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So,How's It Goin' Up There?

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*sigh* Something I had to do in English class.Thought I'd let you guys look at it first.

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Something I had to do in English.My normal teacher is pregnant so we have this weird hippy as a temp.I'm pretty sure she's on crack,by the way.This was an assignment I had to do over the weekend and thought I'd show you guys.Hope it's decent.

Assignment:Write To Someone You Haven't Spoken To/Seen In A While.

Dear Mom/Frances/Mrs. Ni Ionnrachtigh/Whatever They Call You Up There:
How are you?It's been a while,y'know.Nearly a year and a half off the top of my head.Could be wrong though,you know maths was never my strong point.I think I got that from Dad,'cause the other night he forgot how to do long division.Yeah,you married that guy.
Everything's fine here.Dad saw True Grit-this Western starring Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges-and absolutely loved it.He loved it so much he dragged me to see it,but I'm not like you when it comes to film tastes-I'm all for the gore.There's this one bit when Jeff Bridges yanks out Matt Damon's tooth and his mouth is,like,full of blood.It was epic.Lisa's okay too;well no,she's till as fucked up and irritating as ever.Oh,sorry,forgot you hate it when I curse.I've just gotten used to it after a year with just Dad.You know he's not really pushed about that sorta thing.
Actually mom,speaking of matters earth-wise,I went to see The Cranberries in December.They were amazing.I love Dolores O' Riordan so much,I would so go gay for her,she's just the bomb-diggity.That means she's cool,mom.As well as that,we finally had the Irish General Election on February 25th.It was so funny when Dad and I went to the polling stations and he just picked out all the people you would've voted for.Well,it wasn't that funny,but it was just kinda cool.And you know My Chemical Romance?That band I used to like and you said the lead singer had white hair?They released an album in 2010 and it was so good.I missed them so much.They played in Dublin recently but Dad wouldn't let me go.
I know what you're gonna ask next:how's Rachel?You should ask her,she's up there with you.She died nearly a week ago,OD-ing on prescription drugs.Like you did.
I gotta admit,Mom,that was pretty shitty of you to do.I just came home one day from school and Dad was just standing there with a sorta crazed look in his eyes.He's better now,but he's never been the same since,y'know.It was so awful at the funeral,'cause Dad read the eulogy about you loving your job and your family and how you were such a good cook and then he started crying.Well,I started crying then 'cause I just thought well,if dad is crying,I should be too.And afterwards all these old women came up to me and they were like Oh I'm so sorry and you must so sad and all that.Ms.Rickman came.Yep.My principal came to your funeral.Except she called me "Laura",which was a bit of a downer.But anyway,it's horrendous whenever people ask "is Mummy home?" and I'm like "no,and she won't ever be home."
God,I miss you Mom.Not just from the sentimental point of view,but from the clothes.You used have a really good eye for clothes that you would hate but I'd love-like that Green Day hoodie.I knew privately thought it disgusting but I'm wearing it right now.Dad just gives me money every month and I use that for clothes.I'm the same as ever;I don't really have a "style"-I just hover around in sweatpants and band shirts-i.e. that white Sex Pistols one,which I wear 5/7 days a week.Sexy.
You know Gaddafi?Yeah,there's a big rebellion in Libya at the moment and he's just being a big bitch about it and he's like "I'll never surrender,and I'll burn down my country if I have to" and stuff like that.Japan got hit by a massive tsunami on Thursday,and there's crazy shit-ooh,sorry-going on over there.
My grades?They're good.I got an A in Irish the other day and I was bloody ecstatic.I failed maths but that's pretty much expected of me.At this stage Ms.Kelly is pretty much kinda disappointed if I pass.As for English,I've taken to writing on this fan-fiction site.It's going pretty cool and there are some awesome people on it.
Oh,and Ray-the cat-passed earlier in the year.He had a nice long life,and he went easily.He's buried out in our garden,by the lavender tree.
I know we never really got on that well,and I irritated you a lot,I was never the favourite.It was just Lauren,the one who curses a lot and listens to weird music.I wish we actually got on better when you were alive,cause then I would've felt better after your death.I thought I was the reason you killed yourself.
That was before Dad told us you had depression.
A few weeks later I,too,was diagnosed with depression.Well,bi-polar,but that's technically a type of depression.Sometimes I think suicide would be so much better than taking Lithium twice a day for the rest of my life(and not forgetting diabetes of course).But then I remember:I may be like you in certain ways,Mom,but I would never take my own life.
That's where we differ.
I'm gonna let you go now cause Dad is calling me for dinner.It's kebabs and he's been working on them all day,even though he knows they'll inevitably be burnt,cold and moldy all at the same time.He obviously did not learn one cooking skill from you in your twenty six years of marriage.
Lauren Sarah.

P.S:Ireland lost in the rugby match on Saturday.I knew you'd be so pissed.
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