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Yin and Yang

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'Kyouya thought that if he ever love a person, it would be Tamaki.' Kyouya isn't as heartless as he tries to be. At least, not about Tamaki. Kyouya/Tamaki, in an abstract way.

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Yin and Yang

Kyouya thought that if he would ever love a person, it would be Tamaki.

The thought came all of the sudden, while he was watching Tamaki charm the guests. He wasn't surprised at the thought, for no matter how much he tried to control it, his train of thought tended to derail every so often. So he stopped his pen and watched Tamaki's easy smiles and the customers' giggles, and thought that if that was true, he wouldn't mind. Not really.

Tamaki had a natural charm to him, something that could only be called /charisma/. People are drawn to him like moths are drawn to flames, Kyouya thought, and then shook his head. No, that wasn't right. Not really.

Tamaki was more than just a flame, Kyouya mused as he hid his face behind his notebook and watched the King. He was a supernova; the North Star that blaze brilliantly in the dark night sky. Tamaki burned brightly, with an almost inexhaustible fire. Tamaki burned with a nonexistent heat and a too-bright light, and like the North Star, he guides you towards one direction and remains in your mind even when you can't see him any more.

The North Star was a single bright spot of light in the night sky during the darkest nights.

And Kyouya was the epitome of a dark night; he knew that as well as he knew his family's name. He worked in the background, a shadow king manipulating the strings. He purposely kept a low profile, wearing a mask in front of the customers and everyone else because he didn't think they would be able to take his true self.

But for Tamaki, the mask had never existed.

Kyouya didn't know if he did it on purpose or it was just Tamaki's /charisma/, but his defenses were never there when he was talking to Tamaki. He almost felt as if he could bare his soul to his friend, and the fact didn't disturb him as much as the fact that he didn't /mind/. Not really.

He realized that he was watching Tamaki again, his own dark eyes drawn towards bright blond hair. It is logical, he thought, that his own yin would be so strongly drawn towards Tamaki's yang. They were opposites in almost everything, for while Tamaki was tanned skin and bright hair and purple eyes, Kyouya was pale skin and dark hair and black eyes. Tamaki laughed freely, openly, while Kyouya covered his mouth and chuckled. Tamaki's eyes shouted his every emotion to the world, but Kyouya's were hooded and blank. Tamaki was the day, while Kyouya was the night.

But opposites need each other to exist, Kyouya knew, and smiled slightly as he watched Tamaki chase the Haruhi around the room, almost disgracing himself for something as mundane as a hug. He also realized that the darkness was the one chasing after the light, but he found himself not minding. Not really.

It would be rather boring if the dark always chase after the light, after all. Kyouya thought that it would be rather interesting if he could get Tamaki to chase after him instead.

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