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The girl in the basement...

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"I've waited a long time for you, Frank."

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I've decided on Frank's trainer. Those that auditioned and didn't get the part, there are still vacant spaces for more characters so don't get upset, your moment will come! :) Enjoy...

Gerard's POV.

James gave us directions as we drove. It had been three days and we were far away from New Jersey as we headed for the boarderlines of Canada. The air had become crisper, colder and it chapped my lips, splitting the skin painfully. Frank had woken up fully now, his fever almost completely gone. He sat in the back of Billie's van next to Mikey, sipping the coffee we had got from Starbucks not so long ago. I looked down at the cup in my hands, for once not wanting the sweet brown liquid it contained. Instead, I held it in my freezing hands, craving its warmth. I felt homesick. I missed mom and dad. I missed my normal life, not that it was normal to begin with, considering I was a vampire and all that. The police, staying true to their word, covered up their little 'incident' with Frank. The authorities pulled us off as dead, saying that we were attacked in the forest; our bodies never found. There was no possibility of us going back to Belleville now, we were the assumed dead. We go back and it's more than likely to cause a scene, let alone arouse slight suspicion.

I sighed, resting my head against the cold glass, my warm breath crystalizing in the bitter air. I watched the sun as it began to set, turning the sky from orange to yellow and a pale pastel pink as it gave up its fight for dominance with the moon. The black soon came, encasing its half of the world like a silk blanket, the stars pierced the night sky, weak compared to the huge glittering orb which was the moon. Billie's driving slowed and I got out, snuggling into my fleecy sweater, providing a soft, warm shield against the freezing wind that howled woefully, whipping my hair back, its icy fingers scratching at my cheeks desperately. Snow crunched under my feet as I traded sides with Billie. He sauntered past me in a pair of skiines and a skimpy top, heat radiating from every pore of his skin...lucky bastard. I got behind the wheel, miserable and exhausted. I hadn't drank since we left. There wasn't anytime. We barely spent the night anywhere in case we are discovered and somebody recognises us: our 'Deaths' were all over the news headlines. I kiced the van into drive and we set off down the road, tyres struggling to keep a grip on the icy tarmac which slowed us down a fair bit. I watched Billie curl up in his seat, asleep within seconds of hitting the soft leather interior. I sighed again, weary. James smiled up at me, his sharp green eyes sympathetic as he read my thoughts. "Don't worry." He chirped, "We'll be there soon. Just another hour up the road, honest. I'll give you something for your thirst then." I smiled, James was a good kid. Different and perculiar sometimes... But who was I to judge? "Thanks kiddo." I replied, my teeth chattering slightly. "Why don't you get some sleep? I can take it from here."

Almost immeadietly, the small boy fell into a deep slumber, snuggling up to Billie for heat. I turned my attention back to the road before me, glancing in the wing mirror to confirm that Ray, Bob and Alexia were following in Bob's car. Me and Mikey had sold our car yesterday for a generous amount of money that could last us the rest of the year, possibly longer.

There were light snores creeping from the back of our van. I looked in the rearveiw mirror. Mikey and Frank were sound asleep, a thick blanket wrapped around them both as they shared their bodywarmth in a desperate attempt for heat in the low temperature conditions. I surpressed a giggle, if only I had my camera... I got to the end of the road after another hour of non stop driving.

An old, abandoned building stood practically in the middle of nowhere. Completely inconspicious, in the sight of any passer by, but in such disrepair only a fool would dare enter.

I parked the van round the back of the crumbling excuse for a warehouse, Bob following suit. I shook James awake and he jumped in surprise, waking Billie up as well. "Don't do that! You frightened me!" He pouted, his bottom lip jutting out slightly as he crossed his arms moodily. Billie, still half awake mumbled something about cheese and cupcakes before shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, staring around blearily. I started to chuckle and he furrowed his brow, his luminous green eyes searching curiously, "What you laughin' at?" he grumbled. I shook my head and pushed down the fit of laughter raging in my stomach. "Oh. Nothing, Billie. Just forget about it." Billie harrumphed slightly as he looked outside, rubbing at the condensated glass for a better view. He squinted, jerking into a yawn, stretching his arms out in front of him like a dog. "Where are we?" He asked. I shrugged,
"I dunno... James?" I wondered quizzingly, "I can't help but ask where we actually are..." James clambered over Billies lap, opened the door then hopped out saying, "We're home of couse, Gerard!" He rolled his eyes as if he couldn't believe that I had asked such a stupid question. He jigged on the spot, trying to keep his body warm. I looked at my palms, remembering the amount of splinters that littered them. At least the sub-degree temperatures numbed the pain; the only good thing to have come out of the weather so far.

We all got out; Ray, Bob, Billie, James, Alexia, Frank, Mikey and I. We made our way toward the slowly deteriorating warehouse. James and Alexia punched a code into a number lock that was attached to the side of the doorway. The doors hissed as they opened like a pit of angered rattlesnakes. Alexia hit the lightswitch and the rows of bulbs hummed as they slowly juddered into life.

Cobwebs littered the hallway, hanging delicately off the upturned receptionists desk and decorated the walls and ceiling with intricate patterns. Frank cringed slightly as an arachnid made its way long the dusty floor, scurrying over his shoe in the process. He took deep breaths between panicked whispers of, "It's not gonna eat me. It's more scared of you than you are of it..." He was doing pretty well until it started to crawl up his skinnies. He shrieked, batting at the poor creature with frightened hands, "Get it off! Get it OFF! It's gonna fucking eat meeeeee!"
Ray sighed impatiently as I bent down, scooping the little spider off his knee before releasing it into a cobweb infested corner. Frank was still shreiking, "Kill it, Gerard! Stamp on the little shit before it comes back to get me!" I rolled my eyes. For a kid who could watch practically every horror movie thrown at him, he sure was a massive arachnaphobic. But who was I to comment and mock? I was shit scared of needles and anything sharp and I was supposedly and emo at school.
I pretended to stamp on it with my foot, my shoe striking and squishing the imagenary spider. "There." I said, shuffling my shoe as if I were wiping it free of a dead spider carcass. "It's gone, Frank. The spider ain't gonna eat you now." Frank sighed in relief and stopped shaking. After a few minutes we carried on our way and I realised we were descending down floors upon floors.

"James? Where are we going?"
"Basement." he muttered as his fingers closed around the handle of a heavy metal door. "Frank, there's someone you have to meet. She's gonna help you with your gift." Frank noddded as we made our way down the steps. Our footsteps echoed as we slunk down the stairs, making me anxious. Water dripped down the walls and ceiling, soaking my shirt as droplets plummeted, striking my shoulders and dribbling down my neck and causing me to shudder. The air was damp and moist, it smelt funny too.

Dust hung in the air lazily and we started to cough as we reached the end of the stairs. A small glow caught my attention as we walked through the hallway, puddles splashing under my feet and soaking my converse. I dithered from the cold and my teeth chattered. This place felt dark and mysterious; almost foreboding. It made me want to run, lash out, scream and hide. We reached the end of the hall and burst into a massive chamber. Rats scurried from our sudden presence, heading for the shadows where the candle glow could not reach.

"I've been waiting for you, Frank." A sing song voice erupted from nowhere. I tore my gaze from the rat's hiding place to see a teenager sitting on a worn rug in the middle of the room. I swear she wasn't there a second ago. I looked at her with scrutinising eyes. She had pale skin from the lack of daylight, her face hidden by dark brown hair with subtle red highlights. Silver and red scars littered her arms and neck, some were slashes, some were teeth marks. She shifted into a kneeling position and beckoned Frank forward with a carefully painted and filed nail. She coaxed him over. His footsteps were weary, as if he were scared she would devour him. She giggled slightly at Frank's terrified and stiff movements, her laugh like a thousand windchimes blowing gentley in a slight breeze. She patted the space in front of her. "Sit here, Frank, let me get a good look at you." Frank knelt before her. She pulled her fringe back, revealing her pixie-like face. She had a sharp little button nose, ruby lips, high pronounced cheek bones much like mine and huge blue green eyes that looked as if they had seen centuries. She took Frank's face gentley in her small, petite hands, scanning his face. She closed her eyes and Frank froze, stiffening in her grip as she read his mind, every single chapter of his life. She opened her eyes, excitement beyond compare dancing within them.

"James my sweet." She smiled, her voice melodic and she flashed a row of pearly white teeth. "This is him. This is the one..."
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