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Giving Birth to a Child from the Enemy

by FireChildSlytherin5 1 review

Mpreg.Slash! SSSB Having being raped by his most highest enemy, Surius Black, Severus finds himself two weeks pregnant! With the help of his sister and cousin, Severus teals of being a single paren...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Arthur Weasley, Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Flitwick, Hagrid, James, Lily, Lucius, Lupin, Molly Weasley, Mrs. Black, Narcissa, Petunia Dursley, Professor McGonagall, Rodolphus Lestrange, Sirius, Snape, Theodore Nott - Warnings: [!!] [?] [R] [V] [Y] - Chapters: 9 - Published: 2006-05-18 - Updated: 2007-09-23 - 15160 words



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