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Painting You Into The Picture

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Jacky meets Gerard in art class and they hit it off.

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It was Monday. Finally. Most people hate Monday mornings because it was the beginning of the school week but I loved Mondays. It meant I had another week of art school. I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. I know that I will probably end up broke and everything but my parents would just end up buying me a house or something. I’m spoiled, yeah I don’t need anyone to tell me that. I already know that I am. But my life isn’t perfect. It’s actually far from perfect. Basically my whole life story is that my parents thought they could buy my love with giving me everything I wanted and they never came to an art show or any theatre productions that I made the sets to. Nope, they didn’t care. They let me do whatever the hell I wanted. And then they suddenly started to care when I came out of the closet. My mother wasn’t the happiest person in the world but she accepted my sexuality. My father on the other hand hates me. He would disown me if my mother would let him. And every time that I go home for the weekend or for vacation whenever my mom goes out. He takes that as he chance to fucking beat me up. So, now you can see that even though I am from a rich family and can get whatever I want. My life is far from perfect.
I slowly got up from my bed in my dorm and looked at the time. I had about an hour till class. I frantically got ready. I put on black skinnys, a black shirt, a leather jacket, and black beat up converse. I looked over at my roommate Joey and saw him still sleeping. I rolled my eyes.
“Joey!” I yelled. He said up in bed and cursed to himself. He looked at the clock and quickly got up.
“Shit! 30 minutes till class!” He said hurrying to get ready. I put on my eyeliner and grabbed my sunglasses and notepad. I put the sunglasses on my head and smiled at my reflection. My dark brown hair was actually looking good today. Joey came over to me in black sweatpants, a white Hans, and sneakers. I handed him his notepad and we started walking to class. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that this guy in my class is drop dead gorgeous. And I happen to know for a fact that he is Gay. Apparently he had a boyfriend named Frankie and they broke up about a month ago. I walked into class and sure enough there he was. With his cherry red hair and eyes you could get lost in. He was wearing grey skinnies, a Misfits shirt, and black converse. Joey went to sit next to his girlfriend Val and I sat next to the dreamy guy since it was the only seat left. I totally didn’t mind though. I put my bag down and opened my notepad. Monday was always a free time to do whatever you wanted. I took out a pencil and just drew whatever came to mind. Before I knew it I had finished the sketch and it was pretty darn good. It was a graveyard with zombies coming out of the ground. It actually looked real. Like they were going to drag you into the picture with them. I heard the dreamy guy gasp.
“Whoa, that’s really epic.” He said. I blushed a million shades of red and smiled.
“Thanks.” I said. He smiled back at me. He smile was really cute.
“It looks real. Its actually pretty creepy.” He said. Was that a compliment? He smirked. “Makes me like it even more.” He said. I smiled and looked at his drawing. It was amazing. It was of a girl looking out the window and her hand was up against the window with blood dripping down. It was like you were looking through the window. I stared at it in shock.
“Wow.” I said out loud. He smiled and laughed a little.
“What?” He asked. I smiled up at him.
“Compared to your picture mine looks like a piece of crap.” I said. This time he blushed.
“Thanks. I’m Gerard Way.” He said holding his hand out. I smiled and shook his hand. His hand was as soft as a baby.
“I’m Jack but everyone calls me Jacky.” I said. Gerard, Gerard Way. Hmm. I like that name.
“Nice to meet you Jacky.” He said. I smiled.
“You too.” I said taking out my ink pens. I decided that I should use my ink pens instead of paint or anything else. He smiled and went back to adding more details.
“So, tell me all about yourself Jacky.” He said. I blushed.
“Everything?” I asked. He nodded. I sighed and nodded. “Okay well, my favorite color is Purple and my favorite shade is Black. My favorite animal is a Panda Bear. I love comic books and superheroes. I listen to music all day and most people hate the music I listen to but I can tell you like the bands I like because I love the Misfits also. I want to be an artist when I grow up. My parents barely know me because they thought they could buy my love instead of actually loving me for who I am. I basically grew up with my Grandma raising me. And not a lot of people like me because I am Gay.” I said. He looked at me with what seemed like hopefulness in his eyes. “Now tell me about you Gerard.” I said. Gerard nodded a bit.
“Well, I grew up in New Jersey. I have a mother and a little brother named Mikey. He is three years younger than me. I want to be a comic book artist. I LOVE the Misfits. My Grandma taught me everything I know. I was a loner through my school years because I was Peter Pan in our middle school play and they never let me forget that I had to wear tights. And I’m Gay also.” He said smiling to himself when he said the last part. I smiled a little.
“Well Gerard, we have a lot of things in common. I think I have found my new best friend.” I said. Gerard smiled and laughed.
“Best friends for life.” He said mimicking a peppy cheerleader. I smiled and laughed.
“I have tickets to a Green Day concert next Friday. You want to go with me?” I asked smiling. Gerard smiled.
“No shit Sherlock!” He said hugging me. I smiled and hugged back.
“Yes shit Watson!” I said back. We both laughed. We both finished our drawings and handed them in to the teacher so we could leave class early. Once we were outside Gerard turned to me.
“Wanna come back to my dorm and listen to music?” He asked smirking. I nodded a bit and we walked back to his dorm. He opened the door and I laughed at his dorm a little. On one side it was all blue and sporty and on the other it was black and red. He smiled up at me.
“As you can see I have an annoying jock as a roommate. If only I could switch to get away from him. He is always bringing girls back and making out with them. Its gross. And then he kicks me out and says I’m not allowed back in the room.” He said walking over to his ipod speakers and turning on music as I sat on his bed. Maybe Joey would Gerard room with me and Joey could room with this jock guy. I mean Joey was always in his girlfriends dorm so I don’t think he would mind.
“You could room with me.” I said. Gerard turned to me and smiled a bit hopping onto the bed next to me.
“What about your roommate?” He asked. I shrugged.
“He wont really care. I mean he is always sleeping over at his girlfriends dorm.” I said. Gerard smiled.
“That would be awesome if we were roommates.” Gerard said smirking. His. Smirk. Was. Gorgeous. I smiled and nodded.
“Yeah. It would be awesome. You know what would be even more awesome?” I said. Shit. Was I really going to say it. Gerard turned to face me smiling.. He tilted his head to the side a bit.
“What?” He asked.
“If you went on a date with me.” I said suddenly. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He was staring at me not smiling but not frowning. I just ruined everything. I stood up. “I’m sorry Gerard. I-I should be going.” I said. I turned around to leave but then felt something holding me back. I turned and saw Gerard’s baby soft hand in mine, both of us wearing black nail polish. He laced our fingers together and pulled me back onto the bed. I kind of like fell onto the bed and my head landed on the pillow. Gerard lay next to me looking me in the eyes. He kissed me lightly but I was too shocked to do anything so I wasn’t really kissing back.
“I could make that dream of yours real if you would just fucking kiss me back you idiot.” He said. I smiled and laughed a little leaning in and kissing him. He put his hand on my cheek and kissed me rougher and more passionately. In the past couple hours, he already managed to have me wrapped around his finger.
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