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two teenage girls living in a harsh world,find love between their drama filled life.

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Wake up in the moring to screaming mom and dad are fighting agin.God why can't this drama end? (I think).I go down to the living room first day of school and im already "Momm I'm gonna walk to school today "."ok' she replied.So as im walking to school I noticed that there is another girl walking "hmm..."(I think).Well I run to see who she is my mom always tells me not to talk to strangers well I don't really care she looks about my age which is 16.So I finally catch up to her.We look so much alike all dressed in black and wearing band teshirts I'm gonna love this girl (I think)."Hi I like your shirt"the girl said "I like yours too"I replied.So we walk together and then it comes across my mind "Hey what is your name"I asked "Sorry, my name is Alex"she replied."Well not to be nosy but are you by any chance walking to hudson high school?" "Yes I am" Alex replied.Well the rest of the walk was mostly quiet.As soon as we got to school I go to the front offices to get the list of my teachers.As I go to my first period it is 10th grade math lucky for me I am good at math.During the period i had to sit by a boy named Nick he is alot like me and dresses like me he is so sweet and nice but we didn't talk much.I thought he was kinda cute.So as I'm walking to P.E i noticed Alex in the hall and we walked together. Turns out we both have P.E at the same time.
We go to the girls lockeroom "[F*]I left my gym cloths at home"I said to Alex "Its ok i always pack extra just in case my other ones rip or something like that"she replied "Oh thank god"I said.So she gave me a pair of her gym cloths to wear.She gave me the black and red pair which pleases me because they are my favorite colors.So all of P.E we played vollyball I don't really like vollyball. If I think about it I don't really like sports that much.So me and Alex tryed to stay together during P.E to learn about each other a little more so i asked her if she had any hobbies she said that she liked art,writeing,reading,music,and playing the guitar.I was so surprised I said "Holy [S*] Those are my hobbies too".I couldn't belive we were so much alike in so many ways.Then P.E was over and we had to sperate.
As I walk down the hallway to health class I end up running into Nick and my books scatter all over the floor one of my books opens and of chours it had to be my book I draw in and every one starts laughing at me I'm on my knees trying to pick up all of my books.I have all of my books except my drawing book and a stupid jock picks it up and will not give it back. He takes my favorite picture I drew in there and rips it to shreads.Me I run into the girls bathroom and began to cry that was my picture my special picture it was me and my old best friend Mercedes who is now dead because she was raped then killed.While I was in the bathroom crying Nick was trying to get my book back."Give me the [f*ing] book"screamed Nick "Trying to stand up for your little emo girlfriend"said the jock "Yes,yes I am and I really lover her and if you don't give me the book now I'm gonna [f*ing] kill you"said Nick to the jock who is now scared.The jock gives nick the book.The bell rings everyone goes to their classes except me and nick.I hear Kitty Kitty you can come out of there now.I noticed that it is Nick and ran out and hugged him.He then pulled my journal out from behind his back.I so happy I kissed him and hugged him agin.He walked me to my class and of chours when i get there they are talking about sex.Why do adults make it sound like its so bad(i think)?All through the rest of the class all I could think about was Nick and how I kissed him.
While I was in health class Alex was in math class siting next to a dude named Dylan who she secretly had a crush on him since 8th grade."Hi Dylan" said Alex "Hi Alex" Dylan said Alex couldn't belive that he knew her name.Well all that class period she tryed to make a conversation with him she isn't very good at makeing conversation.At luch we all sat together Me,Alex,Nick,and Dylan.We all got to know each other really well.
At the end of the day we all met up and texted are parents we were gonna walk home the partents had no problem with us walking home together.Well it turned out that Alex and Dylan live down the street from each other.So when we got to they street they went their way and me and nick went our way.Me and Nick walked together in silence.Then all of a sudden we both started talking."Sorry you can talk" I said "No you can" said Nick. So I begain talking "I am so sorry if i made you uncomfortable by kissing you and hugging you in the hall way". "IT's ok ...well I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?" Nick said all of a sudden."Ummm....yes I would love to Nick"I said.So the rest of the way we held hands and when I got to my house he kissed me good bye.He only lived five houses down from me which I thought was amazing.So the rest of the day i listen to music and write in my journal.Then around 10:00 p.m I got into the shower "god i love hot showers" I said.So after my shower i got in the bed and dreamed.I dreamed about Nick and what tomorrow would be like and how I would feel and if mom and dad are gonna be fighting agin.
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