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The chapter with no name...

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So to sum it all up... Gee and Mikey are the new kids at Trenton High School, and Garnet(our Heroine) can't get Gee off her mind. He charms her into loving him some how, and Mikey and Garnet's bes...

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On the couch...
"How?!" Shouts Lucy, shaking me as Gee felt the vibrations as we sat on the sofa.
Mikey's pacing back and forth behind us. This is like, the case of the step siblings making out or something. It's got to be a big deal.
"It's not a big deal, guys," I say, hugging Gee as I rest my head on his shoulder. "It's not like you walked in to see a hobo raping a dog."
Gee chuckles. "She's got a point."
Mikey puts his hands on Gee's shoulder and mine too, and sighs. "But, love doesn't happen that fast." He groans, dropping his head.
"Sometimes it does," Replies his brother. "Like for example, when I saw her she was my inspiration for a drawing."
"But still! It's unnatural!" Shouts Lucy. "You've known him for less than a day, and yet we find you cuddling on the couch!"
"It was just cuddling..." I interupt her little speech.
"We also did a bit of smooching... maybe." Gee completes my sentance.
They begin freaking out again.
"Let's just go into my room, Lucy. We don't want to bother them." Mikey finally says, giving up on this whole conversation. He takes her hand and guides her through the apartment.
"Hipcrites!" Gee and I shout separetly.
A knock on the door is heard, and Gee gets up to answer it. It's my sister. My time here is up, and she leaves back for home. I look at Gee, a saddened expression written all over his face.
I hug him, he hugs me back. His arms hesitate to hold me, but they manage to make it around my waist. He looks at me momentarily, before pulling me closer for a kiss. It's soft, and reminds me of roses. I open my eyes, his are still open. I can swear, a tiny tear departed from his hazel gems. Our lips part, and I wipe it away. He smiles, and kisses me one more time before I have to walk out the door.
Once the door to inside my home closes, I sigh with my back against the wall. I have an "odd" smile on my face(according to my sister).
"Why are you smiling like that?" She asks walking out of the kitchen.
"Love..." My response is, and I make my way to the dinner table.
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