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Emerald Archer

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Regret comes too late for Raven.

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Yup, another Rebecca and Raven fanfic! What can I say? They make a cute couple!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem or any of the affiliated characters, companies or games. I am not making any money from this fanfic. It is done purely out of fun and love.

Oh, and this is a oneshot.


Emerald Archer.

The war was over. Nergal and the dragons lay defeated in the ruins of Dragon's Gate. Valor Isle was sinking rapidly in the distance as the Davros proudly rode the waves towards the Port of Badon. Towards Elibe.

Wind rippled through her emerald hair, making her braided pigtails dance behind her as she dreamily stared at the horizon, lost in thought and oblivious to the pair or ruby eyes that observed her.

The normally hard eyes softened at the sight of the serene expression on her face. That sweet porcelain face that captivated him right from the start. Only back then he was too stubborn, or too proud, to admit his feelings.

And now? Raven stood with Rebecca on the ship's prow. He observed her every move, memorized her every curve and scar, allowing the memory of her to burn deep into his soul.

A ruefull smile played across his lips as he remembered the first time they met.

Raven rested after the long battle. The enemy was defeated for now, but reinforcements could arrive at any given moment. The sun was beating lazily through the leaves, belying the gruesomeness that the day held. Closing his eyes he leaned back against the tree and would have nodded off within moments if not for the shriek that pierced his ears.


'What in the blazes?' Raven grumbled as he jumped to his feet, instantly alert.

Gazing around the battlefield he quickly spotted the source of the shriek. It was that green-haired archer. Rebecca.

Raven felt something stir in his breast, in his heart, as he gazed at the clumsy girl. She was dismantling her bow, but her attempts at re-stringing was not very sucessful, as the string slipped from her grasp everytime.
Quickly Raven quelled that strange feeling in his heart and blamed his drowsy state for the strange feelings in his chest.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Raven walked over the struggling archer. She looked insanely cute as she became more and more frustrated with her bow and uncooperative string.

'What are you doing dismantling your weapon here?' Raven inquired, sounding more harsh than he intended.

'Ah! Did I disturb your rest?' Rebecca asked wide-eyed and fixed her emerald gaze onto Raven's.

The moment their eyes met Raven felt that stirring in his heart become stronger.

'No, that's not it. Why are you dismantling your weapon on the battlefield?' his voice sounded a bit gentler.

'Oh, my bowstring was getting lax...but I'm no good at stringing...' Rebecca grumbled as a light blush crept across her cheeks as she stared in defeat at her bow.

Raven supressed a grin as he offered to re-string her bow, taking her by surprize. The smile she gave him was sweeter than any revenge could have been.

The breeze shifted and carried Rebecca's scent towards him. Through the salty tang Raven could detect the faint smell of wildflowers and berries. The scent was so typically Rebecca! He breathed it deeply, wishing it would remain in his lungs forever. Memories of her food and the picknick they had threatened to overwhelm him.

She proudly presented her catch to him. All the different kinds of meat one could possibly hunt was in that basket. Fish, fowl, deer...all were present and superbly prepared. Raven bit hungrily into a warm meat pie and was stunned into silence as the flavour exploded in his mouth and tantalized his sences.
Rebecca's emerald gaze was fixed on him, silently pleading him to say something, anything, about her cooking.

'...good...this is good eating...' Raven said between mouthfulls and mentally kicked himself for saying something so lame.

'Phew! There is more! Eat all you can.' Rebecca said with no small measure of relief.

Raven's eyes misted over as he remembered the sweet delight that flooded through him as he held her in his arm. She was crying, mumbling something about her lost brother, but all that Raven could recall was how alive he felt with her in his arms. Her head resting against his chest and her hair tickling his perfectly she fitted against him!


Just like the ones running now down her face.

How he longed to embrace her and kiss the tears away! To tell her that all will be well. How he longed to hold her against him one last time.

'Raven...' his name was but a whisper that escaped her lips. Her sweet voice was filled with longing and heartache as more tears crawled down her cheeks, dripping onto the deck and mixing with salty seawater.
Her heart was breaking in front of him and there was nothing he could do about it. Nothing at all.

How could he?

No matter how badly Raven wanted to hold her again, to caress her cheek and kiss her hair, he knew that he would never have that oppertunity now. He was too proud and stubborn back then to admit how much he needed her. Too hellbent on revenge to give a fig about another person.

And now?

Now it was too late. He buried his feelings too deeply for too long.

Now he was doomed to watch her from the shadows.

Never being able to hold her hand or to kiss her lips.

For the dragons claimed his life.


Bit short, yes, and dark, yes.

But what the heck! Tell me what you think?

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