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Shades and snatchers

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Frank's POV.

"Frank! Hurry up!"

I sighed, butterflies in my stomach and a nwevous sweat invaded my palms. I sat in the hotel's En Suite, curled up in the jacoozie sort of thing with my head in my hands. I didn't want to go so soon; we had only been here a week and I hated all this constant moving aruond business.

But we had to leave, the prophecy had to be fulfilled soon. Jodie wouldn't explain why and whenever I came asking she simply batted me away and had me run on an errand. She had told Gerard of course, considering he was my mind-partner. This was so unfair. I had tried probing his mind but he would sense me and shoo me far away from him as possie. I even pinned him against a wall and demand that he tell me...that only resulted in a smack around the back of the head from Jodie.

What was it they were hiding from me?

I had gotten so stressed sometimes that I would cause objects to fling themselves across rooms. My latest missile- a heavy wooden chair- had cost Billie a black eye that blossomed a deep inky purple around his green eyes. I was destined to die wasn't I? That's why they won't tell me! Oh God, I'm gonna- No. Keep it together Frank. Stay cool, we don't need another one of your 'moments' do we?...BUT WHY WON'T THEY TELL ME?!

I slammed a clenched fist into the tiled wall. All the working out with Jodie had made me ten times stronger. I was literally just muscle. The pottery slabs cracked, shattering under the impact. I got angry, my fustration flooding across the room. The invisible force ripped bottles from their shelves, smashing them on the floor, and cabinet doors swung open then slammed shut loudly, over and over repeatedly as I screamed it all out. The bathroom door's handle was pumped vigourously, the person on the other side banged the wood as well. Suddenly, the door was smashed and Billie barged in, eyes widening as he surveyed the scene. I carried on wailing, pounding my feet against the side of the tub like an infant would.

A second figure burst into the room,
"FRANK!" He exclaimed, shooting over to me as he dodged the constantly falling objects. He grabbed either side of my face in his warm hands.
"Frank, calm. It's me. It's Gerard. You're safe now, shhhh, calm..." He whispered soothingly, his thumbs rubbing small circles like Jodie had taught him to. He kept a steady eye contact, his emerald eyes boring into mine, the three red scars glowing an angry scarlet over the left side of his face.

I searched into his mind to find his picture of calm; wild Pansies - my favourite flower. The objects stopped flying and remained suspended in mid-air. I managed to stop yelling,
"Gerard." I breathed.

Gerard's POV.

This was the worst I had ever seen my best friend. He was shaking, violent movements rocking his body like a puppet on a string as I ran over to him, dodging the numerous amounts of flying bottles that whizzed past my head. I had to reach him fast, before he really lost it.

Terrible screams were erupting from his mouth like a thousand provoked hornets. I did like Jodie had taight me. I told him to stay calm and inforned him of who I was, incase his mind had blanked that information out. I grabbed his face and kept a steady hold of his eyes with mine whilst I let my thumbs rub little circles on his temples. I conjured up a scene of calm for him in my head. I found my wild pansies image helped to relax him more so I let the pictur flow into my mind. I felt his familiar, cold touch as he linked with me. I fed him the picture of the pansies, relief swept through me as he stopped writhing and yelling, relaxing as he found the image. He looked up at me with terrified tawny brown iris's, my three ugly, red scars reflecting in them.

"Gerard." He mumbled. I sighed and pulled him into a hug, he was dithering and soaked in sweat.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" I scoled, patting his back slightly. His clothes clung to his clammy skin. Together, me and Billie took him under the arms and pulled him to his feet. He wobbled slightly before regaining his balance. We sat him on the couch in the other room, his skin was pale and he fell into a deep slumber as soon as his head hit the cushions. Billie came back with a thick blanket and placed it over the lightly snoozing Frank.

"I'm going to ring Jodie, she has to know what happened." Billie flipped out his cell phone and wandered off into the kitchen. I slumped to the carpet, propping up my back on the edge of the couch. I was exhausted. I hated it when Frank was like this, it made me worry myself sick. I watched him as he lay there limply, sunk into the soft, fluffy pillows. His chest rose and fell rapidly, a sheen of sweat on his forehead and he twitched as he dreamt.

I felt unbelievably bad; this was my fault after all. I really badly wanted to tell him what Jodie had revealed to me but I couldn't. It would only scare him even more.

You see, there are these people after Frank...well, to be honest, they're not really people but...Oh, I dunno...Things? Yeah, that would be a good way to describe them.
Jodie had called them the 'Shades'. I remembered how she had cringed when the name passed her lips.
"Shades," She had said, "Are trapped spirits. And most dark spirits at that. They've roamed the world for centuries, usually keeping themselves to themselves. They are Necromancers; Using the power of death as their magic and weapons.
" They accquire apprentices sometimes, these are called Snatchers. Snatchers are mortal humans that have sold their souls to the Darkness. They are hard to kill, but not indestructable, hence why it took some time took kill Jack."

"Jack was a Snatcher?!" I had shrieked. She simply nodded in reply,

"Yes, but Jack was a young Snatcher and therefore a lot weaker. Fully fleged Snatchers are a hell of a lot more tougher than Jack was.
"Gerard, you must understand that Frank is the 'One'. He has to figure all this out on his own, if not, his telepathy could go haywire and there will be no telling what he would do. You have to keep this from him. Promise me?" She had held out her palm. I hesitated to shake it, there was something not quite right.

"Jodie? Why do they want Franl? What makes him so special?" Jodie sighed and lowered her arm before answering me,

"Frank is more than your average vampire. His blood is sacred; A mixture bof vampire and telepathy as well as telekinetics. This mix can be extremely dangerous and destructive if provoked correctly, this is why the Shades want him.
" Using this information about him, the Shades are building something - a machine of some sorts. Frank and your group have only two months to stop them, or they'll use your friend to destroy the human race and power their new world, making every moment he lives constant agony..."

I looked back at Frank. I couldn't let that happen to him. I just couldnt.
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