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Chapter 5

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Mariana moved away from Gerard and sat herself down on the leather chair next to the desk, her eyes swivelled round the room searching for something to gaze on whilst she tried to still her busy mind. She had kissed a man. A grown man. She hadn't even kissed someone her age before, infact, he was her first kiss. Her first was nothing like she had day dreamed for it to be, she wanted it to be in the rain or in a concert or something romantic and sweet. Not in her study with a phsychotic Tutor.
A sigh escaped her plump pink lips as she focused on the turquoise and emerald green globe on the desk, she aimlessly scanned the countries neatly printed onto the sphere as her spinning mind slowed down to a hault.
The sound of shoes hitting plush carpet filled her ears as Gerard walked towards her. He span the chair to face him and place one hand on each handle, holding it still. He leant forward ever so slightly and watched Mariana.
She shifted under his stare and looked at her feet awkwardly, there was something about him that made her feel vulnerable, like a cat watching a helpless mouse.
"Runaway with me, please." He whispered as he gently stroked a strand of her hair from her face, only for it to fall back down as soon as his hand moved away.
Mariana turned her head, away from his touch.
"Why should I ? We kissed, but that doesn't mean anything." She muttered uneasily.
"But it was so much more than that, I haven't kissed anyone like that before." He replied calmly.
Gerard leaned even closer to Mariana so his forehead was pressing against hers.
"Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind ?" He whispered.
She shook her head vigourously as a light knock echoed from the study door.
"Mr.Way ? Mariana ? I have some papers you need to fill!" Mariana's mother called. She sighed with relief before opening the door.
"Hey, " She smiled, "Can I go now ?"
"No, just stay here, this will only take a few minutes." Her mother replied.
Mariana sighed and shuffled back to the desk and sat herself down on the leather chair as she listened to her mother and Gerard discuss the lesson time tables and contracts.
Finally the chatting died down and the sound of the door closing brought Mariana out of her thoughts.
She raised her head slightly as the sound of the door locking filled her ears.
Mariana kept her stare on the surface of the desk as Gerard walked towards her. He sat infront of her on the desk, cutting off her view of the desk.
Mariana raised her eyes reluctantly to become trapped in Gerard's hazel orbs.
She opened her mouth to speak but soon found her intake of breath cut off by Gerard's lips crashing against her's.
Mariana struggled as Gerard leaned forward, weighing her down. He slipped one hand around her waist, massaging her lower back as his other hand knotted itself in her hair.
Mariana tried and failed to push herself away from him.
A whimper escaped her when the feeling of Gerard's tongue slid across her lips and into her mouth.
Finally he broke free, he leant back and watched her with a grin.
Mariana glared at him, silently seething at him.
"How dare you !" She hissed.
Gerard looked slightly taken back, he propped himself up on the desk.
"What do you mean ? I thought you wanted this ?" He asked with a confused and slightly hurt expression.
"I don't even know you and your just here, expecting me to kiss you and love you and run away with you ! I can't, I just...I just can't." She sighed, running a hand through her hair.
Gerard had a hurt look in his eyes as he kept his gaze to the floor.
"Oh look, it's the end of the lesson - I'll see you tomorrow." He stated casually as he hopped off the desk and gathered his folders. He walked towards the turn, unlocked it and proceeded out of the room.
Mariana sat emotionless on the leather chair, her mind was yet again spinning. She stood up and rushed out of the study and up to her room, slamming the door behind her.
She lay down on her bed and stared at the ceiling, trying her hardest to figure out what was going on.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a light knocking on her door.
It opened slowly to reveal her mother, she was carrying a tray with a meal and drink on.
"Here you go sweetheart." She smiled and she lay the tray on her desk.
Mariana watched as her mother paused for a minute before turning and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her.
Mariana lay back, feeling her eyelids grow heavier, until finally they shut. Locking out all of her thoughts and worries from the outside world.

The beeping of a shrill alarm clock dragged Mariana out of her dreams and into the harsh reality of her life. The cold air nipped at her skin as she stood up and stretched, she walked over to her wardrobe and began to get ready.
Her outfit consisted of her black hair tied up in a pony, an anthrax tee, black ripped skinny jeans and converse socks. She slipped on some eyeliner and walked out of her bedroom door and down into the kitchen.
Mariana was greeted by her mother and father in the kitchen, they smiled warmly as she sat down inbetween them at the table.
"So, your Father and I are going out for the day, we'll be back this evening around...hmm, eight-ish?" She said as she calculated the time in her head.
"So after you've had your tutoring, just make yourself something to eat and we'll be home before you know it." Her Father added with a smile.
Mariana swallowed a large mouthful of orange juice, she was dreading what would happen once her parents left herself and Gerard alone - she already felt vulnerable whilst they were in the same building as them.
The doorbell rang as Mariana's mother, Mrs Delcoa, stood up to answer it.
Muffled welcomes filled her ears as her mother lead the physcho further and further into their home.
Mrs Delcoa's voice grew louder as the kitchen door opened.
"..So we'll be going out for the day, which leaves you incharge of the house if that's okay ?" Mrs Delcoa finished off.
Gerard nodded with a serious expression but Marianna could see a look of joy in his eyes.
"Shall we get started Mariana ?" Gerard asked gazing down at her with his piercing hazel eyes. Mariana merely nodded in response as she dragged herself along to the study.
When they finally arrived she opened the door and walked towards the desk. She down on the leather chair and listened to Gerard close the door, this time, he didn't lock it.

There was a soft thud as Gerard placed the folders on the desk and sat down next to Mariana, he pulled out several sheets and placed them inbetween them both.
"Okay so we're gunna learn a bit of shakespeare today. The play I want you to study is called Romeo and Juliet - it's one of the most famous of all the plays ever written nd its one of my faeourites."
Mariana was completely confused, was it just her imagination that Gerard had kissed her yesterday ? Or was it all in her head, like somesort of aftershock from her brother's funeral ? Mariana shook her head slightly as if she were ridding all thoughts of the matter.
"So as you can see here in the tex--"
"Just wanted to let you's know we're popping out now, back around eight or so." Mrs.Delcoa butted in, she waved and closed the door.
Gerard kept quiet until he heard the hum of the motor as her parents drove away.
"Now where were we ?" He asked with a smile.
"Erm you telling me about Romeo and Juliet." Mariana replied looking him straight in the eye.
He chuckled and lightly brushed her cheek with his hand, causing shivers to run up and down her spine.
"No..Not that.." He murmured as he leant forward and began kissing her neck. Mariana froze and jerked backwards, only to be pulled by her wrists back to Gerard.
"Now, now, don't act like you don't want this." He smiled as he crashed his lips against hers.
Mariana struggled against him as he lifted her up and pinned her down on the desk. He pulled at her shirt and began kissing and sucking at her collar bone slowly leading up to her lips were he slid his tongue in causing her to nearly choke.
A scream left her throat as gerard began to pull at her jeans, ripping the zip with such force. Once they were fully removed and a crumpled mess on the floor, Gerard leaned over her - pinning her wrists down aboe her head with one hand.
"P-please, let me go !" Mariana choked out in her sobs.
Gerard shook his head and began kissing her collar bone, lower and lower until he reached her belly button.
Mariana cried, in clear hysterics as she knew what was coming. It was clearly obvious since she was in nothing but her underwear, pinned down on a desk.
She screamed when Gerard began to unbuckle his trouser belt.
"Be quiet, please Mariana." Gerard begged as he pulled off his trousers.
When she refused to obey his askings, Gerard silenced her with a slap to her cheek.
Mariana lay silent, mostly from being stunned at the force of the slap and his actions.
"I'm sorry." He whispered as he towered over her, before she knew it he was inside her.
Mariana sobbed and cried as gerard moaned the quicker his pace got.
Her mouth was beginning to swell from the slap and a small tear of blood trickled down the side of her mouth.
Gerard began to kiss her neck and collar bone whilst she struggled against him. Finally he began to slow down and lay next to her on the desk. He wrapped his arm around her whilst she sobbed. She had been raped. By a monster.
Mariana quickly slipped on her underwear and made a dash for the door, she ran out of the study and down the hallways towards the kitchen. She pulled out a kitchen knife and part ran part crawled up the stairs to her bedroom.
She slid herself into the storeroom cupboard, whilst she sobbed hysterically.
Suddenly her body froze when she heard soft yet heavy footsteps up the stairs.
"Mariana...? " The monster called gently.
Mariana sobbed to herself as she felt her lips and cheek swell up and bruise.
"Mariana...? " The monster called again.

Without warning the cupboard door flew open revealing a twisted looking Gerard.
"Boo." He giggled as he grabbed Mariana's ankles.
He dragged her out whilst she screamed and cried, kicking her legs trying to get him to leave her alone.
There was a clatter behind her as her weapon fell to the floor, just out of her reach.
She began to try and fight against Gerard at an attempt to retrieve her knife. When she realised it was no use she gave in, hysterically crying and grabbing at the carpet and furniture - anything to help her in some form.
A scream ripped through her throat as Gerard picked her up by her waist and threw her onto the bed. He tied her wrists to the head board using his belt and leaned over her.
"You will learn to love me!" He hissed as he pushed himself into her.
He carried on abusing her for what seemed a lifetime. Until finally he slowed down and pulled himself out of her. He untied her belt and lay down on the bed, he kissed her lightly on the lips before drifting off into a deep sleep.
Mariana slowly sat up and climbed out of the bed, she sobbed as she weakly crawled towards the knife. Her hands trembled as she picked it up and held it above her head, she stood up and stepped towards Gerard.
Sje raised her arms above her head and plummeted the knife into his chest with a sickening sound.
Gerard's eyes shot open as he stared at the knife in his chest. He chuckled to himself as he gripped the knife, he pulled it out and threw it on the floor.
"Now, that wasn't very nice was it now Mariana ?" He whispered.
Mariana began to scream and cry as she ran out of the room, she ran down the hallways until she reached the landing.
What happened next seemed to go in slow motion.
Mariana turned to look back behind her, her mind racing. She could see Gerard right behind her smiling away. She picked up her pace as she ran to the stairs, suddenly she tripped on her old rucksack, causing her to flip backwards over the banister and fall down. Down. Down. Down.
Until she hit the wooden floor with a crack.
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