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She Could Change You

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Vocaloid one shot. Miku x Luka

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random Miku x Luka one shot. I hope you likey

Luka sighed, staring into space as the teacher droned on about physics…. Or something like that. She didn’t know. She just followed whoever was in her classes. She could hear giggling from the back of the room. She knew it was Miku. Fucking Hatsune Miku. Luka couldn’t hate Miku anymore than she did. Miku was clingy and happy…. Too happy. It was simply unnatural. Well, to Luka it was, anyway. Luka was shy and had never had friends so she spent a lot of time upset. She didn’t talk much either and many people believed her to be mute. Luka looked over her shoulder. Miku was throwing things across the classroom again. The teachers never paid much attention to her, and although Luka often wondered why, she didn’t care. She believed Miku to be a stubborn, selfish, annoying bitch.

Miku always left the classroom last. This was another thing that confused Luka and annoyed her at the same time. Luka left the room and could hear voices behind her. They were laughing at her. They pushed her straight down the stairs and on the floor below them. Luka mentally fought with herself, making sure she didn’t cry but she was in too much pain to turn and face them.
“You idiots! I think she’s hurt” a high pitched, but concerned voice called from behind Luka and a cyan-haired girl sat beside her. “Um… Megurine Luka… are you okay?”
“I’m fine” Luka whispered, wincing in pain as she forced herself to her feet. Miku shook her head. She knew Luka wasn’t okay.
“You’re lying” Miku said. The pink haired girl sighed and leant against the nearest wall, trying to steady herself.
“So what if I am?” Luka said. She didn’t care about wanting to hide. She hated Miku and was more than willing to express that hate.
“You’re hurt… and you’re in my next class, right? Music?” Miku asked,
“Yeah…” Luka sighed. She had all but one of her lessons with Miku today.
“Lean on me. You like Music, don’t you?” Miku told her. Miku helped Luka limp to music, which was across the car park; they continued their conversation on the way.
“Yeah… I love Music.” Luka smiled.
“Awesome. I do too. I’ve heard you sing… you’re amazing” Miku told her. Luka blushed as her heart rate increased. She was convinced that her legs would just give way, unable to hold her weight. And not from the pain either…
“Umm… t-thanks…” Luka whispered.
“You went all quiet? What’s wrong?” Miku asked, concerned. Luka thought it was strange. Miku cared about her.
“I don’t know!” Luka screamed, bursting into tears. The younger, shorter girl watched in horror and Luka began hitting her head against a wall. She stumbled towards one of the cars and went to kick it, but Miku grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall she had been attacking moments earlier.
“Stop it or I’ll kiss you” Miku challenged. Luka tensed up and tried to think about this but she couldn’t. She knew she was meant to hate Miku but she craved her kiss. Yes, that was it. She wanted Miku to kiss her. Luka had never been kissed before.
“No…” Luka breathed. Miku pressed her lips against Luka’s, not giving the older girl time to think. Miku had secretly wanted this to happen for over 3 years. She’d always liked Luka. As Luka became more confident, Miku slipped her tongue inside the other girl’s mouth. They battled for dominance as their hands roamed across each other’s bodies. After a while, Miku pulled away.
“Shit! We’re gonna be late for music!” she yelled, grabbing Luka’s hand and dragging her to their Music class.
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