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I Will Not Kiss You

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Inspired by Cancer by My Chemical Romance. ((Edited))

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I walk in the door of our house. I went to the living room where everyone is sitting casually watching TV. They turn their heads when they hear me come in. G smiles madly and gets up from the couch to hug me tight.

I smile a bitter-sweet smile and follow him to the couch. I look at the TV and the news was on. What a surprise, another murder.

When we were younger we couldn’t go out and play because it was just too dangerous.

We watched for hours. Then Bob and Ray left. Then Mikey went to bed leaving me and Gerard alone in the dark living room.

“So want to go to bed?” He asked sweetly. So much love in his voice…I wish I had the courage to tell him…

“Sure.” I answer getting up and taking his hand. He leads me down stairs to his basement bedroom.

Its pitch black but Gerard knows his way. He sits me down in the bed then goes back upstairs. I take off my t-shirt and jeans swopping them for my pj’s. Gerard returns with a glass of water. He sets it down and changed into the Onezy his grandmother made him that was a skeleton costume.

He climbs under the covers and I follow. He reaches over me and grabs the water, taking a big gulp and then setting back on the bedside table.

I don’t know why but seeing the water in the glass reminded me of earlier today…


I was sitting in a cold hard plastic chair in the waiting room. I had told everyone I wasn’t feeling well and that I was going to the doctors. They offered to come with me but I refused.
As they announced my name I went to the room I was supposed to and waited for the doctor to arrive. He soon did and had a saddened sympathetic look on his face.

“Mr Iero…I have sad news…you do have cancer.” I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there looking at my hands twiddling my thumbs and let little tears fall from my eyes.

They didn’t tell me what kind because I asked them not to. I was going to wait till tomorrow and find out. I eventually said thank you to the doctor and arranged an appointment for tomorrow then I went out into the cool air of the parking lot.

I dug in my pocket for my cigarette packet and lighter. Once I found it I put a cigarette between my lips and lit it. I stuffed the lighter back into my pocket with the nearly empty packet and took a long drag.

Once I was done I threw it on the ground grinding it into the dirty pavement of New Jersey. I pulled my cell phone out of my other pocket and phoned Gee.

I told him I was fine…that was a down right lie I know but I couldn’t tell him I have cancer. I know I’m going to have to sooner or later.


G wraps his arms around me and pulls me up against his chest. I sigh happily until I remembered what was going on. Well it was nice while it lasted.

“Frankie…” Gerard whispers.

“Yes?” I say back.

“I love you. I'll never leave you.”

“Love you too G." I answer sadly. I wonder if he noticed I didn't say that I would never leave him either?

He leans over and tries to kiss me but I move my head out the way. He looks at me confused before kissing my cheek softly and leaning back against his pillow.

A little tear rolls down my cheek at his sad expression.

“I will not kiss you, because the hardest part of this is leaving you…” I whisper-sing to myself. I don't want to leave G behind...
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