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^ You guys have them.

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Okie dokie. Up to you, I'm been playing with a lot of different ideas for this chapter and I'm notsure what to take. So. Here are your options for the next chapter pick your favorite. Or you can give me ideas. Just throw something at me.

1)Small almost nonexistent Frerard.

2) Frank working to get better - By himself.

3) PHYSICAL THERAPY (Is magical!)

4) Lindsey and Banditt

5) A day in the life of Gerard (My least favorite option)

Alrighty then. Yeah reviewing and telling me your opinions, that would be uber helpful.
Feel free to mix options together too.
One more question (unrelated to this story but) do you guys know any awesome famous Spanish people or of Spanish origins. Oh the joys of Spanish projects. Xp
Thanks ever so much.
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