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From London to the coast.

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First chapter.

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Michael Way stood at the iron gates just outside St. Georges All Boy Boarding school. He waited patiently for his carridge to arrive and also for his brother. He watched each boy leave, running to their mothers and fathers to be smothered in hugs and kisses. Mikey looked away, jealous. He and his brother had no mother, she died from fever when he was six. That was four years ago and his father wasn't exactly a sympathetic man. Being a General in the Kings' Royal Army, Mikey and Gerard's father never really hugged his sons and was only there to tell them to toughen up and give the odd life lesson every now again.

Lost in his thoughts, Mikey didn't realise Gerard until he crashed into him in a fit of giggles. Mikey fell backwards, stumbling over his trunk, knocking his belongings everywhere.
"Gerard!" he shouted, "Now look what you've done!" Gerard laughed,
"Stop being so miserable Mikes!" He giggled, pulling his younger brother into a hug. Mikey sighed,
"Why can't I stay mad with you,Gee?"
"It's because I'm so amazing obviously!" he stated, smiling impishly as he started to pick up Mikey's belongings, stuffing them back into the trunk as Mr. Evens sauntered up to them,

"Master Way and...erm, Master Way I suppose, the head teacher wishes to speak with you." Mikey looked over at Gerard who shrugged cluelessly. Picking up their cases, they followed Mr. Evens into the school, up two flights of winding staircases and to the Headmasters double doors. Mr. Evens knocked briskly.

"Enter," Came the Headmasters voice. Mikey and Gerard entered, a curly haired man sat in a chair by the desk,
"Uncle!" Mikey squeaked, embarrassingly high. Their uncle smiled and brought the two boys into a hug, patting their backs fondly. "What are you doing here?" asked Gerard.
"Allow me to explain." said the Headmaster, gesturing to the two vacant seats next to their uncle. "You are going to your uncles for the Summer holidays to spend time at his mansion in the quiet countryside and coastline of Devon."

Mikey and Gerard looked at their uncle, confused. "But why?" Mikey asked.
Their uncle sighed, "There's no easy way to say this boys, but your father has been called into active service. The Way brothers hearts sunk simultaneously. Their uncle looked at them gravely.

"Britain is at war with France..."
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