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Vegeta's Cold Heart Now Warm

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one-shot Boy/Boy. I wrote this before the new episodes came out. Throughout the story im really sorry about the spelling... Vegeta has a boyfriend that no one knows about. Vegeta's boyfri...

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I had appeared on Earth right after the alien child wished us here. I was worried about Xander. He must have been worried about me. He must have sensed that something happened. He had the powers to sense that much. Hell, he had the power to bring any person back from the dead. It kinda freaked me out at first.
I was sitting on the grass laughing at the dumbfound aliens. Kame had wished for the Namkines brought down by Freeza back. He never said anything about the ones I killed. It made me laugh my head off really. All they did was panic about how they couldn’t find ‘em. Just watching them was hilarious.
Suddenly I heard a scream. It sounded close by so I took off. I flew about five minutes before I found who the scream had come from. A little boy, looking about the age of ten, had run into some thugs. They were touching him and laughing at his erotic sounds, they produced.
I was just gonna let them have their way with him when I got a glimpse of the kids face. It was Xander! I nearly screamed in frustration. As Xander whined again I snapped. My anger rose and I dropped to the ground.
“It’s not nice touching people that don’t wanna be touched. Especially if they belong to someone else!” I growled walking up to them. Xander cried out with joy as he jumped into my arms. I hugged him back as I glared at the thugs. They took off running as I took his head between my hands and kissed his nose.
“I thought for sure you were deceased,” he cried into my chest. I hugged him to me as I kissed his forehead. “Don’t ever leave me again.”
“To the son of the all mighty Freeza? I think not,” I replied picking him up. I carried him back to the spot where the aliens were and they gasped.
“Vegeta?” Gohan asked. I looked at him and smiled as I sat down Xander. He had cuts and bruises across his forearms, legs and face. Blood was dripping from his shoulders and knees and elbows as I sat with him in the grass.
“Xander this is Gohan,” I mumbled, actually, being nice. This was the only time I was ever nice. Xander brought out the nice in me. “Gohan here is Kakurots, I mean Goku’s, son.”
“Hi,” Xander mumbled trying to get as close to me as possible. He rested his head on my shoulder as I tried to stop his bleeding with a cloth from my pocket.
“Here let me,” Dendei said placing his hands over Xander’s body.
His wounds instantly healed as his eyes widened. Dendei smiled at him as Mori, his big brother, stepped into the inning. Mori was followed by Mr. Popo and Chichi.
“MOM!” Gohan shouted throwing himself at his mother.
“Hello Mori,” I mumbled looking up at him.
“Hello Vegeta,” Mori chimed grinning at me while he squatted in front of his brother. “Xander you know you’re not suppose to run off like that.”
“I know, but I sensed Vegeta. I had to see if it was him!” He shouted hugging me.
“I understand just tell me and I’ll come with you.” Mori petted his brother and he nodded.
“I love you, Xander,” I mumbled to Xander as I took his hand. He blushed and mouthed ‘me too.’ I smiled at him.
Xander was my prince he was beautiful. His long black hair made me swoon, his beautiful, blue, eyes melted my system, and his body made hell freeze over. I just loved this boy with all my heart. He was nothing like his father or grandfather. They were cruel and mean, but Xander was gentle and sweet. Plus he looked nothing like them. They were both power hungry, but Xander wasn’t.
“Piccolo,” Gohan mumbled walking up to the green man. Piccolo smiled at the kid. “Since Vegeta just said he loved his boyfriend. I want to tell you something.” He looked at the green dude.
“What is it kid?” He asked kneeling down in front of Gohan.
“I think I love you,” He said blushing. Gohan looked down as his mom stared at him.
“Good,” Piccolo said as he bent down and pulled Gohan’s lips to his. Everyone gasped as Gohan wrapped his arms around Piccolo. His mom’s eyes flared as Piccolo deepened the kiss.
“C’mon,” I said grabbing Xander’s hand. I pulled him to his feet and through the woods.
When we reached a place far enough away from the aliens I pushed him into a tree. I pushed my lips to his and shoved my tongue into his mouth. I placed my hands on either side of his head on the tree.
He groaned into the kiss as I shoved my hips into his. I think he nearly screamed by the time I broke the kiss. I wrapped an arm around him and brought him on his tip toes. He arched his back and pushed his crotch against mine. I grinned into the kiss as i pushed back against him, being sure not to hurt him.
"More," he cried breaking the kiss. I laughed and slipped my hand under his shirt. Gently I caressed his chest and moved my hands over his hard nipples. He gasped and clenched his teeth. Seeing him in so much pleasure turned me, the hell, on. I rubbed my hands up and down his back, warming for him. He relaxed a bit but was still tense.
Carefully I pulled his shirt off his body. Thinking that it must have been hurting him, being against the tree, I laid him on the grass. I left gentle kisses down his cheek bone and neck as I put my hands on the crotch of his jeans. I lightly ran my fingers over the zipper teasing him as much as i could. He unarched his back and relaxed against the ground.
I pulled him close to me and bit afully hard down on the flesh of his neck leaving an awful mark there. He whined as I undid his pants revealing his rock hard member. His face was full red when i looked at him, he was shaking with anticipation, the mark on his neck was blue and I was grinning.
I finally got to do this with the one i loved. The one thing i regretted when i died was that I would never get to do this and now, thanks to the Nemekiens, I got to. I got to be with the one person i cared about. I didn't give a damn if he was a he. The only thing that really mattered was that I loved him. Wasn't it?
Getting that outta my mind i moved my head down to his groin and burried my face between his thighs. I sucked at his member leaving it red and wet. He groaned and mewled as i deepthroated hi. Finally he released and his semen filled my mouth. Making sure none of it dripped i swallowed and licked my lips clean.
Grinning I put two fingers to his mouth.
"Suck," I demanded and he instantly took them in. He ran his tongue over them and made sure they were nice and wet. I pulled them out carefully and put them to his entrance. He jerked as they went trough his ring. Wincing as they hit his prostate. I licked my lips as i thought of what his words would be when i put my rock hard member up that tight ass of his. The dreams were going pretty well until he came. Seeing his naked body turned me on even more. I was ready and it was going inm right now.
I removed my fingers and whipped out my pulsing member. I was willing and i hoped he was ready. I carefully pushed against his entrance and went in easily. He gasped as it went in, but no pain was brought to him. I moved backwards and forwards as gently as i could.
"Vegeta, move faster," Xander begged and i did. I thrust inside of him hitting his prostate and making him moan. He screamed as i came and released with me.
I lay back and pulled him with me. He was resting on my chest as we calmed down from our high. My very first time was everything I imagined and more. I laughed gently as Xander slipped his clothes on and laid back down on top of me. I couldn't wait for the next time we got to do this. All I could hope was that it was soon.
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