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Chapter Twelve

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Gerard is having problems with daydreams...

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Chapter Twelve

Gerard’s point of view:

After the slightly the slightly overwhelming realisation of the afternoon, it feels wonderfully calm and peaceful to just sit in the familiar, cluttered, semi-dark of my room, listening to nothing but the heavy punk rock noise of AMEN and the lashing rain against the jet black window pane as my bedside clock ticks closer to midnight.
I actually attempted researching facts on the internet for my English fair-trade essay, but as usual, got distracted; only this time it wasn’t by the song blasting out of my stereo, or someone trying to chat to me online, it was a daydream. A daydream involving a certain someone with heavy lidded, spiky lashed intensely greeny-russet eyes, a love for the misfits and a lopsided grin.
I glance at the time on my laptop screen and realise I’ve been living in the land of daydreams for nearly half and hour, re-living the dreamlike hour I spent in the park this afternoon with Frank Iero; talking, living, being ourselves, as golden russet leaves rained down around us.
There’s no point what so ever in denying it anymore; I just can’t get him out of my thoughts- the adorable way he bites his lip when he’s trying not to laugh, how enthusiastic he is about the Misfits, how he hides behind his hair when he’s embarrassed, the way his golden eyes seem to light up when he’s talking about the things that matter to him and how they lost the deadened look that seems to haunt him all the time in school. I can’t stop remembering the feeling of his hand on mine, the tingling sensation that skittered down my spine and-
I jump and look over at the screen of my laptop.
CrazyCat228: hey my little coffee obsessed bloodsucker :P how was your day??

Oh god. I’m really gunna have to tell her…I need to tell someone anyway, I guess, or I’ll go crazy. Well, more than I already am anyway, which is a lot, and I don’t really want to loose the remainder of my sanity.

CoffeeAddict13: hey, yeah it was good thanks. You?
CrazyCat228: faints that’s the second time this week you haven’t said your day was utter shit…WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH GERARD WAY?!
CoffeeAddict13: oh ha ha. No, I’ve been hanging out with some new people.
CrazyCat228: okay, SERIOUSLY, who are you and what have you done with my best friend?! This is just scary…
CoffeeAddict13: hey! Is it really that hard to believe people don’t seem to mind my company?!
CrazyCat228: ummm….xD
CoffeeAddict13: O: I’m hurt!
CrazyCat228:no, it’s just hard to believe you actually took my advice and talked to people- usually you’re so fucking stubborn!
CoffeeAddict13: well, I didn’t exactly take your advice- it just kinda…happened.
CrazyCat228: so who have you been hanging out with then?
CoffeeAddict13: remember Bee, the new girl I told you about? Well yeah, her. she’s really nice.Oh, and Mikey’s still drooling over her haha!
CrazyCat228: awesome :)
CoffeeAddict13: and, um, Frank Iero…he’s in my biology class and we sometimes talk online. His friends don’t like me though, but it’s okay because I hate them too. Dickheads. Actually, I don’t think he likes them either, but they’re pretty scary- you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them :/
CrazyCat228: so what’s he like? Is he cute?? ;)
CoffeeAddict13: umm…Cat? I think I need to tell you something.
CrazyCat228: sure, what’s up?
CoffeeAddcit13: I think I might be…um….gay…
CrazyCat228: no shit, Sherlock.
CoffeeAddict13: huh?!
CrazyCat228: lol never mind. Are you okay about it? I’m guessing something happened to finally make you realise?
CoffeeAddict13: what do you mean, finally? You can’t have known I was gay before I did!
CrazyCat228: aw, c’mon Gee, it was soooooo obvious :P but anyways, what happened to make you realise this?
CoffeeAddict13: Frank.
CrazyCAt228: ??
CoffeeAddict13: I mean, just spending time with him was so awesome- we got on really well and there’s like, electricity or something between us, and after we hung out today, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing he is, or how gorgeous he is, and I know it’s crazy cus I hardly know him and I’m sure he’s not…gay, but, yeah…HE WON’T GET OUTTA MY FUCKING HEAD!!
CrazyCat228: awww, Gee! You’ve got it bad :P

I realise just how bad I’ve got it, later that night as I’m lying in my bed, tossing and turning in the dark, trying to block out thoughts of a certain someone who goes by the screen name of !FreakyFrankie! and I realise something that is quite frankly, terrifying.
I’m looking forward to biology.

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