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All my poems (Re-written)

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ALL my poems bunged into one post right here i have Re-written all but one. Please R&R them i would really love that :)) Freard, Gerbert and Frankie poems :)) xxx

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A/N: Heyyy guys I have decided to place all my poems in this one post, these are just all my poems that I have done I’m not sure about my poetry I have only recently started and am not that great at them but my friends have just got me into them so I thought I would post them here to see what you think. I really hope you enjoy them if you can lol XD I’m not quite sure about the ways of poetry and I probably need a lot of work but still it would be really nice to have some R&RS so please it would really mean a lot and doesn’t take that long :))

[*A/N: Heyyyy guys :) I think this is my first ever poem i have done so be nice.
it's done in Gerard's POV about dear Frankiekins hehe it's kinda cute so i hope you like it please R&R it would make me soooo happy :D

Because you siad them three little words

I see you there, out the corner of my eye.
I see you there, and i cannot lie.
I see you there, sitting at the back of the class.
I see you there, wishing this hour would pass.

You see me here, as my nerves come over.
You see me here, just wishing you could come closer.
You see me here, with my cheecks turning red.
You see me here, just getting over what you said.

Those words you said to me were not spoken long ago.
And they will be returned with the actions i will show.
Your the one i want who can fill all my needs.
I know your the one because your in all my dreams .

I never thought i'd see the day that you Frank Iero would be with me.
It's exactly what i'v always wanted and i can't wait for our journy.

Beacuse those three little words was what i really wanted to hear.
They were 'I love you' that you whispered so perfectly in my ear.

A/N: It's not great, it's not fantastic it's just a lil poem i made up. I'm not a biggy for poems but i have done this a while back. So decided to put it up here :)
still feedback would be very much apriciated pleaseeeee will love you all if you do :)
so pleaseeee R&R
xx coz

Summary - Gerbert style. It's sad and there is character death :/ sorry. This is in Bert’s POV please R&R
xx coz

So far away, yet so near

I set off to work in the morning, and can’t wait until the afternoon.
While I’m working I think about you, and am happy as I’ll be home very soon.

Everyday working hour I wish time would pass, as I always look forward to the evening.
When I get hope I know you’ll be waiting for me, as your beautiful face is what I’ll be seeing.

Our bodies would mingle so perfectly together, and our lips would collide in a blissful kiss.
Butterflies erupt no matter how many times, and sparks would fly as we continue this.

As I think of the nights we have spent together, I drive a little quicker so I can see you.
When I reach our home memories come floating back, as I remember what we’ve been through.

I finally am in the warmth sanctuary of my house, but there’s no one within as there’s never anyone home.
Because you couldn't take it, as I saw you laying there, in your pool of blood, leaving me all alone.
When I’m at work I somehow think your home, but I remember that dreadful night like it was only yesterday.
I know that you’re gone but it’s hard for me to admit, but you will always be with me even though you’re far away.

A/N: I really hope you liked it, I don't know why I decided to do a sad one with Gerard dying XD but why not lol if you like this please R&R
xxx coz

A/N: Another one of my poems there no so good but I have written them so might aswell post them. Hope you like this :) and I really would love it if you could R&R :) I love reviews so it would be nice to get some more :)

Summary – Frerard poem. Frankie wants Gerard to run away with him. Simples :D

Run away with me

Come with me because I know they’re going to get you.
Run with me otherwise you’ll never be the same.
Come with me, as I know exactly what there'll do.
Run with me and I’ll make sure to keep you sane.

See with me all the bright stars that come out at night.
Be with me and I’m sure there will be no more fuss.
See with me all these beautiful things in sight.
Be with me as it can just be the two of us.

I want you so badly to be my Gee.
So Grab my hand and hold it tight.
I’ll be here to be your Frankie.
So run away with me into the night.


A/N: meeehhhh it's not brill but it's just something I worked in maths out of boredom it still would be lovely for some rates and reviews if you would be sooooo kind to XD
xx coz

A/N: Last poem, this one is my least favourite, but I will still put it up here anyway so please R&R.
Summary = one of my poems it’s a vampire one and Frankie is out on a hunt cuz he's baaad to the bone xxx pleaseeee R&R

She was a very nice and sweet child.
Who was happy and content in her own home.
She had lots of imagination and went wild.
Until she saw something, she didn't own.
She looked a little closer and that’s when she screamed.
She jumped up and down and then she fell.
It was Frank Iero she saw unreal it seemed.
Then he picked her back up and said, "I'll make you well."
He took her to her room so they could do some more.
Where unusual screams and noises were made until no other word.
Then he came out covered in blood that fell to the floor.
And then gave a little smirk Until no noise was heard.
You see Franks a vampire who has to survive.
So you better be aware children or you wants stay alive.


A/N: So there you go, all my poems there I will probably not do anymore, I don’t really like poetry that much I prefere writing and I think I excel at that more :) anyhow, please R&R tell me which one you like the most and so forth. OH and be sure to check out my stories and one shots. The tory I am doing now is ‘Happiness or Misery?’ it’s doing well so check it out if you want here is the link.
"Happiness or misery?":
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thanks :) choawwi chaz xx
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