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A/N; ALRIGHTTT.... Chapter four... Starting Wednesday I won't be posting anymore chapters until after Easter. I am sacrificing something I am addicted to so I can spend more time with my Jesus. I will continue to write them, so when I get back on there will be multitudes of chapters. Just so you know. Please don't loose faith in this story! Thanks :)

I will be posting a new chapter or two tonight or tomorrow.


Justine woke up the next morning after a restless night and yawned. She sat up and stretched. She sighed softly and got up she walked out of her room and into the hallway. She looked over and saw her sisters still sleeping. She walked into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee then she walked out and to the bathroom.

She turned the knob in the shower and turned it until the water was very warm. She sighed softly and undressed and got in the shower.

Toby laid in his bed, looking up at the ceiling, into oblivion. Last night he kissed Justine's beautiful cheek, then when he walked away and she walked in, he heard something hit her wall and she yelled. He was tempted to go back and make sure she was okay, but he resisted. He was worried that he upset her somehow. He sighed softly and got out of bed. He walked into the bathroom and set the water to warm and got in the shower.

Justine sighed as she turned off the warm water and stepped out of the shower. She took the towel and dried herself off, then wrapped it around her body. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed softly. She had forgotten to take her makeup off the night before so she had black streaming down her face. She laughed and ran a comb through her hair and got out her hair products and ran them through her hair. Afterwards she parted her hair and walked out and into her room and got dressed into a pair of thick black leggings, a light blue tank top and a cascading grey thin sweater.

When she was done she walked over to get her phone then remembered it was broken she sighed and opened her laptop. She turned it on and sighed again. She watched as it turned on. She got on and checked through her emails and youtube comments and messages, getting lost in time, and what she was even doing in the first place.

Toby got out of the shower and dried off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked back into his room. He grabbed a pair of jeans and a purple Tobuscus t-shirt. He dropped the towel and slid on his boxers then dressed himself. He sighed softly and grabbed a jacket and his phone, then walked out of his apartment.

Toby walked down to his car and got in. He was on his way to Justine's, but he pulled into pinkberry first. He walked up and ordered four horchatas. I paid for them and walked back out and drove to Justine's. He parked in front of her apartment building. He grabbed the drinks and walked up to her apartment and knocked on the door.

Breanne heard someone knock on the door and she got up off the couch and groaned. She scratched her head and yawned as she walked over. Her hair was surely a mess, but she did not care. She opened the door to find Toby standing there, a small smile and four drinks from pinkberry. I smiled softly.

"Hello Toby." I smiled softly, eyeing the drinks.

"Hello, Breanne, is Justine home." Toby said with a smile.

"Yeah, she's in her room." Breanne said as she stepped out of the door way so he could walk in.

Toby smiled and walked in. He took the drinks and set them on her counter. He grabbed the one he had been drinking out of and another one for Justine.

"Those are for you and Jenna." Toby said softly, smiling. Breanne nodded and leaned against the counter next to the drinks.

Toby took the drinks and walked down the hall to Justine's room. He knocked softly on the open door. Justine looked over at him and he couldn't help but laugh, she had black lines down her face starting at her eyes. She furrowed her brows.

"What?" She asked softly, looking confused

"Oh you're make up.." Toby said, holding in his laughter. He shrugged and walked over and sat next to her on her bed. "I got you horchata." He grinned and handed her the cup.

"Oh my gosh, Toby you're a life saver." Justine grinned and took the cup and sipped some. She smiled and sighed in relief. "Thanks."

"No problem." I smiled and took another drink of mine.

Justine drank some of her horchata then opened up Daily Booth.

"Wanna take a picture with me?" Justine looked up at him, smiling. Toby nodded softly.

"Yeah, of course." Toby grinned.

Toby leaned in and made a crazy face and pointed to her as she did the same. The picture was taken and she uploaded it.

Justine smiled and got up. "I'm gonna go finish getting ready now, you can join me if you want."

Toby nodded and they got up and walked into her bathroom. He sat down on the edge of the tub as she got all her hair and make up out.

"S-so how was your night?" Toby asked slowly.

"Restless." Justine mumbled after a few moments of silence. Toby nodded slowly as she turned on her blow dryer.

Toby watched as she dried her hair he sighed softly and drank some more of his yummy drink from pinkberry. He looked around the bathroom, then the dryer turned off. He looked back at her and couldn't help but feel responsible for her restless night. Justine looked back at him.

"What about you, how was your night?" Justine asked, looking back in the mirror as she put some of her hair up and turned on her pink straightener.

"It was alright, my mind was restless." Toby shrugged and watched her.

"Why's that?" Justine asked, acting like she was just asking for conversation, but she really did want to know.

"Just, things." Toby mumbled.

"Did you want to talk about it?" Justine asked, smiling at him.

Toby looked up at her, into her big green eyes. He sighed softly.

"Sure, why not." Toby said, thinking to himself what he might have just gotten himself into.

"Speak away, I'm all ears." Justine smiled and turned back to the mirror and started straightening her hair.

"Well, there's this girl I like-" Toby started, but Justine interrupted him.

"You like a girl?" Justine joked, to cover her uncertainty about the situation.

"Yes a girl, anyways, I've been thinking for awhile now wether I should tell her that I like her or if I should just leave it."

"Why would you leave it?" Justine asked, wondering who the girl was.

"What if she doesn't like me?"

"Toby, seriously? I don't see why she wouldn't." Justine rolled her eyes and continued with her hair.

"Oh yeah?" Toby asked, brow raised. "Why's that?"

"I uh, well, you're funny, and f-fit, and handsome.." She mumbled the last part and bit her lip as she loosened another layer down and brushed it then started straightening it.

"Fit?" Justine didn't have to look over to see the smirk on his face. She sighed softly and ignored him as she continued to straighten her hair.

Toby grinned and took a drink of his Horchata. He looked down at his cup in the almost awkward silence.

"So, which Apple store are we going to?" Toby asked, looking up as she tied a small knot on her head to keep the last layer of hair up. He smiled softly, she still had make up stains on her face from when she took a shower. She was still absolutely stunning.

"Uh, the usual, I guess." Justine said softly. "They know me there." She smiled and laughed a little.

"Of course they do." Toby was completely unsurprised by this, she's always at an apple store. HE chuckled softly and finished his drink.

Justine realized that her drink was in her bedroom. She sighed as she got out her make up. She sighed softly.

"Toby, could you go and get my Horchata?" She looked over at him as she grabbed a baby wipe and started wiping off her face. He smiled.

"Of course." Toby got up and walked out to get her drink as she turned and threw the wipe away.

Toby walked down the short hall to her room and walked in. He looked around and sighed softly. He looked around and walked over to her pillow. He picked it up and lookedaround again, making sure no one was looking. He lifted it to his face and smelled it. He smiled. It smelled just like her, cherry blossoms and vanilla. He dropped the pillow when he heard one of Justine's sisters clear her throat in Justine's door way. He turned around on the edge of his heels and looked at a questioning Jenna.

Jenna raised a brow at him.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Getting her Horchata." Toby said, grabbing Justine's drink. He looked up at her. "Can we keep this between ourselves?" He raised a brow and bit his lip, putting her pillow back in place.

"I guess." Jenna said with a sigh. "But that was seriously creepy, Toby. He nodded and walked past her.

"I know." He said softly, feeling like a slight stalker. HE walked back into the bathroom and she was doing her make up. He set her Horchata down on the counter and walked back to the tub and sat down where he was before.

She set down her foundation brush and took a drink of her favorite hot drink. She smiled and looked over at him.

"Thanks." Justine said softly. Toby would have smiled back, but instead he just laughed.

Justine had barely finished putting her foundation on so she had streaks on her face and she looked like a crazy person.

Justine furrowed her brow then looked back in the mirror and joined him in the laughter. She set her drink down and continued with her make up. When she was done she wiped off the brush and rubbed it in.

"Why do you wear make up?" Toby asked softly. "It's not like you need it."

Justine blushed and shrugged.

"I like wearing it, it makes me look pretty."

"You don't need make up to do that." He blurted out involuntarily. He blushed and looked down at his drink.

Justine looked over at him and bit her lip. She blushed softly then went back to doing her make up. As she put on her bronzer, she though to her self. She thought that now would be the perfect time to tell him, but she was scared, she couldn't be the girl he liked, could she? She shook her head and pushed the thoughts aside as she put on the eyeshadow primer over her eyelids. She rubbed the cream in as they sat in silence. She looked over and saw him on his phone.

"You should play some tunes." Justine suggested, smiling as she looked back at herself in the mirror.

"I should, I should." Toby said, smiling. He opened his iTunes. He scrolled down to Lonely Island and tapped on Like a Boss. He grinned and set his phone in her little speaker system so it could be louder. "Why do you have speakers for your phone in your bathroom?"

Justine looked over at him as he started the song, she shook her head at the song and looked back in the mirror.

"I like listening to music while I shower or take a nice soothing bath." Justine shrugged and started putting on gray scaled eye shadow.

Toby chuckled a little and watched her as she put on her make up.

Breanne and Jenna sneaked down the hallway and peeked in the bathroom at them. They found Toby watching Justine in admiration, and Justine putting her make up on, oblivious to Toby's adoring stare. They stuck back down the hall and giggled.

"They're so cute!" Jenna said softly, so they couldn't hear. Breanne nodded, agreeing.

After Justine was done putting her make up on and doing her hair, her and Toby walked out of the bathroom and back to her bedroom. She walked over and took out her knee high boots. She slid them on as Toby made her bed.

Justine stood up from the ground after her shoes were on and saw him finishing making her bed.

"Awe Toby, you didn't have to do that." Justine smiled gratefully.

"Eh, don't worry about it." Toby shrugged softy.

Justine smiled and walked out of her room, Toby following behind her. They walked out to the kitchen together. Justine grabbed her bag and looked around for her sisters.

"Bre, Jen, let's go!" She yelled out, she knew her sisters were already ready, they knew to not use her bathroom to get ready, she just didn't like it.

Bre and Jen came into the kitchen with their bags and smiled at them.

"Alright, let's go!" Justine walked over and grabbed her damaged phone then out the door with her sisters and Toby.

They walked down to Justine's car.

"Shotgun!" Toby yelled and laughed. Justine smiled and looked at her sisters, they of course just assumed to give shotgun to Toby anyways.

They all got in the car and Justine pulled out and started driving towards her favorite Apple store.
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