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Inuyasha Meets Gerard way

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inuyasha walked on of Kagoma's Homes and Since's something Werid he Followed it and Follow it ended at some guy wearing All Black with really Blond hair he looked at him and as Inuyasha looked at the man the man looked back I little Creeped out by the man who was just looking at him trying to know what that man's freaking doing hey dude what the hell you looking at Inuyasha got upset and Gerard Who the hell you talking to you Bloody Human after he said that he heard sit boy and gerard just Laughed and the dog faced man and said dude you Wrapped Sorry about him said the Woman this is Inuyasha im Kagoma Gerard looked up and say its a Shame i have to go here are to tic's for you guy for tonight this Causes Kagoma to Blush and Gerard to do his Sexy half Smile

new story what do you think ?
I love Both
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