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When can you call a place home?

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The final chapter guys! :( ..... But never fear! There is a sequal to follow!! :D

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For Jodiethejodster, glad you like my fanfic and thanks for all the encouraging comments!

It should have been me....

(Kobra Kid)

Kobra sat looking out of the window of Repo Lover's apartment. Tears ran down his face. He hated himself. He blamed himself. It was all his fault his brother was taken by them. The tears slid down his cheeks, disappearing as they hit the bandage around his neck.
Inked Afterlife came over, slumping next to him. She rubbed his back supportively,
"It's okay, Kobra. It wasn't your fault, this kind of thing happens. You musn't blame yourself."

Kobra shoved her off,
"It was my fault. Brother's are supposed to be there for each other! I wasn't there when he needed me...I'm a fucking disgrace, Inked!"
Inked pulled her hand away and backed off slowly,
"I'll leave you to your thoughts then... But if you need anyone, your friends are here to help, Kobra." Kobra snapped,
"I don't deserve any fucking friends! Get the fuck away from me!"

"I'm sorry!" She said as she scarpered out of the room, slamming the door just in time to miss Kobra's boot from being lobbed at her. The boot hit the wooden door and it rattled on its hinges.
"YOU BETTER BE SORRY!" he shouted, hot tears overflowing from his eyes as he sobbed into his hands. He looked up when he couldn't cry any longer, his face red and puffy. He dug through his bag sniffling as he pulled out a box of pills.

If suicide was the only easy way to be reunited with his brother and end his stupid excuse for a life then so be it.

When can you call a place home?

(Detonator Static Monster)

Grace sobbed silently next to Jet Star. He pulled her into a hug as she cried, freely letting the tears soak his shirt. Detonator sniffled, blinking back the tears. The boy she had searched so long for and found had been brutally snatched away again. But she was going to get him back, no matter the consequences and she was gonna get Fun Ghoul too.

Gunpowder whined, obviously missing the vacant space where his owner should be. He sat by the front door to the apartment waiting, wagging his tail frantically. She smiled sadly,
"If only, Gunpowder....If only..." She set down the collies food and made her way to the kitchen, sitting by herself at the table as she stared at the photograph of her, Party and Kobra.

Grace walked in, cuddling her teddy Lazerburn. Detonator noticed the bear was wearing Party's vivid yellow mask.
"I want them back...." she hiccoughed, snuggling into Detonator's open arms.
"Shhhhh..." Detonator soothed, realising she was crying too. They sat there for a while, letting it all out.

Grace looked up with watery eyes,
"Detonator?" She asked, her voice barely a whisper.
"When can you call a place home? When can you call a place safe?"
Detonator opened her mouth to answer when there came a thud from upstairs, followed shortly by Inked Afterlife's screams of pure terror.....

Hahahaha, I know I'm a meanie for leaving it on a cliff hanger but never fear! There shall be a sequel to this shortly :D xx Sara xx
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