Peace" philosophy all around Gunsmoke with that silly crossed-fingers sign, he hopes that all humans can live at total peace. What bullshit.

But his adamant stand to his naive believes is what makes him beautiful. And cute.

I silently chuckled at the thought.

But then, what have happened to him? I could still recall; the total blackness of his hair. 'The darkness of decay,' I once told him. Not a wisp of the striking blond that I used to love so much. Even his soft aqua jade irises turned into a ferocious tone of magenta. I understood; the fact that I may have lost my brother. Even though I could accept his death at my hands - should by cointegrating with me or by the cuts of my Angel Blades -; I just can't let him die by any other means. Yes, that does sound selfish. But by dying in my arms, a part of him will always be with me. I'd rather have a breathing, living brother to talk to, to tease... to love. But he had left me with no more choice. I've tried every means possible to make him come back to my side, but he won't relent. He loved the humans he taken as companions for more almost century far too much. Even when they were the source of his distress, his long suffering; the scars on his body, everything that tainted his beauty. I was exhausted of other alternatives. I wanted to create Eden for him to spare him from all those pain. But with him shoving his constant human contraption - commonly known as a gun - to my face every time we meet, I concluded that I could never get my brother back. But I just couldn't let him suffer even more. I love him too much for that.

So here I am, alone in my coffin, persistent thoughts of what has happened, and what could happen continuously plaguing my mind. "What if..."s has been a constant companion whenever I start thinking of Vash.

"What if Vash have never left me? Wouldn't it be good?"...Naah. As I have stated before, he loved humans to damn much to side with me and join me in my mission to kill off all humankind.

"What if he's still alive out there, happy for the fact that he managed to save the lives of both humanity and his brother?" He'll be very, very happy. That is what I'm very sure of. But if it goes the way he wants, I think I'll end up living with him peacefully, in a community full of those spiders. Not that I'd tolerate even the thought of staying near a human. At first I thought that I'd rather stay in this metal tomb of mine. But after long, I grasp the fact that I missed him; longed for him. I would put up with humans, and go and live with him in the human population, as long as I can see that sweet smile of him. Not those hollow, painful ones that he throws around hazardously for everyone he sees. It's those honest, gorgeous smiles he used to wear when we were children. Those innocent and bright grins that doesn't understand the meaning of pain; of hurting. And so full of life...

"What if Vash is already dead?"

No... no... I can't let myself think of that. If he dies, what's the purpose of me being alive? Especially tied and bound in this impossibly cold coffin, not knowing till when I would live. Plants are basically almost immortal, as long as we don't abuse the limits of our power, or don't sustain mortal injuries particularly in the head. We can live for centuries long.
I used to love the fact that Plants are undying. But now I prefer otherwise.

Everything I did was for Vash. Everything.

If he's dead, what was I doing all I did for?

Why make him suffer then? It was to teach him a lesson. /Never fuck with his elders/. In particular, /me/. It'll make him think twice about not listening to my advices, or leaving me behind ever again. Not to forget, it's also a revenge for the one shot he made at me back then, when I cut off his left arm.

Why force him to do what he doesn't want? By forcing him to kill? To turn his back to his believes that we should never kill, by making him murder another? It was to open his eyes to the fact that humans are powerless to us 'Free-Born's. Can't he see? We are superior to them insects. We are the savior of our kind. An epitome of disaster to humans. The leaders of liberation of the Plants. We were to rule the world, making it our Eden. And live the rest of out lives happily ever after, with our sisters providing for us.

So I planned for the total annihilation of human. To create the Eden he so deserved. Just for his sake.

"But... what if he's not alive anymore?"

Then immortality is a curse. I can't even comprehend my life without him. Without a purpose. Even if I won our battle of humanity and killed him in the process, I believe that by creating Eden, at lease my brother would be at ease, as his sisters are all safe and secured in the blissful Eden. Then, I'd join him 'on the other side'; if there is one. I simply can't live without him. That's all.

At this kind of thoughts, I've been considering suicide. But being put in this vessel, which somehow heals every wound in my body all the time, I can't even kill myself. Once or twice, I gnawed on my tongue until it almost separated from my body, to let myself die of loss of blood. But being blessed with a superhuman healing ability of Plants, and the fact that my coffin is constantly healing me, my tongue is healed and fixed back in its place at no cost.

It's driving me insane.

But I kept thinking, "Vash wouldn't like it if I died along with him, right? He'd like it better if I just live as long as I can, helping the human as the way he did, right?"

Fuck you, Vash! I can't do that! I just can't! You know it!

"But you want him to always be happy, right?"

That's right. I'd do anything. Everything. I've always done, and always will.

"You'd do anything?"



YES! Fuck damn it, yes!

"Then would you save him?"

... wadda hell?

I started to realize, that I started talking to myself as a second person. Am I going insane...? That... that would be... good... I think... Denial is good...

"Knives, would you want to save... your brother?"

But wait... Since when did my thoughts consist of a female voice? And what is this 'save my brother' thing...?

"If you'd agree to spare humankind, and not to associate yourself in harming of humans in any way possible, either physically, mentally, or both, we will let you out of the Recuperation Chamber, which you reside in right now."

Huh? What...?

"...You must help us save your brother."


Save Vash...? Which means... he's still alive? That's a good thing, right? Right?

But, what's wrong with him?

"We will explain everything later. But first, we want to show you something."

Light starts to form in front of me. It has the eerie resemblance to that of the holograms back from the Seed ships...

My eyes hurt from the glare. I haven't been exposed to light for who knows how long, my eyes blinked a few times for me to adjust.

When I got used to the glaring brightness, I focused my attention to the 3-D hologram.

And I screamed.

Like I've never screamed before.

Please... no... not again...

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