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Similar Opposites

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Of insanity and the angst and something that could never happen in canon. Fifty sentences on Sephiroth/Vincent.

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Similar Opposites

#01 - Comfort:
He would never thought Sephiroth would be capable of comfort, but as he lay beside him, silence shrouding him like a snug blanket and warm arms kept him safe, he realized that he was wrong, for comfort comes in many forms.

#02 - Kiss:
Sephiroth's kisses were never gentle, Vincent had never expected them to be so; every kiss was a battle for dominance, a competition to prove themselves better, for it was their nature to compete, to dominate another; they were two alpha males trying to establish supremacy over each other, and that was never a good ground for a relationship; however, try as he may, Vincent didn't want to change a thing, and would never want to.

#03 - Soft:
Sephiroth had never seemed to be soft, an angular killing machine full of sharp edges where one could be hurt; but Vincent realized that in between the edges were places soft and vulnerable, and that the killing machine was still, in the end, human.

#04 - Pain:
Pain was sometimes the only thing that made them realize that he was alive, still living, still breathing, still feeling and not dead inside; pain was a lifeline and Sephiroth provided it, and thus he clung to him like a drowning man to a rope slick with oil.

#05 - Potatoes:
Potatoes were grown underground, never seeing the light of the day until they were uprooted from their proper place, just as Vincent had been removed from his coffin-grave by a vision of silver hair and green eyes.

#06 - Rain:
Their relationship were akin to a thunderstorm over a desert, a flurry of emotions washing across their heartless skins and nourishing them before leaving nothing but a memory.

#07 - Chocolates:
Sephiroth mused that Vincent's hair was like chocolate, the dark bitter type which was untainted by sugar and milk, those which were left behind on the shelf while others were grabbed by children, just like time had left him behind.

#08 - Happiness:
Happiness was something abstract to him, an idea rather than an emotion; but Vincent, with his quiet silence and unspoken acceptance, showed him the way to happiness

#09 - Telephone:
The shrill ringing of the telephone woke him up from his reverie and the vision of glowing green eyes and silky hair disappeared, leaving him to wonder if it was all a hallucination.

#10 - Ears:
With inhuman hearing came inhuman ears, pointed at the tips and more sensitive than any other part of his body; Sephiroth loathed them, and grew his hair to cover what he considered a weakness; but as Vincent lavished his attentions on the lobes and pleasure shot through him, Sephiroth realized that they weren't so bad after all.

#11 - Name:
He was called The Great General, the one who had won the Wutai war; he was Jenova's child, a product of a freak experiment; but most of all, he was Sephiroth, and it was only Vincent who could strip away the masks he wore, for Vincent knew them as well as he knew his own.

#12 - Sensual:
Vincent mused that Sephiroth was always sensual, every step, every move like a dancer, beautiful and elegant.

#13 - Death:
They had both cheated death with a mixture of science and magic, but, sometimes, it seemed that death had cheated them instead.

#14 - Sex:
Their lack of emotions never allowed them to make love, but fuck was still too crass a word; sex never did described it either, but Vincent realized that the answer was easy to find: Sephiroth took him and gave himself to Vincent, an exchange of mind, body and soul which was more poignant and true than any meaningless words, for they were creatures of silence.

#15 - Touch:
Sephiroth's touch was one of ice, cold on his skin; so why, Vincent mused, does it set him on fire?

#16 - Weakness:
Dependence on another was a weakness, something that both SOLDIER and the Turks would never allow; but now that they weren't SOLDIER and Turk any more, they found that depending on each other was as natural and acceptable as Sephiroth's green eyes.

#17 - Tears:
Vincent had never cried, not when Lucrecia betrayed him, never when Hojo experimented on him, not even in his dreams; but when he saw Sephiroth fall to the Ultimate Weapon, he raised a hand to his face and was mildly surprised to feel the tears.

#18 - Speed:
It seemed that life had rushed past them in an unfathomable speed, leaving them stranded in a state of limbo where there was nobody but themselves; strangely, however, Sephiroth found that he didn't mind as much as he thought he would.

#19 - Wind:
Sephiroth was a winter wind, cold and biting and disappearing only leaving a faded memory in his mind.

#20 - Freedom:
Sephiroth's emotions were always chained, held tightly by bonds as strong as steel and as fragile as spider silk; but with a single look and a simply word, Vincent caused the bonds to shatter, freeing his emotions.

#21 - Life:
Vincent was dead, lifeless and emotionless even as he crawled out of his self-imposed grave; the fire of life was gone, extinguished to a single spark; but all it took was a single, fierce glance from an enemy to ignite the flames again.

#22 - Jealousy:
As he watched his lover licked the spoon clean, Vincent felt an unexpected stab of jealousy.

#23 - Hands:
Vincent's hands were rough, calloused by the constant use of guns, but Sephiroth hands weren't smooth either, although he tried to reduce the blisters by wearing gloves; their hands were the physical manifestation of their lives, the lines of their palms cut by various scars and calluses until they almost could not be seen, but Sephiroth did not mind, for if the lines were smooth, it would mean that their lives and destinies were planned out for them; Sephiroth prefer to make his own destiny, to live his own life, for if he had followed destiny, he would never have found Vincent.

#24 - Taste:
Vincent tasted of cinnamon and strawberries, an oddly compelling taste that always made him return for more.

#25 - Devotion:
He was endlessly devoted to her, Sephiroth knew as he watched Vincent placed the flowers in front of his mother's grave; he was devoted to her, but the devotion simply made his love for Vincent grow even stronger.

#26 - Forever:
They had never spoken of forever, for it was a farce as there was never such a thing as an immortal love; they both realize that what they had could not last, and they would never allow it to, and thus forever was almost a forbidden fruit, knowing that it was never possible but they could never stop lusting after the idea of forever.

#27 - Blood:
Vincent's cloak was the colour of blood, a stark crimson which stood out in the bare room like a drop of blood welling out from broken skin; Sephiroth had never worn red, but as he pondered upon the unwashable blood on his hands, he realized he should.

#28 - Sickness:
Sephiroth had never been sick, his inhuman immune system keeping viruses as bay; it was ironic, he supposed, that it was sickness which took Vincent away from him.

#29 - Melody:
It was a symphony, the clashing of steel against steel and the harsh pants to regain their breath as two warriors fought; Sephiroth fought like a dancer, elegant and confident across the battlefield, dancing a waltz across the killing fields like he had been born into it, just as Vincent had been born into it.

#30 - Star:
Sephiroth was, in Vincent's mind, like the Meteor he had summoned; a shooting star across the skies, beautiful and brief and leaving so quickly that it left nothing but a memory.

#31 - Home:
Home was something abstract to Vincent, for he was always a wanderer, able to live and sleep in wherever he went; Sephiroth changed that, as he had changed everything in Vincent's life, and Vincent realized that home was not a place, but a person.

#32 - Confusion:
He was torn, his mind in a state of complete confusion; he should not feel this attraction, for this was /Lucrecia's son/; but he could not control his emotions, and was drawn towards the image of glowing green eyes and a cruel smile.

#33 - Fear:
He feared needles, the fire of mako burning in his veins and the vile laugh of Hojo which would haunt him in his sleep; he feared knives, the sharp line of light across the steel as it cut into his skin; but, no matter how he knew he should, he had never feared Sephiroth.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder:
Sephiroth had always wondered why thunder was feared more than lightning, for sound could never hurt more than a bolt of pure energy would; lightning was much like Vincent, he supposed, silent as it strike, leaving a harsh timbre of harmless sound behind, far too late to warn the victim of his impending death.

#35 - Bonds:
The bonds was voluntarily, invisible threads that was stronger than any steel or rope; Vincent bound himself to Sephiroth, bonds made of sins and guilt and hatred; Sephiroth knew this, and selfishly hoped that the threads would never break, for he had came to depend on Vincent as a lifeline.

#36 - Market:
Wall Market was a dirty place, as full of criminals and crooks as the Shinra Headquarters; as he turned a corner, Sephiroth thought that he had almost glimpse a sight of crimson eyes and a flash of gold, a beacon in the darkness.

#37 - Technology:
It was technology which had created him, technology that changed his lover; perhaps in a stroke of ironic fate, they were tied together by a technology that they both hated with a passion.

#38 - Gift:
People had once said that love was a gift, but in truth, it was a curse.

#39 - Smile:
Their smiles were like rain on a desert, as rare and precious as diamonds.

#40 - Innocence:
Innocence was synonym with naiveté in his minds, a weakness which could be twisted for another's gain; as Vincent watched Sephiroth call on Meteor, his mind perverted by Jenova, he turned crimson eyes to the sky, silently mourning his lost innocence.

#41 - Completion:
He smiled as he placed the last piece of synthetic skin of the prosthetic arm, the project had finally reached completion; turning as he presented the gift to Vincent, he realized that the look of utter gratitude and happiness was worth all the work.

#42 - Clouds:
Sometimes, when the sky was the right shade of green and the clouds the right sheen of metallic silver, Vincent could almost glimpse a sight of Sephiroth.

#43 - Sky:
Dusk was red and black bleeding into blue sky; dawn was red and blue chasing black away; his life was almost dawn, the red of Vincent's eyes and the blue of his silence purging the black of Jenova from his mind.

#44 - Heaven:
A small taste of forbidden Heaven was worth an eternity in Hell.

#45 - Hell:
Vincent had a choice: going to Heaven, forever alone, or staying in Hell with him for a single lifetime; he chose not Heaven, not Hell, but Sephiroth.

#46 - Sun:
Sephiroth was the Sun, passionate and undying, his presence chasing the darkness of Chaos from Vincent's soul.

#47 - Moon:
Sometimes, when he was attacked by a unexpected nostalgic, he would look up towards the moon and dream of Sephiroth.

#48 - Waves:
Sephiroth opened his eyes, and the first thing he heard was the gentle lapping of the waves before he was met with crimson eyes and a small smile.

#49 - Hair:
Black was purity, Sephiroth mused as he toyed with a strand of Vincent's hair, untainted and pure; white was a chaotic mixture of colours, tainted by the Mako and Hojo and Jenova; their hair was, he thought, ironically appropriate.

#50 - Supernova:
As Vincent stared the deformed and beautiful seraph that was once Sephiroth, he mused that the General was a supernova, burning brightly and destroying all that surrounding him.

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