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chapter seven

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How the misery begins!

Chapter seven

I met with Frank at the beach, he was wearing a pair of cargo pants and a white top his hair looking perfect as usual. "Frankie!" I yelled embracing him. "Hey, I've missed you" he kissed me and I felt his arms around my waist. "Missed you too, what we doing today?" He took my hand and we walked down the beach, Frank told me about his mum and I told him about mine. "So your mom just went crazy?" I nodded. "Yup, started seeing shit forgetting who we were and then she just had a heart attack and dropped dead." I didn't sound sad about it and I wasn't my mum was depressed and started to lose her mind so if she hadn't died she'd probably be walking around drugged up and just a vacant space not the mum I knew. "How about your brother and sister?" He asked me gripping my hand. "Last time I spoke to them Liv was pregnant and Nicky well he's Nicky." He both laughed at my un conventional family, we both started nicknaming them the addams family and naming each one.

we went to the music store and listened to the music samplers and Frank did the best Britney Spears' impression I had ever seen. it was almost time for me to go home but I didn't want to leave Frank, we kissed outside of his hotel eventually making out in his actual hotel room. "I don't want you to go, please stay!" he pleaded at me "I'm sorry honey but I have to." I kissed him one last time and left. Dinner was awkward again John asked about college and I gave a short answer, no details just a simple okay. James on the other hand ranted on about some jock who had tripped him up, what was this primary school? the moment I was excused I went straight to my room and got ready for bed. tomorrow was my last day with Frank and all I could think about was how miserable life would be without him. I would go back to feeling like I had abandoned my family and Frank would go back to the screaming hoards of fans.

"What's your problem?" James asked as he walked into my room. "I don't know what you mean" I avoided eye contact with him. "Yeah you do, its Frank aint it?" I walked around him and to the bathroom. "K, I know when somethings up and I know you want him to remember you!" I stayed silent as I sat in the sink. James walked in and looked me straight in the eyes, gripping onto my shoulders. "You my friend need to let him know you love him, like only you can" I was confused and raised my eyebrow. "What?" James was a dirty minded guy who's idea of a date was a hotel room and some lube. "You need to show him your worth the memory, you need to make him feel like a man and your the only one that can do it" I cringed but any plan was better than no plan.
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