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Chapter 12-Talent Show

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heyy, i'm so sorry that I haven't updated this story in like forever. I just had too much work and not enought time. I will be updating regulary now though so I hope I still have readers. If I do please Review and rate (:
Chapter 12- Talent Show

It had been just over a month since me and Frank, had come out at school. Most people accepted us but there were a few homophobes who didn't. It was weird because these homophobes wern't students, they were teachers.

One of them Mrs.Adams had almost hit Frank the other day. They hated us so much. Frank had become so distant because of it and our relationship wasn't in the best place. All he did was sit down write songs, and play guitar.

I can't remember the last time I'd heard the words I love you come off his tongue. I said it to him all the time because I meant it. He never said it back though. This was killing me more than anything. The police also still hadn't caught his dad and we were both scared that he'd come and kill us. Frank was still living with me though and at night I used to sleep with my arms around him. He didn't let me anymore.

I just wanted my angel back. I had a feeling though he never would. I'd also started to cut myself only a couple of times a week though. I needed to otherwise i'd probably die from the amount of pain, this heart break is causing me.

"Mr.Way, what is the answer?" shit I didn't know. Frank just looked at me and i took this time to look in his eyes. I hadn't done that for so long.
"Ummm, not I don't sorry." Mr.Dickenson walked away mumbling under his breath. He was another homophobic teacher, but still tried to treat us like everyone else. I looked back at frank who was now writing, probably lyrics again. I missed him, I wanted my angel back.

The bell went and I grabbed Frankie, not caring who was around and kissed him. I slipped and note into his pocket and walked out.

Gerard was kissing me. I wanted needed to kiss him back but I was scared. He soon broke away though after slipping something in my pocket. I waled out of class and unfolded it.

Dear Angel/Frank,
I don't know what's happening between us. Maybe you don't love me anymore. I can't remember the last time you said those words to me. It's hurting me baby. I love you so much. I never want to leave you, but I have a feeling you're going to leave me soon. I love you so much and my feelings for you grow stronger. I don't know whether I can believe this perfect lie anymore.
Gee xoxoxoxoxoxox

My eyes welled up and I ran to the cafeteria where I knew Gee would be sitting with the rest. Bob, Ray and Mikey were there but Gee was no where to be seen. I walked over to them and sat down.

Gee need to talk text bk x

frank i'll be one sec mrs.adams x

I needed him. As soon as I saw him I knew what I had to do.
"Heyy Frankie have you heard the news?" what I was confused.
"Yeah me, you, Gee, Mikey and Bob, are going in the christmas talent show as a band." i almost spat out the drink I had in my mouth. We couldn't, we had no songs or anything. I knew we could all play something and Gee could sing, but the talent show was only a week away.

"Guys you do know that the talent shows only a week away?"

"Yes Frank we do and that's why we're going to use one of your songs." I only thought Gee knew I wrote songs? Had he told them? I didn't mind if he had but they'd never be good enough. Especially if we wanted to win.

"Ummm okay, but could I chose the song?" they all nodded at the same time as i felt the presence of someone behind me.

Gee's eyes were cold and he looked emotionless.
"What did you want to talk about Frank?" he choked out the words and the next thing I knew I had wrapped my arms around his neck and was kissing him. I didn't care what anybody thought I had to have my babe back. I couldn't keep hurting him, not when he meant the world to me. I pulled away and looked in his eyes.

"I love you Gerard Arthur Way forever and always." Gee smiles, something he hadn't done in ages. It melted me and I knew I was back, I was so sorry. I kissed him again and suddenly there was a coughing sound behind us.

"Guys I don't mean to be rude, but that is my brother and I don't want to be mentally scarred for life." Mikey let out a giggle and we all joined in, before me and Gee sat down.

"Right so what song are we singing for the talent show Frankie?" I loved it when Gee called me Frankie. I knew everyone did but it was just the way he said it.
"A song called i'm not okay, or we have Welcome To The Black Parade?" I gave them 2 options. I wanted Gee to sing both of them as I had written them for it to fit his voice range.
"Well if we do i'm not okay first? As you said that one first then if we get through to the quaters we'll sing Welcome To The Black Parade? And then we'll take it from there?" Bob had this idea and I liked it. I knew we probably wouldn't get to the semi's but at least we had one song.

"Okay then guys we need a name?" shit Gee was right, we couldn't just sing and not have a name.

"Ummm...Pencey Prep?" I gave them the first band name that came to my head.

"Guys....I've had something for awhile now." Mikey seemed shy about what he was going to say and I wondered why.

"Go on Mikey." I smiled and it was genuine, one of the first genuine smiles in a while. It felt fucking great.

"Well....My Chemical Romance." he blushed and I didn't see why. That was a fucking amazing name. So much better then Pencey Prep .

"That fucking brilliant Mikes. So it's settled were called My Chemical Romance, MCR for short." I think Gee had already decided and even if we didn't like it, we were using it as he loved it. I could tell that by the look on his face.

With that My Chemical Romance was born.
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