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What the..?

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Justine and Toby are famous vloggers on YouTube, also known as iJustine and Tobuscus. Justine and Toby have had feelings for each other for quite some time now, and decide to tell each other. W...

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"Outro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness, then Justineness, then Personness." Toby sung deeply to the camera, putting his finger over the shutter, then to Justine, she waved and he turned it to a group of people who turned to look at him. He laughed and panned the camera back to himself. "Then BOOOP!" He tapped the icon on his phone to stop the camera and started to upload it to YouTube.

He smiled down at Justine's cute figure. She grinned up at him and blushed softly.

"Hi." She said cutely.
"Hi." He said back quietly.
"How about we go to the movies?" Justin suggested.

Toby admired her so much, and he thought she was just so adorable. She was always crazy goofy, but whenever she was with him, she got all quiet and nervous.

"Sounds great, what do you want to go see?"
"How about Gnomio and Juliet?"
"Yes! I want to see that so bad!" He chuckled and grinned. She smiled beautifully up at him. He couldn't help but melt, he liked her so much, if only she knew.

They walked to the movie theater and got two tickets for Gnomio and Juliet. He walked around with her to the concession stand. He looked down at her and smiled as she looked up at him. They had a moment then they heard Shane and Brittany. He shoved his hands in his pockets as Jusitne waved at them.

"Hey guys!" Justine said excitedly, but Toby could tell it was fake, but somehow it seemed like an act, he wondered why.
"Hey!" Brittany and Shane said in unison. They all laughed and exchanged hugs.
"So what are you guys going to see?" Toby asked, hoping it wasn't Gnomio and Juliet, he just wanted to be alone with her, maybe he could make is move.
"Just Go With It." Shane said with a smile.
"What about you guys?" Brittany asked.
"Gnomio and Juliet." Toby replied with a smile.
"Aww cool, well we'll see you guys later!" Justin said as the people in front of them took their stuff and walked away, making it their turn. They waved as Shane and Brittany left and stepped up to the counter.

"We'll take the-" Toby was about to say their order, but the excited teenage girl behind the counter inturrupted him.
"Are you iJustine?" She asked Justine. Justine smiled softly and nodded.
"Yes I am, are you a fan?" The girl behind the counter nodded vigorously.
"Very much so! I love you so much you're such a good inspiration!" She turned to Toby. "And that means you're Tobuscus, whom everyone assumes you're dating, but you guys say you're just friends. But it's clear that you like her." She giggled and grinned. Toby blushed and shook his head softly.
"Yeah, we're just friends. Nothing more."

The girl grinned and her manager came up she looked back at him momentarily then back at them. "Uhm, can I get a picture real quick?"
"Of course!" Justine smiled and the girl handed Justine her cell phone. Justine took a picture of the three of them and went back to her job.
"Okay, what can I get you?"
"We'll have the premier combo." Toby looked down at Justine. "Do you want anything else?" She nodded.
"And some Resses Pieces, please." Justine told the girl. The girl typed in their order.
"What would you like to drink?"
"Pepsi." They said in unison.

The girl nodded and got their order together then asked for the money. Toby handed her his card and paid for it. He took his card back and walked away with the popcorn and his soda as she grabbed her candy and soda. They walked over to the flavor powder station.
"What flavor are we getting today, Justine?" He smiled, he loved saying her name, as she loved when he said her name.
"How about ranch and cheddar?" He nodded and put the flavoring on the popcorn. He got the tickets out of his pocket and handed them to her and then grabbed the popcorn. They walked into the theater and sat down towards the side. They put their sodas in the cup holders and put on their 3D glasses. Justine leaned in and toby held up their tickets and grinned as she snapped the picture. He grinned and she tweeted it.

The lights dimmed and they turned their phones on silent and into their pockets. The previews started and he smiled and they started eating the popcorn.

They watched to movie and they stayed around for the credits. They were watching them and he looked over at Justine.
"J-Justine?" Justine looked up at him.
"Yeah?" She wondered why he had stuttered, did he like her too? He always seemed a little different around her.
"Uh, I li-" He was interrupted by squealing girls. They turned around and saw a group of girls and a few guys coming their way. He sighed and smiled softly, right now Justine and Toby hated being YouTube stars.
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