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about some cats in Iceclan

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I wrote this off of Erin Hunter's Warriors, hope ya like!

The wind whipped around the corner, warning me that a storm was coming. I retreated back to our camp.
We are Iceclan. We live atop a snowy mountain. Our last camp was destroyed by the hard wind of winter. This storm coming could kill what few of us are left. We are Iceclan, a clan of cats. We are Iceclan, and we are lost. We are Iceclan, and if we don’t find a new home soon, we won’t be Iceclan. We won’t be anything. We will be dead.
“Snowstar! Snowstar! A storm is coming!” I yelled, running up to our leader’s den.
“Tell Frozentooth to get the warriors and apprentices to wait at the cliff face, where you were patrolling. I’ll get the elders and kits out there as soon as I can, and you should go gather herbs. As medicine cat, you need to be safe. Take a warrior with you.” Snowstar raced to the nursery.
I wondered around camp, looking for Frozentooth. “Frozentooth! Take the warriors and apprentices to the cliff face. I want a warrior with me, I’m going out to get herbs for a trip. A storm is coming.” I said when I finally found him.
“Take Icefang with you, then. Are you sure you only need one warrior with you? You could bring Mudpelt as well, right?” Frozentooth practically begged. The new warriors were brave, but a little bit stupid. And they also had the curiosity problem. But they can’t help it. It’s natural for young cats to still be playful when the become warriors.
But I never got the chance to leave, because right then Thunder boomed in the distance.
“Even if I leave now, I won’t make it back before the storm.”
Frozentooth nodded in agreement.
“All cats old enough to catch your own prey, gather here for a clan meeting!” Their leader’s voice rang through the canyon.
“The casting of the stones…” I murmured.
When I got to the clearing, Snowstar drew an oval with a line down the middle. Every cat had a stone to cast. “Every cat votes! Left is to stay, Right is to go.”
Iceclan cast the stones. A tie, ten on left, ten on right. Twenty-one cats. The leader only votes for a tie. “I cast my stone only for the good of the clan. We shall leave, but one cat must stay. Who shall stay here alone?”
Silence. Then Frozentooth stepped forward. “It is the law. One cat must stay. If it is for the good of the clan, I will stay.”
“No!” His mate, Willowleaf, cried out. “Brother, you can’t let him stay! Who will be your deputy?!”
“A good question. But I do not require a deputy. We leave as soon as I finish the stone ritual with Frozentooth.”
“But-.” Snowstar covered Willowleaf’s mouth with his tail.
“Shh, he’s doing this for the good of the clan. He is close to retirement, anyway. He will be remembered for many seasons, as the cat that gave his life for the clan. That he was the bravest cat, loyal to his clan. It’s much better that being an elder for a few moons, then dying of sickness.” He whispered in her ear, but loud enough for Frozentooth to hear. Frozentooth then puffed out his old, matted fur and lifted his scarred muzzle to the sky, looking more magnificent than ever before. He truly was the bravest cat, if not the most scarred and most battle-wise.
“What about herbs! We can’t make the journey without them.” I said, wishing I’d had the time to go fetch some. But every moment, the storm would close in even farther, and the cats needed to leave.
“Brightspirit, I thought you went to gather herbs.” The leader mewed coolly.
“The wasn’t enough time. We only have a few moments before~”
An icy-cold feeling swept through my fur, and I heard some murmuring in the back of my head: ‘You are destined for greatness, young one. There are ripe catmint herbs, not very far away. You will need them for greencough, daughter. Follow my scent.’ Could it be? My father died, long ago, a moon after I was born. My mother died giving birth to three kits, two of which were dead.

I never did finish it. Maybe, someday, I will...
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