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One: Fear

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During WWII a commando of soldiers is shipped off to England, ready to join the troops which are going to fight in Norway. Among them are brothers Gerard and Mikey Way and their best friends Ray To...

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"You scared?"
"I said, are you scared?"
Gerard smiled kindly.
His little brother nervously smiled back, shrugged.
"A little, yeah. I guess."
"It's gonna be OK."
"You think?"
"I sure don't know what to think. Only that it's going to be amazing."
The two brothers flipped around.
"Frank. It's scary." Mikey murmured.
"Yeah, but - their dark-haired friend leaned against the balcony and breathed in the twilight air - but it's going to be amazing. We're fighting for us, for our country, and for all of those countries who have been oppressed for so long. I find it beautiful. And I'm honored."
"You're honored?" Gerard chuckled.
"Yeah. Honored. Aren't you?"
"I'm just nervous."
"Gerard Way is nervous."
"Yeah. And so is his brother." and he gestured towards the other man, who was absently chewing on his nails not so far away.
"Little guy's scared?"
"He just doesn't want to go."
"Jamia couldn't stop crying. She says I'll be killed."
"Well...we might all be killed."
Frank rested a hand on Gerard's.
The other man didn't move his away.
"That's just the risk, I guess."
They both sighed.
"Wanna come inside? It's kind of getting chilly."
Gerard shook his head.
"Maybe...maybe later. Mikey needs me, you know? He feels lonely."
Frank smiled.
“Sure, take your time.”
Gerard's gaze got lost as his friend's footsteps echoed behind him.
"You OK, Michael?"
"Don't call me that."
"I'm serious. Are you OK?"
"I--I guess."
They said nothing for a while.
"He loves you."
Gerard smiled.
"And you love him."
The older man laughed.
"Don't be silly."
"I'm serious. The hand."
"The hand..."
Mikey chuckled.
"Yeah. And the way you look at eachother."
Gerard lighted a cigarette.
"Do you consider us an abomination?"
"I don't know. I don't know what to think. Everything's so new, Gee."
"New and scary."
"If I die, don't forget me."
Gerard stared at his brother.
"You won't die, Mikey. I'll never let that happen."
Frank raced out.
"They...they want us to play."
Frank smiled. Gerard's heart skipped a beat - he couldn't avoid it - at the sight of life filling to the brim those hazel eyes.
"Yeah. C'mon, the boys are waiting."
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