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Our Days Will Never Be Numbered Again [Songfic]

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Gerard recalls things about the life he used to have with his one and only, and why that life was put on hold. Roughly based on MCR's Cemetery Drive.

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Your body is cold, but your memory will live forever.
A bit too vividly for my taste, to be honest.

I see you every night in my dreams. Or are they nightmares?

I'm here again. In the place we once called our own. No one to bother us but the voices of the dead.

Your stone is so cold as I lean against it and wish for a better life. Why did you leave me?

It's a full moon; your favorite. If I concentrate hard enough, I'll be able to see your face in the stars.

Things just went so wrong. So terribly wrong.

You escaped from your husband one fateful night in August. I felt like singing. Can you imagine? Me, singing?

Clad in a dress we both knew the man of your nightmares would hate to see you wear. I thought you were beautiful. I'll always think you were beautiful.

A bottle in-hand, we found ourselves drunkenly climbing over the cemetery gates. I loved you when you were like that. So care-free and adventurous. Why did things have to change?

We had an hour to ourselves. One hour to make life worth living.

I held you as we sang to the top of our lungs and dared God to mute us.

You clutched my arm and met my eyes with your own. I stared back at you, admiring the pain you kept in those icy blues.

"You know this can never be. Not with him looking after me." The woman of my dreams spoke in riddles. You, spoke in riddles.

"But I wont stop trying." I mouthed as I lifted my head to brush my lips against your cheek.

Before too long, the search party caught news of your escape. Your husband was angry and vengeful.

I begged you to come with me. We could make our escape. We would be free! But you refused.

"Just hold me until it's too late." you practically hummed in my hear.

I wrapped you in my arms and savored the moment that would soon be ruined forever.

They found us. They found you. The dogs, the searchlights, the police.

Your husband led the army that charged to keep you away from me. To keep you in harm's way. To destroy you.

I held back tears at what I watched you do.

"It's time. We both knew this would happen." you said simply as you reached into your bag.

Was it fun staring down the loaded gun you hid so well?

I tried to stop you. But the fear in your eyes screamed volumes. You just wanted to be free. I had to let you go.

I kissed you passionately, for the last time. Your breath tasted like sweet liquor and early demise.

You lifted the gun and pushed away our future with the impact of the bullet.

I slumped against the nearby tree that bore our initials.

When they caught up to us, it was all too late. I went home without a word and left them to clean up the mess you left as a parting gift.

Ever since then, I've visited you. Did you know I've always been here?

The tune of your death sings sweet melodies through the earth. The underground: a sanctuary for your beauty.

Tonight, we'll be together. It's time. We both knew this would happen.

I pulled the knife away from my pocket. It's silver inviting me to ruin it with crimson.

Well I miss you so far. You know, it was the collision of your kiss that made this so hard. So hard to stay away from. So hard to stop.

I lifted the blade to my lifeless skin, shrieking a song that only you would understand.

I slid it deep into my flesh. Blood overflowing from all sides of the wound. I laughed at our good fortune. You'll never be alone again, soon.

I continued the motions. Letting our memories travel quickly with the life that was leaving my soul.

Way down. You're way down. But soon, I will be too.

I welcomed the darkness that clouded my vision. Beautiful mortality, so sweet, break me free from this prison.

On a night in August, I joined you in death.

Our bodies are cold, but our memories will live forever.
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