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I Watched You Breathe With Help From Your Machines (Let's Pretend There's Nothing Wrong)

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Gerard comes back to find that Frank is getting better without him. Is he unneeded then?Frank meets Mikey.(Contains flashback of Mikey in the hospital waiting on Gerard news.)

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"What else can you do?" Gerard asked curiously, cautiously.
Gerard had thought Frank needed him to recover. Had been secretly telling himself he was vital to Frank's recovery. Apparently not. He couldn't help feeling a little hurt and dejected by that fact.
Frank snapped his fingers and wrote, That's it.
"I'm sure you'll get there Frankie." He said brightly, ruffling the boy's hair. "Brilliant. Well, today we're going to have a review day." he clasped his hands together. 
Joy, Frank wrote, glaring at Gerard. 

At the end of the day, once Gerard  was absolutely sure Frank was ready for anything that could be thrown at him, Gerard went back to the Guidance Councilor.  
It took everything in him not to say, "Yo, Bitch." as he sat down. But he was pretty sure that wouldn't help his, or Frankie's case, for that matter. 
"Gerald?" She asked, looking up at him from the reading glasses perched on the end of her pointy nose. 
"It's Gerard." He corrected, the words spilling from the gap in his clenched teeth. 
"No matter.You know they very well could have fired you for just simply taking that boy on a field trip?"
Gerard just shrugged. Surely that wasn't worse than going to jail for several days? Even if he had been found innocent. 
"Alright, why are you here?" she clipped, letting it drop.
"Frank, he's a genius." Gerard said. He didn't know why he had said that, he hadn't seen anything amazing from Frank, but he was sure it was true. 
"We've been over this, Mr. Way. He can't do anything." she said sternly, as if he were a child that just wouldn't listen. 
"He can. He can write now." Gerard insisted. This was a war he was intent on winning. He would lose when all Hell froze over. 
"I'll have someone look into it." she said wearily, as she continued on with whatever paperwork she was doing.
"Thank you." He said softly as he walked out of the room. Causing her to look up with soft shock and subtle appreciation. Perhaps he wasn't as terrible as she had once thought...

He had no clue when that person was going to come. But when they did he would be sure that Frankie was ready. 
Two days later and a nice enough looking lady dressed in school spirit came in. 
Gerard sat at his desk and let her do whatever it is that she had to. 
She spent two or so hours questioning Frank about  anything and everything, all subjects.
He hoped everything went okay. 

Mikey watched as Gerard raced to his car and pulled away. He knew where Gerard had been this past weekend and he knew what he had been doing. 
He didn't understand how Gerard could just act like everything was okay again, because it fucking wasn't. You know what? Let the stupid fuck kill himself.
He leaned back on his swivel chair. 
Mikey had been pacing the waiting room for over an hour now. He was so scared. He felt jittery, couldn't sit for even a moment. Any minute he might have another panic attack, at least that's how it felt. 
He hadn't been taking his meds either anymore. Which probably wasn't helping matters.
The room was filled with people. Most of whom were giving him dirty looks. There was even an old lady knitting. Mikey envisioned grabbing the knitting needles from her and using them as a weapon. He could hear every little sound in the room. The gum chewing of a prissy looking lady, the page turning of a magazine, sound affects from a boy's video game, a little girl's untied shoe laces hitting the floor as she swung her feet. They were all grating on his nerves. 
Finally a doctor came out. 
"Michael Way?" He asked tiredly. 
"That'd be me." Mikey raised his hand.
The doctor beckoned him out to the hallway. 
"You're brother is going to be just fine now. We pumped his stomach of all the toxins. He had quite a fatal amount of it. He should consider himself lucky to be alive." the man smiled and patted his shoulder, leading the way to Gerard's room. 
As they got there, the doctor left him. Right outside the room, Mikey watched from the door's window as Gerard breathed artificially. 
Then, his brain put two and two together. He punched the plaster wall in frustration. Ouch, and fuck,  at the same time. 

The next day, Gerard smiled at Frank. He wrapped him in a warm hug that smelled of mint and coffee. It made Frank hesitant. 
He smiled at Frank from his towering height above, now separated. 
"You passed that test yesterday with flying colors. I talked to her after school, her name was Ms. Simmons, she's a senior Lit. teacher, she said you only missed one question. It was a history question. Something about some war." Gerard shrugged it off. 
It was amazing that Frank  even knew anything about history, really. His minimal knowledge sure wasn't courtesy of Gerard. He used to watch history shows with his uncle, several years ago. His uncle was a pawn off for when his mother had to work. Frank hadn't minded though, his uncle was probably the only tolerable, if likable, member of his family. Outside of his mother, of course. His grandmother from his dad's side called once, but that was one phone call he wasn't supposed to know of. It was better kept away, too. The sad  thing was, that she was probably actually likable.
He scratched away on the pad, tediously slow. You're a crappy history teacher. his letters starting to slant downwards, a small hill.
"Gee, thanks..." Gerard mumbled, sarcastically downtrodden.
I still like you anyway.

He just had to get his right hand to work. Maybe he could do things. For himself. 
His mom wanted to take him to the park. Lord. So he could what, listen to the birds, feed the squirrels, watch gooey couples? No fuckin' thank you.
Then she wanted to take him out for dinner, some pasta place, local, nice. So all the lovely people could stare and watch a seventeen year old be spoon fed by his mother. His ideal plan of fun. Being the freak put on display.
Suddenly, a boy showed up in the hallway. He was peering into Frank's room. The scrutiny made Frank's skin start to crawl. 
He stood there, in the entrance of Frank's room, as if debating to come in or not. He was so close. 
He finally came in from the shadows, sticking his hand out to Frank, it was actually in reaching distance. 
He was a blonde, his nose scrunched up, eyes squinting from the light that poured in from Frank's open window.
"I'm Mikey, and I hear you could use a friend." 
Not this again. 
Frank shook his hand regardless of how put off he now was of the stranger. 

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