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Post series. Subaru/Kamui, hinted Seishiro/Subaru. dark fic

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Title- Vice
Subaru/Kamui, past Seishiro/Subaru
Disclaimer- dont own the boys. just borrowing. no profit made.

There were days when Subaru stalked through the apartment, followed by a particularly virulent miasma of smoke, an endless chain of spent cigarettes. They were the days when not even the plethora of ashtrays Kamui had placed around the house, in all the places Subaru tended to sit and think, could contain the enthusiasm of Subaru's vice.

They were the days Kamui did his best to stay out of sight, unnoticed. Subaru was a different person then, his movements sharp with controlled violence, his eyes dark and unreadable. Unpredictable at the best of times, he was a force to be avoided when the mood took him.

Kamui snatched a book and prepared to slink his way out of the apartment. It was a nice day for reading in the park for a couple of hours... He made it about halfway through the kitchen.

"Kamui. Come here for a moment."

Kamui winced. Subaru's voice was quiet, almost cajoling. And it rubbed him in just the wrong way, every ounce of his self-preservation telling him to just leap out the nearest window and hope for the best.


Damn, damn, and damn! Hunching his shoulders, Kamui left his book on the kitchen table (didn't want it damaged when the inevitable conflict occurred) and made his reluctant way to his lover.

Subaru out on the apartment's small porch, door open (so the smoke could soak into the furniture easier, Kamui thought spitefully), more than half perched on the fragile looking railing. When Kamui hesitated just inside the door, Subaru gestured languidly, encouraging him to come closer.

With a deep breath (just taking advantage of the slightly more smoke-free air inside the apartment, Kamui rationalized to himself) Kamui strode to the older man's side. Being up on the railing gave Subaru more of a height advantage, and did not help alleviate Kamui's trepidation at all.

Subaru regarded him silently for a few moments, then leaned forward and brushed a kiss across Kamui's lips. As Kamui opened his mouth to utter a surprised "wha?" he managed to allow Subaru's tongue convenient access. Insistent and oddly curious seeming, Subaru's tongue traced along every possible inch of the interior of Kamui's mouth, dragging along teeth and delicately entwining with Kamui's own tongue before Subaru abruptly pulled away and straightened, his expression almost...disappointed.

"What?" the violence he could deal with, was used to. He had no idea what to do with this almost bemused interest.

"You don't taste right." Subaru murmured, expression distant.

Gooseflesh rising all along his arms as he shivered, more than a little spooked, Kamui retreated. It wasn't like Subaru would notice his absence, not with that look in his eyes...

Safely out the front door, book clutched against his chest, Kamui allowed himself a brief snarl of frustrated anger. He hated having to live with the ghost of that damn Seishiro...
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