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morning after syndrome

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I don't do sex scenes, my parents read these. DX xox

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I woke up to Gerard's arm wrapped tightly round my waist and his whole body pressed up against my back.
" Morning baby." He whispered, giving me some room to roll over.
" Morning gorgeous, you really did me good last night." I laughed, feeling my muscles ache euphorically.
" I'm sorry." Gerard whispered, turning sad.
"What for?" I asked, concerned.
" Go look in the mirror." He whispered, I got up and walked to the wardrobe's full length mirror, a sharp but nice pain running through me from behind.
I gasped when I saw the sight in the mirror. My body was covered in bruises, my neck had what looked like nasty bite marks on them.
"I'm sorry Frankie." Gerard sighed, "Does it hurt?" His face was filled with concern and regret.
"Surprisingly, no. I didn't even notice you do it." He sighed in relief.
"That's good. Now I won't be able to hurt you again. Your like me now." Gerard grinned, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.
"What? What do you mean, like you?" I asked, confused.
"You might wanna sit down Frankie." He told me leading me to the bed and sitting me down on it.
"You might have noticed me and Jackie are a bit... odd." He said.
"What like the superhuman strength, how you pick up on everything. I thought that was just an artist thing?" I said, confuddled beyond belief.
"No, that was just to keep you at bay till we told you." He sighed.
" Told me what Gerard? I need to know." I said, annoyed that he hadn't spit it out already.
"Promise you won't freak." He pleaded, taking my face in his hands and looking me in the eye.
"I promise, just tell me." I whimpered, always weakened by his touch.
"We're vampires, and your one too now." He blurted.
"You mean, I suck people's BLOOD?! I can't do that, I'm vegitarian!" I was panicking.
"No Frank! That's just a myth, we like the taste of blood and we change people by biting them on the neck. We can go out in the daylight even though it hurts our eyes, we have good sense of smell and hearing and we can lose it so easily and just rip people to pieces. I nearly did last night, so I changed you. I knew that if I did lose it, you'd be safe." He mumbled. I relaxed.
"So I can live off normal food and water? Will I get depressed? Is Ray a vampire?" So many questions ran through my brain.
"Yes you can live off normal food and water, it's hard to live on blood alone; you'd probably get sick, depression is the same for vampires as it is for humans so I'd say probably not. And no, Ray isn't a vampire, he knocked her out before she could change him, but I have a feeling he'll be changed soon. It would be too risky otherwise." Gerard reassured me.
"Gee, I wanna see Mama today." I blurted out; I really did want to see her.
"Sure Frankie, but you can't tell her." Gerard told me, and I nodded. I'd already figured that much out.
"So, can vampire's get hurt?" I asked.
"Yes, we can. Some , like Jackie, just ignore the pain and let it go. It's hard to hurt a vampire, but easier when they have alcahol in their system. Hense why Ray was able to knock Jackie out with less than fifty swings, though I'm still sure that she was just faking it because she'd calmed down enough to see what she was doing." He told me, pulling on undies, black skinnies and an Iron Maiden T-shirt.
"Oh, okay then. Do we stay like this forever?" I asked.
" Vampires stay at the age they are when they are 18. Some vampires, like me and Jackie, werent bitten. There was a, sort of thing. It's very rare but does happen, and we had to figure out what we were ourselves. We may not be vampires, we may be something else, but all the evidence points to us being vampires and the stories have just been over exaggurated." He told me, as I pulled on some clothes myself.
"This is so crazy!" I mused happily, taking his hand and walking down the stairs.
" How we gonna get to mama's?" I asked.
"I have a provisional liscence and I also have a VW korrado." He said, smugly.
"Awesome." I gaped. "What colour?" I asked.
"Purple, of course." He grinned; purple was my favourite colour. He led me to the car and we got in and drove to mama's.
~~~~~~~~~~~~time lapse~~~~~~~~~~~
"Hey mama, is Dad in?" I said as she opened the door.
"No, he's not. Would you like to come in?" She asked, opening the door wider.
"Me and Frankie have some good news!" I told her, squeezing Frank's hand as she invited us to sit down on the sofa.
"What it is?" She asked.
"We're getting married!" I squealed, bouncing up and down. No matter how many times I said it, it still never seemed true.
"Really? Well then I'm happy for you." She said, her voice had lifted slightly from it's usual monotone. "Could I have a quick word with Gerard please?" She asked, I nodded and they walked into the kitchen. I listened in with my new found good hearing.
" What is it Mrs. Iero?" Gerard asked.
" I can see that your very happy together, and even though I'm Catholic I'm happy about that. But there's something you should know." Mama said.
"Sure, what is it?" Gerard asked.
"Frank can get pregnant." She sighed. WHAT? SINCE WHEN!?!
"Exscuse me?" Gerard asked, as shocked as I was.
" He was born a hemephrodite, with both male and female organs, but he was made into a man. Unfortunately, he could still get pregnant." She told him.
"I will be carefull, don't worry." He reasured her before they returned into the living room and I tried to make my expression seem normal.
"That's all then?" Mama asked.
"Yup, we'll be seeing you around then." Gerard said, taking my hand as we walked back to the car.
"WHAT?!?" I screamed.
"I know, shock much. But don't worry, I'm pretty sure vampire's can't get pregnant." He reassured me and I relaxed a little. "Let's go pick the guys up from mama's, I'm sure I heard Jackie say she had a race today anyway." He told me.
"A race? Do you think she'll let us come?" I asked, I didn't really like cars, but racing them sounded cool, I really wanted to watch.
"We'll ask, yeah." He told me, shooting me a cheesy grin before going back to concentrating on the road.
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