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Why Gerard cried during the movie Bridge To Terabithia. Could be taken as friendship, but Frerard is heavily implied. Oneshot.

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A/N: I was watching an interview where Gerard Way stated he cried during the movie Bridge to Terabithia. Later I remembered something about the movie that was kind of Frerard-ish and I decided to write a fic about it. So here ya go. Spoilers for the movie Bridge To Terabithia ahead. I promise no one dies this time. :p


Frank yawned. God that movie had been boring. The credits to Bridge To Terabithia were now rolling and Frank couldn't wait to go home. Whose idea was it to see this stupid film anyway? Oh yeah, Mikey. Frank took a mental note to kick his ass later. Mikey was getting up to leave and Frank peered at Gerard. He was curled into a ball in the corner of his chair. Must've fallen asleep. It was a wonder Frank didn't. Frank tried to shake Gee awake.

"C'mon Gerard, the snooze fest is over, we're going home now."

"It was NOT a snooze fest!", Mikey retorted defensively, "I thought it was really good!"

"Sure, if you're like 12. Lets go Gerard!", Frank poked at Gee once again. It was then that Frank heard somewhat of a sobbing noise.

"Gerard?", Frank inquired. He pried Gee's face from the ball he had curled himself into. His eyes were all puffy and bloodshot, and his face was quite damp. Gerard was crying. Frank and Mikey exchanged glances and Mikey shrugged.

"Gee, what's wrong?", Frank asked.

"Nothing! Nothing is wrong! Let's just go.", Gerard snapped before quickly grabbing his stuff and stomping out of the theatre, leaving a very confused Mikey and Frank.


"Tell me why you were crying."

"I wasn't."

"Yes, you were! I saw it with my own eyes! You were crying!"

"Oh my god, Frank! Will you PLEASE just drop it?"


Gerard let out an exasperated sigh. They were back at the tour bus and they had a show the next day. He just wanted to go to sleep, but Frank kept inquiring about something he was far from willing to talk about.

After a bit more prodding Frank finally gave up. He realized Gerard was just too damn stubborn. Maybe it was something about Eliza, Frank thought, as he went to go watch the others play video games. He thought he had noticed them growing apart lately. Although he felt hurt Gerard didn't seem willing to talk things over with him. He thought they were best friends, and best friends talk about things like that. He sighed loudly as he plopped himself down on a beanbag chair next to Mikey.

"What's up dude?", Mikey asked while not taking his eyes off the tv.

"I can't figure out what the fuck is wrong with your brother." Frank replied dully.

"Oh, you mean the crying thing?" Mikey suddenly smirked, "I know why he was crying."

"You do?", Frank perked up, "Well what is it?"

"Isn't it kinda obvious dude?"

Frank crossed his arms defensively, "Well apparently not for me."

Mikey rolled his eyes, "It's because of you."

"What?!? What did I do?!", Frank was even more confused than before. He heard Ray snicker a little bit.

"I can't believe I have to spell this out for you... Before the girl dies oh-so-tragically in the movie, what does Jesse give her?"

Frank thought for a moment, "...a dog.", he remembers.

"Right. Because she loves dogs. And what does she give him?"

"...An art set."

"Right! Because he's a talented artist. Does any of that sound familiar?"

There was a long moment of silence before Frank suddenly yelled out an "OH!" of realization. Ray couldn't stop laughing.


Later that night, Frank went over to Gerard who was curled up in his bunk bed, although clearly wide awake.

"Hey.", Frank hovered over him.

"Hey." Gerard said back, his eyes bloodshot.

"You okay?", Frank asked.

"Not really. Just had another fight with Eliza.", Gee replied with a sniffle.

"Fuck, I'm sorry dude.", and Frank truly meant it. "TV room is empty, wanna go watch Dawn of The Dead?"

Gerard smiled, "I'd like that."

And so Gerard and Frank spent the rest of the night curled up on the bus' couch, eating microwave popcorn among other assortments of junk food. Frank thought better of bringing up the reasons for Gee's tearful reaction in the theater. Right now, he just wanted him to feel okay again. As zombies feasted on human flesh, and Gerard nestled himself into Frank's arms, they both silently agreed that this was indeed much better.

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