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Chapter seven

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Make a saint of me!

chapter seven 

Mikey looked so perfect layed next to me. his brown eyes staring up at me, he moved his arm up my top and lifted it up showing my stomach. "i never knew about your belly ring" Mikey looked at it in wonder and started to trace his finger in a circle around my stomach, it tickled but it was comforting. "cool isnt it?" i started to bite my lip as Mikey smiled, he lifted himself on top of me. still keeping a finger on my stomach, he bent down and started to kiss my stomach and as he did i giggled like i usually did. i held on to his arms as he continued to peck at my stomach, it was so sweet and i kept giggling. then Mikey blew a raspberry on my stomach and i could not stop laughing and squeeling, he stayed on top  now holding my hands in the air. he was being so quiet, "Mikey whats wrong?" i felt a sad expression take over my entire face, he was looking down but not at me. "nothing.....its just i love you Jay and i want to show you how much i love you but... i dont know how to" i paused what was he saying?, all i heard was he loved me. "Mikey i love you too and i want to show you to but...i dont know if its time for us to get like that" he didnt seem disappointed but he was sad, i didnt want to get physical with Mikey but right now i felt like as if it was something i needed. "i'm willing to try though" Mikey lifted his head i knew he didnt mean it the way some people might have thought but there were other ways of going about stuff like this. 

i was still lying underneath Mikey we had been in my room for about half hour and i was convinced noone planned on coming in. Mikey was still topless and mine was still only covering my chest, "so you know you asked me if i wanted kids and stuff when i was older?, why did you ask?" i didnt know what to say i couldnt just tell him it was because i had an abortion at fifteen. "i was just wondering" he rested his head on my chest and layed down on me his arm across my torso. "how can i show you i love you Jasey?" i could feel him breathing and his head was against my heart i wondered if he could hear how fast it was beating. i got up and sat on top of Mikey, i started to un-do his belt he looked confused but rested his hands on my hips so i didnt fall. i reached my hand inside his boxers revealing his member, Mikey blushed and i was trying not to stare. i kissed him "i love you Mikey and i want to make you happy no matter what, i would jump in front of a gun for you." i started to rub him, i had had boyfriends before and i knew what i was doing. i started to tug harder and Mikey gripped harder on to my hips, his face still looked perfect. my angel was still innocent to me and i watched his body move and twitch as i got more comfortable with the motions. "Jasey, i, i...." i didnt know whether he was moaning or asking me to stop but it was too late. my hand was sticky and wet. 

Mikey did up his belt as i wiped my hand on a tissue i had used to wipe away tears the night before. nothing had changed and it didnt feel awkward Mikey was still my Mikey and it still felt innocent and just us. we joined the rest of the party as they all danced around. "where've you two been?" mocked Gerard, "none of your business" i smiled sticking my tongue out. "whatever you did i hope you were responsible, we dont need any little juniors running around here now do we?!" Gerard continued to make jokes like this for the rest of the night but to be honest i was warming to the idea of getting more serious with Mikey, that was only if angels could love demons ofcourse. it got me thinking in most religions girls like me were still seen as sinners whether what happened was our fault or not, what if i wasnt aloud to go to heaven with Mikey? 
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