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A man cloaked in mystery, an enigma who doesn't try to be. Fifty sentences on Vincent Valentine.

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#28 - Spider:
His first memory was of a spider slowly spinning its web while his short, stick-thin fingers break the web again and again.

#39 - Weather:
Midgar's weather was horrible, he knew that even before he could walk.

#13 - Soft:
'Being soft will get you killed' is the first lesson he had ever learnt, and so he learnt to grow strong, and grew an exoskeleton of silence to prevent from being hurt; he never knew what had protected him once would be his downfall.

#33 - Diamond:
He built his shield harder than a diamond's.

#21 - Fur:
Vincent had never understood why no cat had ever liked him.

#37 - More:
He was wanted 'more', 'more', 'more' until the slums of Midgar had nothing more to give.

#29 - Robe:
He once was jealous of those prideful students standing in their academic robes, for he knew he had no chance to ever wear the navy blue of the robes; three years later, he was initiated as a Turk.


#18 - Crowd:
Trying to look for a specific person in Midgar is like searching for a needle in a haystack, except a haystack can't shoot you.

#24 - Intention:
"I'm here to kill you."

#38 - Honey:
Sweat and blood, he realized, stuck to skin more easily than any honey.

#30 - Umbrella:
"It's raining; Vincent, do you need to borrow an umbrella?."; "There is no need, but thank you anyway, Miss Lucrecia."

#40 - Blue:
Blue reminds Vincent of her, for it was calm and beautiful, just like her.

#19 - Denial:
He doesn't love her, he /doesn't/.

#17 - Knot:
He had placed the rope around his own throat and had knotted it himself, always confident that he could slip out of it; he never knew he could trap himself as well as he had.

#22 - Chrome:
"The ring's fake, it's not silver. It's just chrome."

#48 - Palm:
He danced in the palm of her hand, knowing that he was doomed and not caring.

#06 - Relax:
A Turk's most infamous 'relaxation' usually occurs in brothels or bars.

#10 - Book:
Turks usually doesn't have time to read, but Vincent had always managed a novel a week.

#47 - Honor:
Honor is a wasted word among the Turks and Shinra


#31 - Surface:
"Sometimes, I feel as if we don't know Vincent /at all/."

#49 - Screen:
He shielded himself from them, watching them through a screen where they could not look back in.

#27 - Weight:
He always wondered if it was his inhuman strength, but whenever he had to carry his teammates, they were always too light.

#03 - Island:
It was only recently that he realized just how true the olden saying was.

#44 - Angles:
She was all gentle curves and soft hair; they are all sharp angles and awkward demeanor.

#25 - Push:
Watching Cid dangle himself over the pool, looking around suspiciously for god-knows-what, he couldn't resist.

#26 - Look:
When Yuffie tried to do the same to him he gave her a /look/.

#50 - Warmth:
The warmth of having friends, /true friends/, was one he would never forget.


#01 - Blend:
He stood out in the crowd, his red eyes and cloak and golden arm drawing unwanted attention wherever he went.

#02 - Stain:
Not even the strongest soaps can cleanse him of his sins.

#04 - Apple:
He loved apples, although they are the color of blood, are the color of his sins.

#09 - Ugly:
He covers his face not to hide it, but to hide from the world.

#20 - Train:
He had never seen the appeal of watching a train wreck.

#34 - Blind:
He is all but blind to his faults.

#35 - Flow:
The single time he 'went with the flow', he carried the regret for the rest of his life.

#36 - Movement:
His movements were jerky, abrupt when he fought and unbearably graceful when he calmed.

#41 - Double:
If he ever has a doppelganger, Vincent hopes that it will never fall in love with the wrong person.

#42 - Braid:
He had never believed that the destinies of people were ever tied together.

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