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The Ghoust Of Me

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Why Mikey put that fork in the toaster. Inspired by The Ghoust Of You by My Chemical Romance. ((Edited))

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~ The year 1996 ~

My names Mikey Way. I'm 16 and live with my mum Donna, dad Donald and my brother Gerard. I love music and playing bass. On the outside I'm a happy cheery boy. I have a girlfriend, a family who love me and friends who care about me. I even survived putting a fork in a toaster!

No one knows why I did that. I'll tell you now. I was pissed ok? I was unhappy and I hate complaing so I didn't tell anyone. I kept everything bottled up, even from Gerard who I was extremly close to and still am. I had got home from school and was just thinking for the rest of the day about what had happened. The usual insults were thrown at me. Didn't get good marks on my work and I got detention for not doing my homework.


I planned all day for what I was going to do. Luckily it was a Friday so the next day was of course Saturday. I was going to be home alone with Gerard which was perfect. I watched the clock tick slowly to the one. As it did I climbed of my bed and went to tell Gerard I was making toast. I then went to the kitchen. Grabbing the toast and put it in the toaster. I put Smashing Pumpkins on since that is the last time I would ever listen to them again. As the toast popped up from the toaster I took a silver fork from the draw and pushed it into the toasters slot. Nothing. Gerard walked in though and scalded me for doing such a stupid thing.

~ The year 2011 ~

I got older and never let down that I did that. Everyone treated it as a joke. To me it wasn't very funny.

I am now married to Alicia. I'm in a band called My Chemical Romance with Gerard and our two friends Frank Iero and Ray Toro.

Right now I'm sitting on my couch on my own. Alicia is away with her friends. We don't talk much now and when we do, we are fighting. That makes me feel worse. Frank and Ray went home to their wives and Gerard was looking after Bandit, his daughter, while Lynz was also out with Alicia.

I'm writing lyrics that will never get used because no one in the band really listens to me. Gerard is obviously listened to and known, he's the lead singer. Ray is popular because of his "epic" hair and Frank is popular because he's the crazy spontainious, weird little kid one of the band. I'm just 'Gerard's younger brother who plays bass'. Bob also used to be crazy. Second most to Frank.

As the night went on Alicia came home. She didn't even look at me, just walked in and straight to bed. She wouldn't miss me if I was gone. I stayed on the couch wasting minutes of my life just sitting there listening to the clock tick away. The lyrics I had been writing had been forgotten a long time ago.

I stood up after what felt like hours of just sitting, went to the front door and opened it. Looking out at the fitting gloomy atmosphere. Rain pouring down onto the streets of New Jersey. Perfect for my mood. I stepped out, sheltered by the porch and closed the door. I stepped out into the darkness and rain singing three words twice. "Never coming home, never coming home." Then I left my life behind me. I'm never coming home.
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