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(Gerard Way)

It had been two weeks since the car crash accident involving him and his flatmate, Frank Iero.
"Frankie?" Gerard called as he stood at the sink, letting his short black fringe fall back over the deep purple bruise on his forehead. He heard someone trip and curse outside the bathroom door. "Frank?" he asked again.

Frank cursed again,
"Yeah?" he muttered.
"You ready for work?" Gerard opened the madicine cabinet, taking out his pills. He looked at the small bottle, smiling at the black and white grinning face on the label. Bl/Ind are so good to us, Gerard smiled as he popped the pills into his mouth and pulled the mask over his face. He made his way downstairs, Frank alongside him. They put up their security cards to the ammunition lock and the door opened, revealing a large gun cabinet.

Gerard and Frank pulled out their guns from their lockers, buttoning up their white jackets. They pulled out the exterminate list for the day;
.Toxic Nightmare
.October Obliteration
.Jet Star
.Repo Lover
.Inked Afterlife
.Detonator Static Monster

Important: Should you find a small ten year old girl with Frizzy hair, brown eyes and wearing a biker helmet bring her to me......Alive.

The note also came along with photos of each offender. Frank smiled from under his Draculoid mask, at least it covered his ugly red scar that led from the corner of his mouth.
"Come on," he chuckled, leading the way to our motorbikes. "We've got a list to complete."
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