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How the misery begins!

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Kerez wants to be famous but more than anything she wants the past to let go of her. Then she meets a guy who could change it all but are brown eyes and a cute smile worth everything shes worked for.

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chapter one

I looked down at my boobs, they were so small and the girl in the row in fronts' were massive. She must of had surgery i thought and looked out the window. I didnt know how long the flight was and i didnt want to i hated planes, i looked over at my best friend, James he was sat next to me his dark straightened hair flopping over his face as he slept. the flight from london to LA was long i knew that for sure but im not a sleeper. James has been my friend since the day i was born quite literally hes six months older than me and our mums were friends when they were pregnant so he was kinda my first friend at like a day old, i was the first person he told when he realised he was gay it didnt shock me but it was hard for him. We had both dreamt since we were about ten to move to LA and pursue our dreams, mine of being a singer or drummer in a band and his of being a media type guy or a fashion designer. He had dressed me in some shorts and a cut off top before we got on the flight but to be honest id rather be wearing my misfits tshirt but hey life goes on. the whole time i was thinking i forgot my music had stopped which was strange so i flicked through all my albums on my new mp3 all 367 of them, one for each day of the year i used to tell my mum. 

It was around midday when we arrived and my uncle was right there to meet us. "Uncle John John!" i screamed as i ran up and hugged him, he had moved to america whilst working for IKEA with his wife Tula ten years ago so it had been a while. Me and james were to stay in the pool house they had converted into a guest house but they were renting it out to us whilst we went to college. It was amazing right next to the pool and in view of my uncles lovely villa kinda home it was something you only saw on the tourist adverts. "we've missed you Kerez! hows your papa?" did he just call me Kerez woah! nobody called me that!! "John John, everyone calls me Kerry now, Ellie didnt like it remember?!" i could hear james laughing but i ignored him. my whole name was Kerez Anna Cristona, my family was greek and in greek Kerez means Evil spirits so when my grandma found out i became devil child! 

I lived up to my name though i got into rock music really young and blared Metallica and Iron Maiden wherever i went even at church, then when i got my first lip ring it was like armageddon the whole family was down my neck telling me god would make me pay, i just laughed in their face and got high. "sorry, anyway your dad?". "oh yeah hes fine Nicky's been in trouble with the cops again and Livs left her boyfriend again so you know same old". i looked out the window 'Run to the hills' playing in my ear i wish i could sometimes, i wish i could. 
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