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Mistletoe (One-shot Frerard)

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A Sweet oneshot about how Gerard and Frank meet.

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I saw him standing under, oh perfect, mistletoe. I don’t think he realised it was there but nether the less I felt the urge to kiss him. Get a grip of yourself! You don’t even know him. But I wanted to feel his soft lips on mine. I suppressed the urge and looked down at my feet trying to block out the images of me and him that flashed through my mind.
‘Come on Gerard, don’t be a wuss.’ I said to myself. I looked up at him and our eyes met for the first time. His soft greenish-hazel eyes bore into mine and it made my heart melt. His shiny dark brown hair hung in a perfect array over his perfect face. He looked away, preoccupied with someone who was talking to him. I sucked in a deep breath and walked slowly over to him. The person he was talking too had just said goodbye and he looked up at my approach and smiled. This made my heart splutter and skip a beat. God, he was so perfect.
“Hey, I’m Frank but everyone calls me Frankie.” He said smiling sweetly.
“Uh… Hi Frankie, I’m Gerard.” I stuttered but held out my hand. He took it and shook it.

I glanced up at the mistletoe, blushing. His eyes followed mine and he seemed completely at ease and chuckled to himself. He looked back at me.
“So that’s why you come over here then.”
“No, of course not. I wanted to talk to you.”
“Oh, ok ‘cause I wouldn’t mind if that was what you came over for.” He looked at me with a cheeky grin.
“Huh?” I said confused.
“If you came over to kiss me I wouldn’t mind.” He replied back, whispering. I saw his
Cheeks flush red and I smiled.
He leaned into me and pressed his lips softly over mine. I sighed heavily. I felt his lips part slightly and my tongue slipped into his mouth. He tasted good. I breathed in his scent and laced my fingers in his hair and moaned lightly. He pulled away and looked at me, a smile playing across his face. My face mirrored his and I looked deep into his eyes.
I held out my hand again, but this time I didn’t want him to shake it. I wanted him to take it and never let go.
“Gee?” Frankie whispered.
“Yeah?” I sighed softly.
“I love you.” He stated.
“You know what? I love you too Frankie.” I smiled at him.
We walked. Hand in hand, towards the setting sun.
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