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ever have those days were everything is just....normal? a nice normal?

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A short little thing. Not much to it. Just a regular, comfortable day. Enjoy, reviews are wonderful. Good or bad :)

It was a regular summers evening. The heat rose off the cement in waves and the sun gave everything a bright orange glow. Nothing significant happened today and it was just a comfortable evening. The gunners were sitting on the curb outside the record store, passing a bottle of jack around. The heat was made bearable by the slight breeze of the air-conditioning wafting out of the store behind them. There sat the aspiring rock gods: slash, axl, duff, izzy, and Steven in that order. “So… you think we’ll ever make it?” asked slash to his band-mates. “I hope so… I mean… were good enough!...right?” replied duff. “Yeah I think so...” replied izzy. It was his turn to drink. “Of course we will! What are you guys fuckin talkin’ about!?” said Steven, the always light spirited soul. “Were DEFINATLEY going to make it.” He said, more sure than the rest. The gunners smiled. “He’s right. And if we doubt ourselves now, were NEVER gonna make it” Said axl. The gunners sat in comfortable silence for a while, the bottle going down inch-by-inch. “Do you think they’re gonna accept us? I mean… you know…the press?” asked slash “hell no babe. They’re gonna try to stop us before we even start” replied axl. “Hehehe, you called him babe…” giggled duff, the jack starting to take effect. That comment sparked a sudden blush in axl’s face. Slash saw and smiled nuzzling the singer’s long, red hair. “Well how are we gonna deal with that?” asked duff. “I guess we don’t… we just do what we love and hope for the best…” replied izzy. “…I guess you’re right” said Steven. “Aren’t I always?” replied izzy, smiling and taking another swig of jack, as the bottle was passed back to him. “Fuck you hahaha” was Stevens reply. Izzy’s smile grew and he kissed Stevens cheek. Steven grinned from ear to ear. “…never any love for duff, huh?” duff mumbled drunkenly. He had already had a bottle of jack today so it wasn’t much help, this bottle. Everyone giggled and axl and izzy hugged duff. Well it’s comfortable, as you can tell. The gunners were content. And that’s all that matters right?
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