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For those of you waiting to die

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What's so wrong about wanting to live forever?

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“what’s another word for fish lover?” Sarah turned on the spot for the fifth time that night to berate Eva for what she thought was another endless conversation prompted by a ridiculous question. Instead, she was met with a hunched over figure, attentive eyes obscured by the comically large overcoat enveloping a passionate girl slashing furiously at a blank canvas. Sarah checked the watch ticking closer to 8:00 as she stared at it. She stifled a yawn and rubbed tired eyes to near oblivion, cursing a slow night for her lack of energy and witticisms.
“you say something butter churner?” Sarah’ eyes twinkled in amusement at Eva’s disgusted face.
“Just because I draw by candlelight does not,” She stopped in a dramatic fashion, “at all, make me amish. In any century.”
“It’s just the way the milk curdles, barn builder.” Sarah made a mental note to refresh her repertoire of insults as she pushed off the twenty something blankets piled around her as a copy of ‘war and peace’ slid dramatically to the floor, perhaps to catch the attention of the hungry and uncomfortably cold night owl.
“Improvising another of your famous stews?” Sarah’s nod as she stood up caught Eva’s attention as the promise of feed time meant a replenishment of their energy stores and a chance to break a two hour long silence.
Perhaps they had overestimated the quantity of food present in the house at that time, because not even Sarah’s uncanny knack of making something out of irrelevant foodstuffs satisfied the overwhelming and sudden hunger the two youths were tasked with quenching.
“So,” Sarah began as she pulled apart a packet of burrito wraps, “what did you want to ask me?”
“Don’t rattle your tail man, the thought was irrelephant.” Eva paused mid scavenge as Sarah slightly bemused face contemplated the previously noted comments.
“yeah, anything not involved with elephants is irrelephant.” Sarah made a motion of puzzled annoyance. “It’s a t-shirt thing. You wouldn’t understand.”
“What I don’t understand is your desire to make up the most irrelephant-” Eva smirked.
“-irrelevant words to use in your conversations with me. And did you just all me a rattle snake?”
“That I did compadre, I’m surprised such a quick woman such as yourself did not detect my subtle insult.”
“Subtle like your face,” Sarah was irritated that her wit had dried faster that the martini she swigged no less that thirteen minutes ago. A lack of sleep as a result of waiting up for missing companions, accompanied by the poorly thought out shanty of a hideout served one severely off her game Sarah.
“Pardon me, but my face has no-” Eva cut herself short as a jostle of keys and soft footsteps outside the rear door whipped the two girls into a nightmarish silence which enveloped the rest of the household in an absent swell. Any thought of a pair of mismatched friends waiting at the door was dispelled as two unrecognisable voices to the exterior cautioned Sarah to make any sudden movements, less they knock over any furniture in their unfamiliar surroundings. As if summoned by her thoughts, Eva gasped as a lampshade toppled down off its flimsy perch. Sarah launched herself at it, tugging on a loose chord only to send it toppling down in a messy crash which resonating among the bushes outside.
“David? sweetie? Is that you?” At the first syllable the two figures rushed along the tops of the furniture to a swishing curtain, clambering through just in time for the unknowing resident to catch a glimpse of the absence of two very sheepish individuals, chasing the last rays of light reflecting off of the cold, unforgiving stretch of evening streets.


“So if we leave now we can still reach the guys without them getting too worried. It’s almost dark and Sars should be making her roast by now-”
“We’re not going to leave until we get what we came for. It’s this or trawling the streets for another two weeks looking for another dick with half a clue on what we're looking for.”
Chloe shifted her weight uncomfortably from one leg to another, her ‘badass’ stance being overcome by the pure boredom which hassles the tedious task of waiting.
“ah man, that sucks. Well, I guess another day, another way”
“That’s right. Another way. Which is what we said last time.” Lila’s eyes drifted across the hazy atmosphere inside the pub which had seen better days. She spotted a familiar pair of striking green eyes from across the room, careful to not look directly at them as any sign of dominance would ensure fight, and Lila would have felt guilty after watching a beating the gorgeous stranger would have to endure at the hands of the capable and swift Chloe.
Lila did a slow double check of the room, but she was as sure a her lips were curved into a smile. “Gotcha,” Chloe responded and slowly did recon on the room until she was looking straight in Lila’s field of view. She looked down in pure and carefully maintained excitement; as with any meeting, it was sure to end in a form of fighting.
Lila dangerously pushed herself of the flimsy brick wall she was resting on and turned slightly in Chloe’s direction as she sauntered off. “If it looks like there’s going to be trouble, cover me.” The pair understood the art of intimidation and the subtler trait of potential humiliation which would haunt the opposing patron. Whilst Lila was small and agile, Chloe had a look of enraged energy she could access via a natural desire to constantly push the limits of her physical and mental capabilities. As a result, both her and her companions were all round equipped well above their natural limits.
Lila mulled over her strengths and old weaknesses, wondering if they were still there and if people could smell her fear. She made the small mistake of looking back at Chloe, who maintained a comically positive face, accompanied by two peace signs formed by her hands which were squeezing her face into a chubby mess. Lila relaxed and turned to the table in the corner upon which a single stout of alcohol was resting. She observed that the drink was a double malted scotch- an unusual choice given the quality of suburb they were currently in. She had found her man.
“Angels tell me you enjoy playing the french horn in your spare time,” The figure spoke as Lila arrived within earshot. He did not yet look up at her out of pure caution and mistaken identity.
“What person are you to be talking to angels concerning my small pastimes?” The man slowly raised his eyes and smiled only for a second before offering the chair adjacent to his on. Lila remained firmly planted on her feet.
“No thanks William, chairs make me want to start a whole mess of trouble, and I’m sure you don’t want to accommodate me in that aspect.” He looked up in understanding and in one swift motion stood and flipped over the once upright table, sending it sliding violently into the line of vision of one disgruntled patron.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t think i’d notice your guard dog snarling at me Lila,” William stared her down with hungry eyes as Chloe approached in an exaggerated saunter.
“You mind saying that again, fuck-face?” The bar had now gone deathly silent less the town drunks burping quietly in the corner. Chloe’s intention was to draw the altercation away from the growing crowd, eager to move to the assigned alleyway for pub brawls. She was also eager to taste Sarah’s culinary concoction upon arriving to their chosen safe house.
Lila took a step away from Chloe so she was close enough to William to smell what he had had for breakfast.
“Not at all, ladies.” William waved his unwelcome company away dismissively, calmly walking towards the exit and plastering a pleased grin on his perfect face as the unknowing girls trekked across the landing and through the last barrier of secondary protection that night. As soon as Lila’s foot hit the pavement outside, the noise erupted healthily to a calm natter amongst the moonlighting patrons.

A whisk of William’s trimmed coat allowed Chloe to quickly follow behind her prey. Expecting a chase, she was unpleasantly surprised with a cockish William, sans defensive attitude and with a smile so bright he could have made happy hour twice-over.
Chloe came to an abrupt corner as Lila slowly rounded the corner to drink in the sight standing before her.
“ Someone want to explain why we all of a sudden look like we are all friends? I’m just about done with sneaky-sneaky operations behind my back.”
“Don’t say that word,” Chloe was irate at both lila and William, less at their partial deception and more at the lost chance to outrun a former track star.
“Chloe, you and I know you are the worst actress I’ve met.”
“ Thanks for the vote of confidence, ‘friend’.”
“No, see, what Lila is saying is your genuine reaction to me insulting you-I didn’t mean one word of it by the by- was a hell of a lot better than any fabricated emotion puled out of a mediocre hat.”
Chloe was slightly taken aback at Williams apparent human aspect, and sighed in relaxation. “Okay fine, thanks for not telling me then. Object one done. So, Berylliam, where's our information?”
Lila sensed a cocky remark shooting though William’s mind. “Babe, you are looking right at it.”
William threw up his arms in exasperation. “No, genius, I spent the past three months researching the lunatic trying to kill immortals such as Lila to not memorise every aspect of the case.” Chloe cocked her eyebrow successfully in compliance, a sign she was willing to listen to gathered intel.
“So then, what did you find out about our little mass murderer?”
William flashed one of his million dollar smiles and inhaled deeply. “Well, it just so happens your beloved hunter lives right in your vicinity.”
“Guessed that much,” Chloe quipped, receiving a swift knock to the shins for her troubles.
“Indeed. He goes by the name of Mik-” within the millisecond, William’s perfect human form turned to a high quality uncanny valley suit, a near comical amount of blood spurting from his veins. What was left of his neck remained intact with a small, needle like prong jabbed through and through. Chloe and Lila could only watch as their unlikely ally crumpled to the ground in a heap of defiance, defeated by his un cursed genes and preference of open spaces notorious for sniper locations in the old vivid violent era of the 1880's.
“what...” Lila had a blank canvas of emotion hiding the wretched feelings scolded temporarily by shock.
“Come on,” Chloe moved Lila away from the mess on the floor. “we have to move. If that bastard got Will, he’ll try for us. I sure as hell ain’t taking a bullet in the ass.”
The severity of the situation rushed at Lila to a point where she could function normally.
“Shit Chlo. we’ve got to get the fuck out of here.”
Chloe swallowed her harsh remark as she hurried to formulate a plan of escape from an inescapable prison of doubt and witnesses.

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