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The End

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The End :) Pretty rubbish, but enjoy...

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I got on the bus and shoved in my headphones. I turned on my iPod and looked at what I’d last been listening to. Give ‘Em Hell Kid by My Chemical Romance. I groaned and quickly looked for a different band in my artists. I found The Used and put them on instead. I flicked to ‘Slit Your Own Throat’ because I was in the mood for something like that.
I started singing along under my breath. Evidently not quiet enough. The old women opposite me on the bus kept giving me a disapproving looks. But I just laughed whenever she looked up. I wasn’t in the mood to care what other people thought of me.
When the bus finally reached town, I hopped off and walked straight to Shakeaway. I was curious as to why my Mom wanted to meet me there.
When I got there, I was shocked to see My Chemical Romance staring back at me.
Frank made a weird sort of guilty smile “We just wanted to apologise for what we did… It wasn’t fair to use you like that.”
Bob laughed but it was a kind of high-pitched nervous laugh “Yeah… And I’m sorry I broke into your house.”
“You did what?” My Mom asked, her eyes widening “You never told me you did that!”
“You were in on the entire joke!” Ray said, raising his eye-brows “So don’t act so innocent! Take some of the blame as well!”
My Mom looked sheepish “I’m sorry Roxy…” Then she gave me a giant hug “And Gerard has said that to show how sorry he is, he’s going to buy you your favourite Dave milkshake…”
Gerard yelped “What!? Oh, okay… Yeah, I said that… I think.”
I pulled away from my Mom and watched Gerard buy my Dave. I looked at the band and when I was given my milkshake I stead “I’ll forgive you… If you do something for me.”
“What’s that?” The others asked.
I smiled at them and told them what I wanted. They laughed and told me that was totally possible.

Me and Toran were standing right at the front, next to the barrier “I don’t see how you got tickets to this concert!” Toran laughed “And the security guards let us in early because our names were on some list… How?”
I laughed too “I told you I knew the band!”
Suddenly the lights went down. Me and Toran screamed as loud as we could. The curtains dropped and there they were. My five heroes.
Gerard Way waved at the crowd. This was going to be a great night.
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