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New times brings new knowledge

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For all my little story addicts who held me captive. Told you I'd writ it if you let me go! Anyways, this continues Dude just relax and Summer's end.

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Gerard's Point of view

Frankie and I had gone home after about two weeks to find everyone stressed and pacing. It looked like they had been like that the whole time we'd been gone.

We went to my house first and they were all there. Our moms were sitting on the couch, staring at the floor. Emily was the one pacing, chewing her nails. Mikey was watching her, his legs brought to his chest.

Frankie paused at my side and we both stared, not making any nose to tell them we were there. We stayed like that for at least three minutes before a laugh burst through my lips and all four of them jump about a foot from their settled places.

Emily turned and threw herself at us. “Oh thank god!” she sobbed, clutching us both. Mikey got up and punched me in the arm.

Our moms had stared at us, their eyes wide and puffy. Something had happened while we'd be gone. My eyes narrowed and I pulled away from Emily.

Frankie copied me, stepping back. I met his eyes and understanding flashed in them. We looked at the four of them.

“What happened?” we asked together, our voices strained. Mikey and Ems shared a look that I didn't miss and our moms shuttered.

Ah........confirmation. Some did happen. I pulled Frankie to the couch and we sat on either sides of our moms.

I touched mom's shoulder and she jerked. Her eyes skimmed up to mine and there were fresh tears lacing the edges and around her lashes. “Mom?” I asked, skipping trying to get it out of Mikey or Ems.

She just stared at me. Like she didn't believe I was here. Then at a moment's notice, her arms were around me and she was hanging from my neck.

I closed my arms around her and let her cry into my t-shirt. “Uh? Mom? What happened?” I asked, patting her back awkwardly.

Mikey sighed and went to stand behind the couch. “We got attacked about two days ago. Thankfully we were all here, eating. Ems and I took care of it, but the last one said 'And we killed the other two. You're outnumbered and going to die just like them.'” his eyes narrowed as he repeated it “And we hadn't gotten a call or text or anything from either of you in over two weeks! We all tried calling and texing but nothing! Nothing!” he shouted and threw his hands in the air.

He growled and stormed off. I looked after him and nearly started laughing again. “Uh you guys? You do realize that when Emily put or phones back in our bags, she didn't put the chargers in with them, right? Or phones have been dead for over a week.” I pulled out my phone to give them proof. Frankie took his out of his pocket and handed it to Emily.

Mikey snatched mine, poking the buttons and trying to turn it on. When no light came from the screen, he looked at me, his face shamed slightly. Emily was stuttering with disbelief.

“I-I know I put them in your bags. Maybe you didn't look for them enough. Maybe-”

“We tore our bags apart looking for them. They weren't there. I don't know- Emily! Relax!” she started breathing heavy. Her hand was on her chest.

“I never forget anything! Ever!” she shouted at me. She turned and nearly sprinted in the direction of my room. I heard the door slam into the wall and her fly down the stairs.

Then there was a piercing scream and the three of us went after her, taking five steps at a time in our hurry.

She was curled at the head of my bed. And there was my charger, still plugged into the wall. I went to it and opened the little hatch at the base of my phone.

Putting the adapter into it, the little red light flashed at the top and the screen came back to life slowly. Ems looked up at me, hair clinging to her face. I grinned at her and poked her forehead.

“Maybe next time you should let us pack our own things.” I teased. Frankie laughed and came to take my hand. I set my phone on the table and we all went back up stairs.

Our moms were waiting at the top of the stairs. “Well?” they asked. I just smiled and Frankie shook his head. “We're gonna go home and get my charger. Be back in a few minutes.” we kept walking to the door.

Once on the street and far away enough so none of them could hear us, we burst out in laughter. We reached his house, trying to get more air for another wave of laughing.

Frankie reached under the door mat and grabbed the spare key they kept there. I raised my eyebrow and he poked my chest. “The original plan was to put it on top of the door frame but I'm to short to reach it.” he laughed and pulled me into the empty house.

We went to his room and found his charger plugged into his wall, just like mine had been. He pulled it out of the socket and wadded it into a ball.

He placed his wire-ball in his pocket and took my hand again. We went through the hall and back to the front door. Locking it behind us, we turned and cut through the yard.

When we got back, the other had gone into a less stressed version of what we had seen before. Only this time Ems was pacing parallel to Mikey and our moms were torn between watching them and watching the door for us.

They looked so strange. I clapped my hands together. “Okay! That's it! You guys need to relax!” they all flinched and Mikes and Ems stopped pacing.

The looks we got were so pained that I had to look away, at the floor. Frankie took my hand and the sparks that zinged through his palm to mine made me confident.

I forced myself to look at them. And we were locked in a battle of wills.

Frank's Point of view

Gee wasn't backing down. He met all their eyes, not flinching. I kept his hand and his tightened around mine.

Finally, they all looked away, giving the pained look to the floor. Gee knew he'd won. “Good. Now I want you all to go take showers and clean up. Especially you, Mikey. God you smell bad!” he teased, punching Mikes in the arm.

Mikey gave a halfhearted smile and nodded. Emily was sniffing Mikey's shoulder and she shuttered. “You really don't smell to great, babe.” she said, pulling at his shirt.

“I know how we can both shower and save water,” she declared. I looked at Gee, knowing exactly what she was talking about. Mikey, on the other hand, didn't.

“” he asked slowly. Emily laughed and pressed her chest against his. “Easy. We shower together.” Mikey's face was so red that I thought he was going to explode.

Our moms we're clearing their throats and trying to not giggle. Ems looked completely serious and she leaned forward to just enough for her lips to skim Mikey's neck.

She whispered in his ear and his face got redder, to my great disbelief. He nodded and picked her up. As we watched, they took off down the hall, giggling like kids.

Gee's eyes followed them with mine and we chuckled together. I looked at our moms, who were staring at the hall with wide eyes.

We went to them and sat on the floor, turning th TV on. They both jumped as the music to saw burst into the silence.

“I don't feel like watching a scary movie today, dear.” Gee said next to me. I looked at him, my eyes wide. He chuckled and pinched my butt, making me laugh.

“Okay. Lets watch......” I flicked through the channels until he squealed next to me. “AHH!!!!!! MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!” he bounced up and down next to me.

I grinned and set the remote back on the floor. He took my hand and played with my thumb. We heard the water running and laughing coming from the bathroom.

Trying to ignore it, I turned the TV up and when the old men and the woman were sitting and talking. Our moms tried to watch, but they would throw glances down the hall every few minutes.

Gee went to get some popcorn and drinks. We all settled down with out Pepsi and a big bowl of popcorn setting between our moms.

One of them had moved it at one point and didn't tell us. So Gee reached back for a hand-full and grabbed Donna's leg, scaring her.

We all laughed and Donna moved the bowl back to where it had been, letting it rest on her legs. Luckily, it didn't tip until the bowl was empty. It toppled on Gee's head like a hat, raining un-popped kernels all over both of us.

I laughed and helped him clean the butter off his forehead with a napkin. We cleaned up the floor and the movie was over by the time we were done.

The little couple had gotten to the living room not to long after Gee and I had started cleaning. Emily was wearing one of Mikey's shirts like a dress and Mikey was wearing a pair of pants.

Gee looked at Donna and nodded to the bathroom. She sighed and got up, starting to the bathroom.

They took turns, mom borrowing clothes from Donna and sitting back on the couch. Once we were all clean, Gee and I made some food.

We ate together and mom stayed the night, along with Ems. We all settled back into some normalcy.

Lawl hope you guys like it and I really hope I get more reviews on this one!!!!!!!!!!
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