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Nobody Seems To Care

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One year pause between Selene & Michael

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Its my first time writting such thing so please...Be kind to me :P


Even with the full moon shining on the sky,it was one of the darkest night in her entire eternal life.It was raining outside.Selene was glad that she was in her well fitting apartment,cleaning her two Barettas.It was the end of war but still,habit is a habit.It was weird but Selene was now wearing some ccomfortable clothes.She was trying to not think about him.But it was harder and harder.She proceeded to the window and looked.Almost searching.For him.Her hybrid lover.Michael.

I cant believe it is an year since i last saw him. she thought to herself,thinking about the moment her eyes locked with his.The moment when their lips locked in a velvet kiss.The moment when her hands explored his warm and soft flesh,his gentle hands touching her naked pale body,her mouth searching for his,as his soft tongue was kissing her neck...

No .. This has to stop otherwise i will lose my mind she looked at the moon.
I didnt even say goodbye to him,but it was better that way.He is safe and thats important.Hm,maybe he alredy forget about me,maybe he is happy with his new Love.she looked away to the bathroom and said to herself.
I hope you are happy Michael.Bye my love...
she was going to the bathroom,wanting a cold shower when she heard a loud knocking on the door.She smelled the air,wanting to know if it was a vampire or lycan,or maybe a human.Her sences were sharper thanks to Alexanders blood.But what she felt was new to her.Not new,but forgotten.She quickly reloaded her Barettas and approached the door and opened.

"Hi"..said a blond haired man.His handsome and gentle face was now more manly.He have a fine stubble now.Raindrops falling from his blonde wet hair.His blue eyes were searching for hers as if it was the most important thing in the world.
No this is not true ... i must be dreaming or something..Fuck i am not prepared to face him.Not after what i did to him she tought to herself,still looking in his eyes.She wanted to say something,but she couldnt.After a few seconds she finaly broke their eye contact and said:

"Can i come in ? Its cold outside and i need to talk with you"
"Yeah sure , come in"
"Thanks...nice apartment,its bigger and prettier then.."
"Michael can you tell me what are you doing here ? she interrupt him
"As i told you,i want to talk to you,and i needed to see you."
"Talk ? About what ? I told you everything i needed in the letter i gave you."
"Oh you mean "THAT" letter .. are you realy serious ? Year no see and all you said to me is Why am i here ?
"Yes" she said a little angry
"Why are you so angry at me ?"
"Im .. im not angry at you,i am just surprised to see you."
He came closer to her,her breath came harder and harder,he noticed it and smiled to himself,knowing that she is still nervous when he is near her.
"You think that you leave me,with a letter and no goodbye?"
"You know why have i done that"
"No,i dont.Care to explain me why have you left me,not saing one single word to me ?" his voice was louder and angrier,he was almost yelling at her,needed to know the answer.
She noticed his voice and doesent know how to feel.Angry ? Sad ? Happy perhaps?
"I have done it for you,for your safety and for you future" she said,leaned against the wall and still staring at him,she needed to kiss him in this very second,but she cant.
"Are you even listening to yourself ? You are telling me that you leave for my own good ?!" now he was yelling with his full lungs at her,willing to find out the truth.
I must do this,it will tear my heart to pieces,but i must.Im so sorry Michael she told herself and started yelling at him
"Look i dont care if you like it or not.I have my own good reasons why i left you there,i dont know how you found me but i dont care.Just..leave ok ? i dont wanna see you again..Leave,and dont come back"..she was totaly broken.She just told her only love to leave her alone and dont come back.It was the most hardest thing she have ever done.She knows that this was the end.Michael just stared at her confused.

"No..i have finaly find you,and all you say to me is Leave?"
"Yes,exactly."she was almost crying now,still leaned against the wall,Michael now near her,staring at her eyes.
"You have to kill me then.Im not going to leave you,i love you so damn much to do that".Those words were like a blade to her hearth.She needed to end it.Now.
"You didnt understand,right?"
"Tell me it in my eyes then.If so,i will leave" he believed her,believed that she would not be able to do that..
"Leave,thats all you get from me."

Michael was broken.He didnt noticed it but a tear fall from his eye.This was it he tought.There is only one chance.

"Right.Okey you want me to go ?? I will go. But i want something from you".
"And that is ?" Selene said coldly.She had nothing more to loose.
"A Kiss.Only one Kiss and i will disapear from you life forever.You will not see me again anymore." This suprised her.He realy want her to kiss him ? Like nothing ? this is weird..
"If its the only thing you want,then ok" for the last time

Michael leaned to her and kissed.Like for the first time.But this time it was more sweeter,gentler and important.For the beginning their kiss was slow and gentle.But then Selene feeled his hands sliding to her hips but she doesent stoped him.Michael was very passive this time and she didnt like it.It was her who slide her tongue into his mouth.She needed to feel him.It was the most important thing to her in this very moment.Michael feeled her too.She was enjoying it for too long.He broke the kiss and looked straight to her,hoping he will find the Selene who he knows.
The Selene who loved him.

When Selene opened her eyes,she saw him looking at her with his beautifull blue eyes.She saw the smile on Michael´s face.
Selene understand.Michael tricked her.

"I know it".. he said still near her,his hands on her hips but one of his hand was heading to her face.
"You .. " Michael put his finger on her lips,nearing his lips against her ear and softly told her..
"Words are just words my love.But kisses.You cant control them."
"How do you know i wouldnt just stop you ?" Selene told him,feeling his warm breath near her ear,
"You do love me.I dont need your words.You are proving it to me with your kisses and touches.When i look at you,i see the tenderness and passion in your eyes."

"You.You tricked me." she pulled him away and then gently smashed him into the wall."I dont like beying tricked" she leaned her head to his neck,kissing it,licking it.Michael moaned from pleasure,his breath was coming so hard.
"Is that so ?" he smiled against her neck only wanting to bite her.He feeled his BloodLust coming.He hadnt eated for days.
"Wait" He told her quietly
"Are you allright ?" Selene looked into his eyes and saw the monster she created a year ago.His eyes turned black and his Hybrid was awakening
"I can feel your hearthbeat,your blood circulating in your veins.
"When have you last eaten ?" she asked him,her own eyes turned electrical blue..Damn i had to eat hours ago
"I .. i dont remember.. it was days,weaks maybe."
"Are you serious ?!" she asked,pulled away from him and looked.
"Michael you know you must feed." Selene moved her hand to his cheek,moving his blond lock from his eyes.Selene noticed that his hair was still wet,along with his clothes.
"I know but i didnt have the time.My only priority was to find you..." He noticed her hands sliding into his wet shirt."What exactly are you doing ?" he asked with low voice
"We dont want to get cold,dont we ?" Selene answered him with a seductive smile,looking at his soft neck.
"Wait a moment.When have YOU last eaten ?" Michael noticed her now blue eyes.Eyes who wanted to feed.
"A few hours ago.I was on my way to the shower wh...."
"Hm,not a bad idea at all.I could use some hot water" he interupted her again with his finger on her lip
"I hate when you do that" she said a little bit angry
"You look so sweet when you are angry,my dear"
"Well,you dont like me when im angry."
"Oh i think i am geting scared" said Michael with one of his sweet smiles
"What about that shower? Still interested ?"
"Hm yes but, i dont want to leave you here all alone.You may you know,run away" he said with a little arrogantnes in his voice.This Selene hated about him.He was teasing her every time she asked him something.
"You know what ? Forget about it !" said Selene angry,punched him in his shoulder and walked to the window again.

Michael steped near her,slided his hands down her stomach and stoped near her hips.He started nuzling her neck,making some unclearly sounds.Selene was definitely enjoying this as much as he but still,she was still angry at him.
"Forgive me.I hate when you are sad my love.Its just,i was searching whole year for you and now,i am affraid that you gonna leave me again" Michael said while he turn her to face him.
His eyes still black, hers still blue.But none of them feeled hunger right now.
"Im sorry.I tought that it will be the best for you and ... "
"Shh..It doesent matters now.Were here.Together.I love you and i know you love me too.This is all that matters" Michael gived her one of the most sweetest smile then leaned forward and kissed her so soft,so tenderly.When they broke off from the kiss,both of them were catching their breath.They stare at each other..But not for long.

Selene kissed him so hungrily as she wanted to devour him.They passive kissing and soft touching each other was now over.It was time for passion and their common hunger to take control over the situation.Selene peeled of his wet jacket,then his shirt and found out that his sexy,manly body become more muscular.He jumped a little when he feeled her warm hands exploring his developed stomach.While he was putting off her own shirt,Selene found the two bite marks on his neck and started to tenderly kissing it,licking it,sending an electroshock right into Michael´s brains,causing him to catch and lift her to air in order to smash her onto the nearest wall.She moaned in pleasure while his hungrily mounth found her breasts.When he stoped,Selene murmured in protest but soon found his tongue in her mounth,dancing with her own,his hands still holding her breasts.There they were,Michael half naked while Selene tried to put off his still wet jeans,but he protested,puting her down on her knees.
Michael was getting more and more covetous.Again his black eyes were staring at her,exploring here pale naked body,looking at every inch.He smiled to himself finding out that the pale beauty standing before him was only and only his.Selene couldnt stand it longer and started again to putt his jeans off but Micheal jumped back so she cant do it.Selene doesent understand what is Michael doing,but when he was nearing her she pushed him to her Bedroom.
Selene lie down on her large bed,her pale arms rached for him to join her.When Michael lied on the top of her,Selene finaly managed to putt off his jeans and now his trousers.
He started to kiss her neck,down her troath to her breast and stoped at her stomach.Selene was gasping for breath,her moans was getting louder and louder.Michael realy know what to do to keep his Vampire Princess satisfied.He wery slowly entered her, started to build his rhytm while Selene was again gasping for breath but this time it was more serious.She even yelled his name few times.Selene demanded him to face her.
Her fangs were ready to sink into Michael´s soft neck but she couldnt do it.Not without his permission.Michael was feeling the same.His own fangs were too ready to bite her sweet velvet neck but he couldnt just do it without any word.When they look at each other they both know what are thei thinking about and they both noded.Both of them needed to feed,need to feel their loves blood in their mouth.Selene was the first,Michael then joined.After a few minutes,they both reached theyre climax together.Michael lie down next to her,totaly destroyed by the act they were having.Selene too was destroyed as if she wasnt sleeping like for five or six days.She leaned her head on his stomach near his hearth.His hearthbeat was like a lullaby to her.She was listening as if it was the most important thing.He smiled and brushed her hair with his fingers.Selene rise her head to face him,find out that his eyes were normal again.They were again blue like the sky."I love you" said Selene and lied her head back on his stomach.He smiled to himself,then they both fallen asleep in each others arms.

If you like it i can continue...Hope you enjoyed ;)
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