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Chapter One: Flashback

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Reese wakes up to find out he just had another flashback-dream. His day starts off with a new mission... with Josephine! What'll happen next?

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Feburary 12th, 2018

"No... No, Jose-... J-Josephine!"
I screamed and shot up in bed. My long, brown hair and body had been drenched in sweat. My clear, blue eyes were wide, awake, and alert. I was practically gasping for air as I heard my heart pound in my ear. I groaned and ran a hand over my face, the liquid cool against my hot skin.
"O'Connell! Get ready for the mission!" buzzed the familiar voice out of my walkie.
"Alright, Rivers! I'll be there in a sec..." I buzzed back, getting up slowly from the bed. The dream still had me trembling by the time I was done. Slowly, I made my way to the door, not caring that I was bare chested.
Damn flashbacks, I thought. The fellow Resistance fighters nodded at me as I made my way towards the food quarters, picking up a plate of two-day-old coyote. Grimacing, I poked at the coyote and flipped it over.
"Better than three-day-old coyote... Right?" I murmured to myself. Sighing, I lifted it to my lips and chewed thoughtfully.
Why -that- time?, I thought, wondering why I remembered that specific time.
"Hey there, Reese!" I heard a familiar, husky voice exclaim. I rolled my eyes at the tall man.
"Hey John..." I muttered, taking another bite of my coyote. The twenty-five-year-old smirked and sat with me, running his fingers through his short, blond hair. John leaned forward, looking around before talking as if he had a secret to tell me that he desperately wanted no one else to know. His dark, brown eyes seemed to twinkle with hatred and loss. The goofy smile he had on seemed forced.
"So... I heard you and Josephine are assigned to the same mission," he murmured, wriggling his eyebrows. I felt my cheeks begin to burn.
"S-So what..?!" I exclaimed, chewing vigorously. John laughed, got up, and patted my right shoulder hard, winking at me.
"Good luck," he said as he left, waving at me without looking back.
"And be careful!" he shouted. I heard him mutter under his breath an, "I mean it", before returning inside to the main room. I looked after him and smiled a bit. He cared because he's my friend. I wolfed down the rest of my coyote, gulping down water before standing up. Chuckling, I walked inside to the weapons closet in my small chamber and began to ready my equipment. Slipping on my black shirt, cameo leather jacket, and camouflage cap, I loaded up my MP5k, RPG, and shotgun. As I geared up with walkies and gadgets, I recruited the group, standing along side Josephine. Josephine and I waited for the Resistance fighter, Barnes, who was assigned to lead the mission.
"Hello, Reese," said Josephine as she nudged me playfully. Pulling me into a hug, she whispered into my ear, "I'm glad you're safe..." I began to feel my face flush and burn. Closing my eyes, I pulled away and cleared my throat.
"Uhhh... It's... Great to have you back, too, Rivers," I replied, readjusting my cap. She smiled and swept her red, wavy hair into a ponytail. Sighing dreamily, I brushed off my leather jacket and attempted to blow my hair out of eyes, but failed.
"C'mon, y'all. Time to rock'n'roll!" exclaimed the big Barnes. He smirked and walked to the vehicles, our group trailing after him. Loading up the Jeeps and trucks with RPGs, shotguns, China Lakes, snipers, and machine guns, I over heard some talk of time travel and new Terminator models.
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