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The Counterpoint of Disposition

by evilkat

After his confession, Yoh is unsure where he stands with Fei Long. Set a few days after the end of the Naked Truth arc. Written for the "Yame-nabe" contest on the Fei_love LJ comm.

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A/N: For this contest I had to incorporate the words "African safari, banana split, lithe, Kung Fu, and double penetration" into the story.

The Counterpoint of Disposition

“What are you doing?”

The sudden voice startled Yoh out of his thoughts. The spoon he had been holding clattered to the tabletop as he jumped to his feet. This was the first time Fei Long had been out of his chambers since returning from Mikhail’s yacht three days earlier. The other man was dressed in one of his many silk changshans, with black dragons swirling about on a sky of Mandarin orange and crimson. The colors reminded Yoh of an African safari and a sun setting over the savannah. “Fei Long-sama…I was just…”

“What are you eating?” The Baishe leader took two steps towards his subordinate to get a closer look at the dish, but stayed far enough away to maintain a deliberate distance.

Embarrassed, Yoh kept his eyes down. “It’s a banana split.” Fei Long’s silence prompted him to take a quick glance at the other’s puzzled expression. “It’s made with ice cream, bananas, and hot fudge sauce,” he continued even though he had not been asked to. “Tao likes them.”

Fei Long made an amused snort at the mention of his ward’s name. The boy had a notorious sweet tooth. The two men fell into an extremely uncomfortable silence. Yoh could feel eyes burning into the top of his head, but he dared not risk offending the other man by making eye contact. He knew his standing at the moment was tenuous at best.

“So, I came down here for a midnight snack and I find you still indulging in my hospitality,” Fei Long said at last. The words slicing through the awkwardness like a razor. The tone carried the casual cruelness the long-haired man was a master of.

It took every ounce of strength Yoh had to not rise to the bait. If this was to be his only chance to work out his feelings with the other man, he was going to have stand his ground and fight. “I have not been asked to leave yet,” he countered with. He raised his head and met smoky-grey eyes full on. “If you wanted me gone, you would have seen to that days ago when I gave you the opportunity.”

Fei Long’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Do not presume to think that just because you still walk this Earth that I reciprocate the feelings you so foolishly confessed to me. I have killed men for less.”

“Then why am I still here?”

Yoh waited a few heartbeats for an answer and when none came, he moved around the table and closed the distance between the two of them in a few, quick strides. Fei Long did not move, but there was a slight note of surprise on his features. Yoh was usually not so bold.

“Why, Fei Long-sama?” he repeated. When an answer did not come a second time, he knew that he was right. Fei Long felt something too. Of course, the 9mm that was pressed into his temple begged to differ. His brain had not registered the other man’s movement until it was all over.

“You do not get to question me, Yoh,” Fei Long growled, pressing the gun in a little harder to emphasize his point. “Your very presence here has been nothing but a lie since the very beginning. You betrayed my trust. You lied to me—“

“I only lied about being Asami’s informant,” Yoh interrupted. “I have always acted with your best interest in mind…always.”

“Shut up! How can you expect me to believe anything you say?”

“Because you know it’s the truth,” he replied calmly.

Fei Long clenched his jaw as an immediate reaction, but after a few moments his expression changed. A faint smirk curled at the corner of his mouth. “Because you have become captivated by me, were your words if I recall correctly.”

Yoh didn’t like where this was heading. The tone was all wrong. He had witness the other man’s condescension when dealing with the more unpleasant duties of an underworld boss, but to be on the receiving end this time around was way more frightening.

“You told me that if you were to die,” Fei Long continued, “That it should be by my hand, yes?”

Yoh stared into the other man’s eyes. They were so bright in their intensity and focus. If this was to be the last vision he saw, then the beautiful face before him was all he could have asked for. “Yes, Fei Long-sama,” he replied softly. “I have betrayed your trust, I will not hide that fact, but I would never seek to hurt you further by being dishonest about the feelings I have for you. My life is in your hands. Do what you will.”

The silence seemed to stretch on for a hundred years, yet neither man’s gaze broke. “You are a fool, Yoh,” Fei Long said at last. “But I guess that makes me one as well.”

Before he could process the words that had been spoken, a strong hand grasped the back of his head and pulled him down into a searing kiss. Yoh’s mind ceased functioning and he idly wondered if he was dead and never heard the gunshot.

When they finally separated, he stared at the other man, confused. That was certainly not what Yoh had expected to happen. Sure, he had dreamed up scenarios when he let his mind drift, but reality was always way more intense and unexpected.

“You were all I have been thinking about these past few days,” Fei Long said softly, still slightly winded from the kiss. “Every time I would try to think about something else, my mind always came back to you. Why? Why do you fascinate me so? Up until now, everything…everyone I wanted, I took. You came to me willingly.”

It was a rarity to see the leader of the Baishe so vulnerable. Even as his right hand, Yoh could only recall times numbering in the single digits.

Fei Long continued to speak; his tone was no longer hostile, it was almost whimsical. “I do not think I know how to love. I have never had success when it came to that. Even the love for my own father seems hollow these days. You will probably come to regret your decision, but until then are you willing to take this decent into madness with me?”

“Fei Long-sama,” was all Yoh could manage to say. His voice was as breathless as the wind. He slid his arms behind the other man and crushed their bodies together with all his strength. His mouth captured the other’s lips and devoured as though he were starving. His hands ran all over Fei Long’s back, practically clawing through clothing. He needed to be inside.

Fei Long answered in kind. He all but ripped the tie from around Yoh’s neck and in one swift motion had the black suit jacket off and tossed aside. The gun holster hit the floor with a dull thud a few moments later. The two men broke apart once again when the need for air caused them to, but it was only long enough for each to remove their own shirt. The two came crashing back together; the heat from the skin on skin contact was intoxicating.

Yoh pulled them down to the floor and as if on instinct, Fei Long was in his lap straddling his hips as he leaned against the cabinets. If there was any doubt in his mind as to the other man’s willingness, it all went away the second their cocks came into contact. The friction was maddening.

“I need you…” he whispered as his reached down to lightly take hold of Fei Long’s erection through the silk pants. The other man’s body shivered at his ministrations and ground himself down onto Yoh a little harder than before. He was ripe for the picking. “We need something to ease the way.”

“Oil…on the counter,” Fei Long moaned. His eyes were glassy with pleasure.

Careful not to disengage their bodies, Yoh slipped his arm around Fei Long’s lower back to keep him from falling back onto the cold tiles of the kitchen floor and blindly reached back to counter for one of the decorative bottles of cooking oil. He succeeded in knocking everything over before his hand came into contact with what it was searching for.

“Give it to me.” Fei Long slithered out of his embrace and while kneeling, managed to remove his pants while still straddling his subordinate. He took the bottle and poured the oil carelessly over his hand, spilling some on Yoh’s stomach. He then reached back and began to prepare himself.

Yoh brushed the long black hair aside and trailed his tongue down the side of Fei Long’s neck and then down his collar bone while he waited. His patience was tested by the soft moans and gasps, but he held fast and caressed the other man as best he could. It was important that Fei Long be relaxed or else neither one of them would enjoy this experience.

“Now,” Fei Long gasped into Yoh’s ear as oil-clad fingers encircled his manhood.

Yoh sat up a little to give the other man better leverage and he helped guide him down onto his raging hard-on. There was resistance at first, but then he was suddenly inside. Fei Long swallowed him down to the root with a choked cry. He immediately feared that he hurt his partner and tried to sit up, but Fei Long settled a long-fingered hand on his chest to stop him. Then slowly, he began to move up and down and Yoh no longer feared- or cared about much after that.

The pace Fei Long set was break-neck. This was no tender love making session. He rode Yoh with wild abandon, his fingers digging into the other’s shoulders for purchase, his back arched like a longbow. Yoh ran his hands all over that amazing body. Fei Long was a Kung Fu master; he was as lithe and as powerful as a cheetah. He finally settled his grip on both firm ass cheeks as he did his best to help the other man ride him.

This was really happening. He was really fucking Fei Long right here on the kitchen floor. His body was still battered and bruised from his recent beating at the hands of his fellow bodyguards, but in this moment he felt no pain. He slid his fingers down into Fei Long’s ass crack so he could feel where they were joined, feel where his cock was spreading the other man wide. He rubbed his index finger around the taught muscle briefly before pushing it inside next to his cock as he worked himself in and out.

Fei Long’s eye shot open and his mouth was wide in a near-silent scream. The double penetration had taken him by surprise. His movement became more erratic and jerking. “Ah, yes…” he gasped.

Yoh knew that the other man had to be close. He wasn’t far off the mark himself. The warmth and the tightness were becoming too much and he wanted to hold on for as long as possible, but the pent up energy within both men was not without its limits. Hard, rhythmic contractions around the base of his dick signaled the end. Fei Long reached in-between them to pump his cock a few times before ejaculating all over Yoh’s stomach muscles. He, in turn, grabbed onto the other’s slim hips with bruising strength and held him down as he rammed himself up into that unending heat once…twice…before finally emptying into the other man.

His head fell back against the cabinet door as he tried to catch his breath. Fei Long slowly stood and disengaged himself. Yoh mourned the loss immediately. His momentary euphoria quickly turned into despair as his- lover? -kept his back to him as he began to get dressed and make himself look somewhat presentable. What should he say to the other man? What happens now? If he was supposed to assume anything from the other’s body language, it would appear Fei Long was regretting what had just happened. Perhaps the bullet to the head wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Once he was dressed, Fei Long finally turned to face him. “Next time, Yoh,” he said as he smoothed the front of his shirt, “don’t come inside me. I need to attend to some business and I don’t have time for a shower.”

Despite his best effort not to, a smirk curled the corner of his mouth. “Yes, Fei Long-sama.”


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