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boys to almost men

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first story posted here. Brendonand Ryan always looked out for eachother since the day they met

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- aged 4 -
It’s George Ross’ first day of nursery and he’s petrified. He tries to cling to his mum as she tries to leave.
“Sweetie, mummy has to go now but she’ll come and get you later OK?”
Of course it wasn’t OK George thought tearfully his mum was about to leave him with total strangers. This thought made Ryan’s bottom lip wobble.
“Listen if you’re a good boy we’ll get some sweets when I come and get you yeah?” his mum said and with one final wave she turned and left the nursery.
George didn’t know what to do. He felt so alone in this weird place. He sat down where he was left and had a quiet cry.
“Are you ok?” said a voice from behind him.
The voice came as such a shock to George he bit his thumb which had quietly crept up into his mouth while he was crying, this of course made George cry harder.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I just thought…” stuttered the little boy
“ didn’t scare me” George whimpered “I bit my thumb” To George surprise the little boy gave him a big hug.
“I’m Brendon” he smiled “Wass you’re name?”
George sniffed a bit “I’m George”
“cool wanna come play in water?” Brendon asked grabbing George’s hand and dragging him over.
Brendon picked up the biggest bucket and filled it to the top and poured it back into the tray. George watched as he did this a few more times. Brendon then filled the bucket and up to the top and walked over to George.
“Hey George? Wanna play flowers?”
Brendon smiled big and tipped the bucket of water over George’s head.
“Brendon no.” yells a big lady who storms over and snatches the bucket off Brendon and throws it back into the tray. “we do not tip water over the other children!”
Brendon pouts “but we were playing flowers ad I was watering him!”
“go and sit on the carpet and think about what you did. Oh poor George he’s soaked now and it’s his first day” flaps the big lady.
George didn’t know what the fuss was all about sure he was freezing cold and dripping wet but his mum had packed him extra clothes which the big lady was now getting him changed into. George thought about the days events and decided he liked nursery now and he liked his new friend more.

-aged 8-
George no longer existed. He was now Ryan Ross after all Ryan was his middle name and he didn’t like his “poopy” first name anyway.
Brendon seemed to prefer Ryan instead of George too. The two of them sat on the wall eating their packed lunches together.
“Yuck! My sandwich has something green in it! Ugh! It must be mouldy!” said Brendon flapping his sandwich in Ryan’s face
“No Silly, that’s not mould. It’s lettuce.”
“what? Letters? I thought letters made up words and went in the post”
“Not letters. Lettuce it’s a vegetable.” Ryan said laughing and swinging his feet over the wall
“I knew that I was testing you”
“Sure you were Brendon”
“I was and anyway this lettuce is horrible I’ll give it to the slugs: he says pulling the greens out of sandwich and putting it in the mud for the slugs.
“Brendon Urie! Take you’re rubbish and put it in the bin” said a dinner lady
“but miss I was feeding the slugs”
“No buts in the bin now”
The boys hop down off the wall and after making a trip to the bin they decide to go and play over on the monkey bars. Just when it was Ryan’s turn a little boy called Bobby pushed Ryan over so he fell forwards and cut his knee before heading to the monkey bars.
“HEY! YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO MY FRIEND!” Brendon yells, picking Ryan up off the floor. “look what you did to his poor knee”
“I don’t care I’m next and no one can stop me”
“Wanna bet?”
“yeah I do” grins Bobby climbing up and reaching for the first handle
Brendon runs at him and grabs him, pulling him off the monkey bars. “it was Ryan’s turn not yours you big bully!”
Bobby hits Brendon in the nose and it starts bleeding.
“BOBBY, BRENDON STOP IT NOW” yells the dinner lady. She grabs one in each hand and drags them inside with Ryan limping alongside her. She leads them to wait outside the headmasters office before taking Ryan to get cleaned up.
“No Miss please I have to come with Ryan”
“No Brendon you stay right here”
“Please Miss Ryan get’s scared without me”
“He’ll just have to manage won’t he?”
“But Miss my nose is bleeding you can’t leave me here Bobby might hit me again”
She looks at Brendon’s bloodied nose and sighs “fine come along now boy but you are coming straight back once I’ve cleaned you up”
Brendon takes hold of Ryan’s hand. “OK”
The boys both get cleaned up and Brendon holds Ryan’s hand when he has some magic stingy cream and a plaster put on to his cut knees. He continues to hold Ryan’s hand when he is having his nose cleaned up. The dinner lady then take both of them to the Headmaster’s office.
“Ryan you can go back outside now” she says
“can I stay with Brendon please? I know what happened I need to tell Sir it wasn’t Brendon’s fault”
The dinner lady sighs “very well”

-aged 13-
The boys were now in secondary school together and Brendon wasn’t getting into trouble now. Well not as much anyway. Ryan and Brendon sat together in every lesson, played together every break and lunch time and ate their lunch and snacks together. No one had thought this odd as everyone knew that Brendon and Ryan had been best friends since nursery.
“hey Ry? Are you still sleeping at mine tonight?
“yes Brendon, I’ve told you every day this week I’m still staying over at yours” Ryan had no idea why but he loved staying the night at Brendon’s.
School ends and they both go home to Brendon’s.
“Hi mum” Brendon calls as soon as he’s through the door
“Hi honey, have a good day in school?”
“good and what about you Ryan honey?”
“yeah we had fun”
“OK well do you two wanna play upstairs until dinners ready?
“OK” Brendon says dragging Ryan up the stairs
The boys play games and talk about previous sleepovers until Brendon’s mum calls them for tea.
later that night when everyone’s asleep
“Ryan, wake up it’s time”
“time for what?” he mumbles sleepily
“The midnight feast” Brendon whispers his eyes lighting up
Ryan wakes up and both the boys start tucking into crisps and lots and lots of sweets. Brendon then produces a big bottle of coke and they take alternate swigs from the bottle.
“This is fun” Ryan whispers
“Yeah it is” says Brendon making an interesting chocolate, crisp and marshmallow sandwich. He takes a big bite and starts to feel queasy.
“Uh oh” he whispers running for his en suite bathroom
Ryan can hear Brendon being sick and gets up to help him. He gets him a glass of water and a cold flannel. “Here you go Brendon” he says to the pale, weak boy slumped on the bathroom floor keeping his head in the toilet bowel just in case. He aimlessly feels for Ryan’s hand to take the glass of water off him but is suddenly sick again. Ryan kneels beside him and rubs his back until he’s finished.
“There you finished now?”
“uh huh” Brendon mutters feebly taking some water and swirling it round his mouth.
Ryan mops Brendon’s forehead for him. “you probably shouldn’t have eaten all that stuff so late at night.”
“I was fine until I had my killer combo sandwich it just made my stomach churn and well you know the rest”
“yeah I do” Ryan says helping Brendon into bed.
“it tasted sorta alright until it came back up” Brendon whispered
“well no more for you Mr Greedy” Ryan said chuckling. “if you need to be sick again and I’m asleep just wake me OK?”
“Ryan if you can sleep through me being sick I don’t think I’ll manage to wake you and besides I think I’m empty now. I’m hungry.”
“well you’ll just have to ignore it and go to sleep”
Brendon lays his head on Ryan’s shoulder. “you’re right we should just sleep. Goodnight Ryan”
“Night B”

-aged 16-
The boys are home alone and relaxing at Brendon’s house as his parents are away all day. They settle down to watch a film but Brendon keeps fast forwarding through it.
“Bren? You OK?”
“Yeah. I’m fine”
“come on B I’ve known you since we were four I can tell something’s bothering you”
“I’m fine really”
“you’re not and I’m going to make you tell me what’s up”
“there’s nothing to tell” Brendon says
Ryan straddles Brendon pinning him to the sofa. “come on I know when something’s up and something is definitely up”
Brendon tries to shift underneath Ryan but Ryan doesn’t budge. Brendon always knew he should’ve bulked up but it was too late for that now.
“Tell me”
“There’s nothing to tell Ryan I’m fine!”
“Liar” says Ryan smiling “come on it can’t be that bad”
Brendon ducks his head “It is”
“There I knew something was bothering you now come on, spill” Ryan says triumphantly opening and closing Brendon’s mouth to try and make the words fall from his lips.
“I don’t know how”
“Just breathe deep and tell me. I’m not moving ‘til you tell me” Ryan says shifting to get comfy.
Brendon moans “Ryan PLEASE don’t do that”
Ryan smiles and shifts more and more grinding his hips against Brendon’s without realising.
Brendon moans again “You pushed me to do this” he says breathing deep before kissing Ryan deep and passionately and to his surprise Ryan kisses back wrapping his hands around Brendon’s neck pulling him in closer.
Ryan smiles “Come on I got an idea” he says grabbing Brendon’s wrist and leading him into his room.
“I don’t know about this”
Ryan pushes him onto the bed “Don’t think. Just go with what feels right” he straddles Brendon the way he did downstairs but grinding deeper making Brendon moan.
Brendon strips them of their clothes and Ryan takes his grinding even further.
“Oh Ryan” Brendon mumbles
Ryan gently shushes him and carries on working up a rhythm.
Brendon’s mumbles soon progress until Ryan has him yelling his name so loud he’s glad that Brendon’s parents are out.
Brendon’s first to come with Ryan not far behind him. When they’re finished Ryan flops onto Brendon’s chest and they both fall asleep sweaty with their heartbeats in sync. What they didn’t realise is that when they were asleep Brendon’s mum returned home to see if they were OK. She found them both naked, barely covered by the blanket and cuddling each other. She backed out of the room and closed the door behind her. Ever since they first met she had a feeling they’d end up like that. Together.
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