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The Ghost Of You

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(Oneshot) Mikey and Gerard learn an intersting story about their ancestors.

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A little one-shot I wrote about The Ghost Of You :) please R+R if you like it.

P.S. Frank, Ray, and Bob are listed because they are the friends being reffered too.


Gerard's P.O.V.

"Grandma?" I called into the house as my brother and I stepped inside. Boxes were set up in the

living room, where the furniture was yet to be place, the pictures were yet to be hung, and her

family-famous roses she grew in her garden were yet to be put in a vase.

She came into the room from what looked like the kitchen. "Ah, you boys are finally here," she

walked up and hugged us both. "Thank you so much for helping me unpack. I was never strong enough

to move furniture like your grandfather was." She smiled.

"It's okay, really," I assured her. "My classes were cancelled today anyways," I returned the


"That's right. How have your classes been going?"

"Good, more or less."

"And you, Mikey? How's your job?"

My brother looked up. "I suppose its better than nothing."

She laughed. "So, I suppose we should get started." She looked around the room. "Let's start

unpacking these boxes, take them to the right room, so when we're done we can move the furniture

out of the dining room." She thought for a moment. "The boxes are labeled, so that should make

things easier."

"Hm... alright," Mikey clapped his hands. He bent down to look at several of the boxes. "Where's

the attic?"

"Well Mikes, I think, and I may just be throwing this out here, but I'm pretty sure the attic

is the top part of the house-"

"Gerard," Elena silenced me. "Go up the stairs, take a left, and their should be more stairs to

your right at the end of the hall, Mikey." Mikey nodded. "Now, Gerard," she turned to me, putting

her hands on her hips, "Instead of teasing your brother, why don't you help him?"

"Yes, Grandma," I reluctantly agreed as I picked up a few boxes as well.

"We'll be back," Mikey called from half-way up the stairs.

"Mikey!" I called running up the stairs after him. I heard Elena laughing behind me.


Mikey and I sat down the boxes. Looking around, we both noticed something.

"Gosh, it's stuffy in here," Mikey said.

"Sure is," I agreed. "Well, if this stuff is for the attic, I guess it doesn't need to be


"Wait, this fell out," Mikey bent down and oicked up what looks like a piece of paper in an

envelope. He gently opened it.

"What is it?" I asked, stepping closer so I could look at it too.

It was a faded piece of paper, slightly yellow with age, with tiny cursive writing. Although, I

could tell whoever had written it was in a hurry.

"It looks like a letter of some sort," he said, squinting at the paper. "... August... 1943?"

"What? No way," I looked at the paper. Sure enough, at the top right of the page, was

printed "AUGUST 14, 1943."

"Um... Gerard?" Mikey asked.

"Uh, yeah?" I asked.

"You weren't alive then, right?" he asked.

I took the letter from him, and saw it was signed, "Your's Truly, G.A. Way,"

"That's impossible..." I trailed off.

"It's adressed to Elena Lee Rush," Mikey observed.

"Let's go ask her," I suggested.


Elena was digging through a box when we found her.

"Grandma?" Mikey said.

She stopped and stood up. "Yes?"

"We weren't intentionally going through your things or anything, but this fell out of one of

the boxes," he handed the letter to her.

She took it, and her eyes gazed it quickly. She smiled as she gave it back to him, an she started

going through the box again.

"I suppose," she said, "that you're wondering who Gerard A. Way is?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"Don't worry, the A stands for Adrian, not Arthur," she assured me. "Ah, here it is," she pulled

sometihng rectangular from the box.

She gestured us over to where she was sitting, and showed us what it was.

A photograph. Easily decades old. Like the number of decades old to make it 1943. In the picture

were two men, both smiling. One had brown, cow-lick-like hair, with classic circle-glasses. The

other had black elvis-like hair. [Well Gerard, sound familiar?/]

"They were your grandfathers cousins- they were brothers. You were named after them," Elena told

us. "They fought in WWII with your grandfather." She looked at the picture, and smiled. "I only

new them for a short time; I hda just started dating your grandfather. I must say though, the

resemblence between you and them is remarkable," she looked at the picture, then at us. "Gerard

A. Way," she read again, this time aloud.

She smiled to herself. "He was handsome- I can't lie about that. But his brother-" she pointed to

the man with the brown hair, "Michael, was so sweet. Oh, and his finacee -oh, what was her name-

Alicia Simmons was it, single handedly introduced me and your grandfather to each other. She was

such a lovely person," Elena smiled, as she took in everything.

"From what I remember," Elena said after a moment, "That very letter was her last piece of

happiness, at least for a long time. We had just gotten back several days ago from a dance we

attended with the boys. The letter stated that Gerard, Michael, your grandfather, their three

friends, were currently alive and well, dispite the battle a day before. She was so relieved, and

I was too..." she trailed off sadly.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Michael died two days later," Elena told us sadly.

"The 16th..." Mikey said, "That's today."

Elena nodded her head slowly. "Everything went downhill." She sighed. "From what I understand,

there regiment was ordered to storm a beach along the shore of Germany. They were under heavy

fire, you grandfather got injured early in the battle, as you know- but Gerard and their friends,

one a medic, persisted foward, determined," she paused. "In a moment of panic, Gerard realized

his brother wasn't with them, so he looked frantically for him. Just at the moment he saw him,

bullets hit him instantly. He called out his brother's name, and tried to get to him, but his

friends held him back. The medic tried to save him but," she paused, tiny tears forming in her

eyes, "it was too late. Just like that- Gerard had watched his baby brother die."

Mikey gulped, "What happened to Gerard?"

"His friends wrote to me from then on, and informed me thathe had shut himself out form the

world, keeping to himself. Two weeks later, they were called into battle again, as if fighting

again without Michael wasn't enough. He kept all of his friends within eyesight, more determined

than ever. They stayed together alright- they were all captured, and taken as prisoners. They all

died in the prison too, together," she stopped there.

"What happened to Alicia?" I asked her quitely.

"She was heartbroken, completely silent during the funeral for the 5 of them. After that, she

rejected any date offers, etc. She kept to herself. Eventually, we lost touch. To this day, I

have no idea if she is even alive," Elena said sadly.

"Well," Mikey said quitely, "We better start taking more boxes up." I nodded to him as he grabbed

a few, and started up the stairs again.

I stood up straight a well, and bent down to pick up some boxes. "Gerard, wait," Elena said. I

looked at her. "Promise me you'll take care of your brother, even when I'm gone?" I nodded and

hugged her. I silently picked up some boxes, and walked up the stairs after Mikey, determined to

keep my promise.

(The Same Day, The Same Time, in Newark, New Jersey)

(Third Person P.O.V.)

An elderly woman quitely, amde her way through an old cemetery. Upon finding the grave she had

been searching, she carefully kneeled down in fron of it, placing several flowers.

"It's been a long time," she began. "I hardly believe so much time has passed. I still remember

everything so vividly."

The grave in front of her remains still. It reads "Michael Joesph Way. "I still wear the ring

you gave me, all those years ago. I couldn't bring myself to find love again after you passed. I

know you may have wanted me too though, so I apologize." She looked at the two graves to the

left, then to the two graves at the right. "I hope you're all finally together now, not worrying

about any war that you didn't want to fight but felt the need too." Tears formed in her eyes,

silently streaming down her face.

"I'll never forget you, Michael," she whispered, her eyes shut tight. "I await the day we finally

meet again." She stood up and started to walk away, put paused.

She turned to the grave one more, "Like your brother always said," she said," 'We'll meet again,

when both our cars collide.' " She turned, and left.


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