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5 Pain

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Valium's out, Tequila's in.

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It was all I felt, making me sick again. Damn Dracs just didn’t know when to stop hurting a person. Didn’t they see I was curled over my throbbing arm, shoved out of its sling, trying to stop them? Apparently not.

Pain, or no pain, these guys were idiots for trying to fight me on the wrong day. I slowly reach for Ricky and throw it at the first Drac that attacked me in between the eyes. I lunged for my gun as the other Dracs noticed what happened and just started shooting.

Drac One was on the ground, bringing my kill count to one-seven-four. I wanted to hit two-oh-oh before I left here, and I could see that was going to be pretty easy, as the Black was swarmed by Dracs. I didn’t even aim as I shot the next four Dracs, killing them instantly. If I wasn’t in so much pain, I would just have my knife. Aw man, it’s fuckin’ fun as hell to fight with my hands.

I heard more shots around me, but I saw a blue blast instead of the Dracs’ white blasts. Party. I shook my head. Damn, and I knew I could take all these guys alone!

Party shot his way through the crowd surrounding me, my help partial. I was too bust shooting off this one Drac who would stay out of the distance of my gun and then come up close enough to shoot me very well. Party walked past that ass hole and shot him in his mask-covered mouth, blowing him back, while Party wasn’t even looking. Show off.

“Fuck you, I don’t need any help!” I yell as Party got my back and I got his. We’re both in the middle of a group of Dracs, closing in fast. He’s shooting blind and so am I. I’m too lost in a world where Party actually has my back for a change. I gotta be going insane, I just gotta be.

Party turned his head and I turned mine the same way, both of us still shooting. “Your arm is broken,” Captain Obvious says as I kick a Dracs backwards with my left leg and shoot him in the chest.

“No shit Sherlock,” I yell as I shoot one Drac into another, causing the domino effect for about four Dracs, shooting them as they fall.

“Violet!” Party yells again as the dead Drac count climbs around us. I turned my head the same way it was before, and Party steals a quick kiss from my lips as he begins to turn back around.

I stop moving. Holy shit… Seriously? I think as I begin to shoot the Dracs again, slower though, and I keep turning back to Party.

Party begins to shoot those Dracs in the feet while I go and grab Ricky, coming back and hitting one Drac in the head with my knife, shooting one between the eyes, kicking the others down, and shooting them in the chest. It’s not too bloody around us, and I didn’t get my clothes bloody, but I did work up a sweat, partially because of all the movement, and partially because Party fuckin’ kissed me.

After making sure my kill count was two-oh-seven, I stepped over old meat back to my truck. Party followed and went around to the driver’s side.

We sat there in silence for about ten minutes before my instincts were fed up with not being followed. I had to say something.

“Well, that was…” I trailed off and Party finished the sentence for me.

“A surprise?” He looked at me looking at him. He had broken into a sweat, and his hair was sticking together, hanging in his eyes. I resisted the instinct to push it away from his eyes so I could see his hazel eyes again, but I didn’t. Instincts chewed me out again, and made me do it.

Party smiled and looked down. I grinned sheepishly, even though I knew he couldn’t see. I reached down to the floor for my iPod again, though this time not immediately putting the headphones on and crankin’ up the jams. Rather, I put it in his hands.

“That, my friend, is an iPod,” I state, watching Party smile. “It holds songs and video and pictures and games, but I just keep music on there from the better old days.”

“Can I see what songs you have?” he asks, looking up at me grinning, and I nod.

“Of course, all you have to do is click the center wheel two times and scroll, like this,” showing him how to scroll with my thumb. Party follows suit, and soon he’s an iPod click wheel whiz. I chuckle as he studies the song names.

“Any Iron Maiden?” he asks, looking up.

I palm my face and say, “Of course, of course. I wouldn’t go anywhere without them.” I reach over to his hands, where the iPod still rests, and go to "Artists", scrolling down to Iron Maiden, my hands wrapped around his. He scrolls down, smile-gasps, and click one song. His smile falters when he notices he doesn’t hear anything. “Where’s the music?”

I laugh, handing him my headphones. He puts them on, and immediately takes them off. “Damn, think that can be any louder?” I laugh again and turn the volume down for him, putting the headphones on his head. He nods, and closes his eyes. He begins to smile, and it makes me smile knowing that I made him smile.
“You ever heard of My Chemical Romance?” I ask him, tilting my head. Party lifts a headphone, and I repeat myself. Party shakes his head, making me frown. “How have you never heard of them? They’re like better than Iron Maiden.”

He exhales, places the headphone over his ear again, and I take the iPod out of his hand, switching the song from “Somewhere In Time” to “You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison.” Party listens for five seconds before shaking his head. “I can’t understand what he’s saying. No habla espanol,” he says, making me burst out laughing and my arm hurt.

I stood up outside the truck, and had begun to wipe my eyes from the tears that had formed while I was laughing when I saw the rest of the guys and the ‘it’ make their way over to my truck.

“Party, you left me,” Midget said as he ran up to Party and gave him a hug. “I’m sorry, Ghoulie, I had to,” Party replied, hugging “Ghoulie” back, making Boy Wonder scratch his neck, Gigantor turn away, Blondie stare down at his feet, Valium look confused, and me stifle a giggle. They look so very gay…, and this time I laugh. Six heads turn my way, five of them shooting hate daggers at me, and I look each of them in the eye, anger colouring my cheeks.

“What? I just remembered something funny,” I retorted, and they looked away, Boy Wonder smiling and whistling as he turned towards Party and I think Fun Ghoul. Fuck, he knows something… I’ll have to get it out of him. “Hey, um…” I said quietly as I racked my brain to remember Boy Wonder’s Killjoy name. King Kong? Kode Kat? “Hey, Kobra Kid?” I said with uncertainty clear in my voice, and Boy Wonder turned to look at me. “Come ‘ere for a sec,” I said, nodding once, confidence coming back for a second.

Kobra Kid walked over, smiling. "What is it is it, Hot Head?” I punched him in the arm and turned him so he faced away from the guys and I did the same, so nobody could hear us. I sighed, knowing this was going to come out weird. “Who does Party Poison like?” I ask, looking, surprisingly, up at Kobra Kid. He smiled a devilish grin and leaned in my ear. “He likes you, Violet Rain. He’s been acting weird ever since we, erm, took you from your tree.” I looked back at Kobra Kid, nodding.

I motioned for him to lean in again. “If it helps, he kissed me. I can’t tell if he likes me, because I haven't seen him since Texas, but I have a feeling you know him more than he knows himself. Can you…” I bite my lip.

Kobra Kid nods, understanding the rest of the unspoken question. “I’ll tell you if he says anything.”

“Thanks,” I say, and I hug Kobra Kid, smiling.

“Ah ha ha, Violet IS in love! Just not with the Death Machine!” Gigantor says, and I walk over to him and punch him in his grinning face with my throbbing right arm. I start kicking him, while the guys look on. I shake my head, closing my eyes, and Gigantor is still there, smiling like the ass he is. I walk over to him and punch his arm hard with my left hand. He frowns, but clearly I didn’t hurt him that much, which makes me frown. I turn and walk to the driver’s side of my truck, where Party and Fun Ghoul are.

“Okay guys, time to move,” I say, pushing them away from my car. I climb in. “If you may possibly need me for anything, you know where to find me,” says instincts as I turn the truck on and put it in park, my foot on the brake.

“Wait!” Party says, to, what seems, Fun Ghoul’s disproval. Party still runs over, though. “It’s almost dark. Want me to drive you?” he asks, getting an encouraging nod from Kobra Kid, to me, and head shakes from everyone else but Valium Syndrome, who is still standing around and looking confused. I’m surprised it didn’t run away in the Black. Must of been on a leash.

I pretend to ponder the thought even though I already know my answer: hell yes! Party looks at me anxiously, waiting for an answer. “Hmm… I don’t knooowwww…,” dragging my words out. “Eh, what the hell. Go ahead slave.”

I swear Party jumped out of sheer excitement and told the guys to take my love, aka the "Death Machine, as gay of a name that is, handing the keys to Fun Ghoul, giving the sad looking guy a hug to cheer him up. He then turned to Valium Syndrome. “Valium Syndrome, if you don’t want to stay with us, you don’t have to. Dr. Death Defying isn’t always right about training with the best. It could get you killed, and I don’t want that to happen to such a new Killjoy.” Man, wish I had a choice. Valium Syndrome blinked, nodded once, and turned towards the Black, walking away.

Party jumped in my truck, lightly and playfully pushing me towards the passenger’s side, and I smiled. Maybe Kobra Kid was right about Party Poison. Maybe he did like me. Maybe I liked him back. I shook my head, wishing I had the vodka bottle again, but the stupid Dracs had taken it and smashed it against my truck.

We roll away from the Black for about five minutes. “Hey, Party, hang on and pull over,” I said, preparing to get out. Party pulled over and radioed the guys ahead of us to continue on and travel to my tree. When Party stopped I stepped out of the truck. I walked around to the back, and Party met me there not five seconds later. I grabbed two bottles of my favorite tequila, offering him one. He took it with a smile and took a big swig, just like I was earlier in the day. I smiled back at him when he had finished his swig. We turned back to the truck and walked to our seats.

Party started driving again, but you could tell he wasn’t there driving. His eyes looked distant, and before I knew it, I was trying to steer the truck to the side of the road and turn it off. The gas gage said nearly empty, so I went to get back out of the truck to gas up. Party grabbed my arm, and I looked down at his hand holding my forearm. He had such warm hands, and I found myself taking his hand in mine, patting it and smiling at him. I got up out of the army truck, gassed it up, and walked back to my door, where Party was watching me gas up. “You look so hot when you’re concentrating,” he said, leaning towards me and kissing me, catching me off guard.

I pushed him back lightly. “Party wait,” I said, and I climbed back into the truck, shutting the door lightly but tightly, just in case anything happened against it. “Let me finish half my bottle before I do anything.” Party nodded, taking a gulp of his own bottle. I chugged for thirty seconds flat, Party yelling encouragement. when I had finished well over three-fourths of my tequila bottle, I took it away from my lips, aah-ing and leaning back in my seat.

Party climbed over to me. “May I?” he asked, being such a nice gentleman, and I nodded, not caring what was about to happen. Party kissed me, and I slipped into drunk oblivion.
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