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Stay Awake

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(Frerard) Frank is mourning Gerard's death, until Gerard comes back for him.

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Frank's P.O.V.

Here in the darkness I know myself...

My eyes opened slowly. I blinked several times.

Light knocking echoed off the walls, filling the room with an annoying tapping noise. "Not now,"

I called, still laying on the bed.

As I knew he would, Mikey ignored me and opened the door anyways. "Yes, now." He sighed upon

seeing my room in its current trashed state. "You have to eat. You haven't eaten since- you know.

Then you need to get ready. The hearse will be at the morgue in half an hour."

I didn't want to get out of bed. Not anytime soon, anyways. It was Halloween, my birthday- the

very first one I'd be spending without the person I loved most in the whole world.

I sighed. "I don't want to go." Going would just confirm that he wasn't coming back for me.

Mikey sighed as well. "We have too. He would want that, wouldn't he?"

In all honesty I'm not totally sure he would. He never made me do anything I didn't want to

do- unless it purely was for my own good. I just don't see how crying over him and realizing he

was really gone would benefit me.

I sat up. "I guess so."

"I lost him too, Frank. You're not the only one who misses him," Mikey assured me. Sure, I knew

Mikey would miss him, but not the same way I would. Nobody but another person in my position

would understand how it feels to loose someone you have loved longer than you remember.

I merely nodded, before getting off the bed and following him.

(1 Hour Later...)

When our car pulled up to the church, I realized the weather wasn't on my side. The rain poured

down, soaking everything that was outside. Including me, who forgot an unmbrella, but was saved

when Mikey admitted he had brought five of them.

He used to love rain. He favored rainy days over sunny ones. He told me it would wipe away

all the doubt, guilt, and pain he had in his life. I often told him there was no reason his life

should have any of that, but he'd merely shake his head at me. He had secrets, I understood that.

He was about to open up too, before-

"Frank," Mikey handed me an umbrella. I opened the car door and popped it open, cursing at the

memory I wasn't ready to remember just yet.

The church was dark and gloomy, the only color being the red banners, roses, etc. here and there.

People filled most of the pews, quitely talking. What about- I could only assume him.

Mikey led me, Bob, and Ray to the front, where Mr. and Mrs. Way were already sitting. We sat down

quitely, merely nodding to them, as they returned the gestured. I briefly thought of when his

grandmother died, we sat here- same spot, same church, together.

I tended to daze off during chruch back in high school where we were forced to attend it weekly.

This time was no different. It was only until Mrs. Way said my name that I went back to reality.

"How's Frank holding up, Dear?" she asked Mikey. Mikey turned to gaze at me, while I just stared

straight ahead.

"He's alright... I don't think its dawned upon him just yet," Mikey replyed.

Mrs. Way nodded. "Promise me you'll keep an eye on him? I'm just afraid when he realizes it he'll

break. He'll cry for sure- he'll cry hard. I don't want him to go off and do something rash. If

anything happens to either of you, I don't think I could take it," she finished, her eyes welling

up with tears.

"Yes, Mama," Mikey agreed.

The priest stood by the podium, which over looked the closed casket. Had it been open, I probably

would've been in tears by now. But I'm not going to break... Not just yet.

"Today we are here to celebrate the life of Gerard Way..."

(15 Minutes Later...)

Back to wandering off in my mind, as he priest had the world's longest speech about how death

only meant new life, I starting thinking about how he died.

It was a simple phone call. A simple, cold, heartless, uncaring voice of a phonecall. They told

me they'd found his body, in an alley downtown, bullets lodged in several placed of his body.

They still haven't caught the bastard who did that to him, and I doubt they will. I just hope it

doesn't happen again, I know how much pain I'm in right now, and I can't imagine fifty other

people feeling the same.

(5 Hours Later...)

Mikey unlocked the front door in silence, and we both walked in quickly. Neither of us had said a

word since the burial, but I had cried, a little. Dried tears still clung to both Mikey and I's


"I'm going to bed," I said quitely. I walked down the hallway, to the bedroom and shut the door


Silent tears streamed down my face. I walked up to the small table beside the bed, looking at the

photo of him and I, taken a year or two ago. I picked the photo up and placed in back down on the

table, facing down. I think was starting to "break". No more memories and reminders at the moment

than needed.

"Oh, Gerard," I said quietly to myself as I layed down the bed.

The door opened quietly. "Frank?" Mikey asked. "I'm going to my mom's- to get more of the deed

settled out. You wanna go?"

I turned over to face him. "Nah- I think I'll just catch up on sleep."

Mikey nodded. "Call if you need anything." He shut the door.

I let my eyes close, and soon sleep claimed me.


It was quite some time later I woke up. The day had come and gone- the full moon shined on my

face through the window.

I sat up yawning. I realized I was still dressed, but shrugged to myself at the thought of it. I

got up and walked out the door to the kitchen.

As I waited for my coffee, I turned on the TV, trying to pass the time. The coffee machine

beeped, and I retrieved it. Sipping it carefully, I skimmed the channel for something to watch.

10 minutes or so later, I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I didn't hear Mikey come


I set my coffee down, turning off the TV as I did so. I quitely made my way down the hall, not

quite sure what I'd find.

I opened the door slowly. I gasped at my cleaned bedroom- certainly not the same way it had been

this morning. The clothes were put away, and the bed was made. The photo I had turned over was

back in its original position.

"Happy Birthday, Frank," a smooth voice breathed in my ear.

"... Gerard?"


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