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Pitch-black darkness surrounded me when I slowly woke up. Something soft and silky covered my eyes and kept them from opening. Dizzy I raised my hand to remove it but I couldn’t. My hands where somehow tied to the head of my bed. All over sudden I was wide awake. I panicked, something was very wrong here. A hot wave of fear flood through my body, when my mind came up with some crazy fan, who followed me, broke into my hotel room, blindfolded me and tied me up to kill me. Was she still there? I held my breath and tried to listen into this complete darkness. If I listened very closely I could hear someone breathing and my throat felt constricted when I noticed that the bed was moving with someone’s weight. “Who’s this?”, I whispered, hearing the panic in my own voice. “Have a guess”, the person whispered back and I could hear that this was definitely a man’s voice. Repressed memories suddenly came back and I came to life, ripping at the handcuffs, winding my body to get free. This could only be my worst nightmare. “Shhh Axl, trust me…” Abruptly I stopped to toss around, actually I didn’t dare to move at all. Wait, I knew this voice and this might better not be the person I think it is, because I would be going to kick his ass so much for scaring me, that he wouldn’t even be able to remember his name. But I knew it – I remembered it better than anyone else’s name. It was the name that belonged to the one person I was thinking of all the time when he was not here, and going crazy over every time he was around me. “Slash?”, I hoarsely asked into the darkness, not sure what I wished the answer would be. “Yeah…” He softly whispered into my ear, slightly nibbling on it. Immediately my heart pounded faster and my mind went crazy. What was Slash doing here? Well, I knew he was bi but I gave up making him mine a while ago, when he started to date girls more frequently. Although I wanted this, I always liked being tied up, I didn’t want to give Slash the satisfaction to let him know right away. “Slash, what the fuck is going on with you? Untie me! Now!” Again I tried to break free, at least to move the blindfold, but Slash was suddenly all over me, holding me down. I could feel that he was already naked and now I remembered that I didn’t put on something either, before I went to sleep. Slash must have felt my cock hardening against him. I couldn’t help but shift a little, so that our cocks touched. I heard his soft laugh at my neck, which he was covering with kisses now. Damn it, that was all I ever wished for, having Slash in my bed, being able to kiss him, to show him how much I care.

As much as I despised not to be able to touch him back, I had to admit that every touch of him, felt so intense. It was like my whole body was on fire. I felt his hot breath against my face, his lips touching mine, very gently before they parted and our tongues met in a kiss that took my breath away. We were both already panting hard, when his hand slowly glided down my chest to my belly until it comfortably came to rest on my hip. His thumb was stoking over my groin, right at the spot, which gave me goosebumps all over my body. I quietly moaned into his mouth and felt him smile against mine. I just wished I could see him and feel his skin on my hands, when caressing him back. Actually, I know how his skin feels, we hugged many times before, but there were definitely other parts of his body, over which I would love to run my hands too. But for now, this is his part. I felt a tickling sensation, when his hair ran over my chest and his tongue flickered over my nipples, tracing a hot line down to my belly. As best as I could I tried not to move, I wanted to feel his mouth everywhere on my body. His kisses went deeper and suddenly, without any warning he took my cock all the way into his mouth.

Overwhelmed with this sudden hit of pleasure I couldn’t help but let out a loud scream, while bending my body to reach him more. But instead of going on, he just gave it one deep suck before he pulled away completely. Gasping for air I tossed at the handcuffs, desperately wanting to grab a fistful of his hair and force his head back down to my cock. “Feels good, hm?” That bastard, I could hear in his voice that he was probably grinning all over his face. “You fucker… suck it!” I hissed and quickly added a “please” in a slightly softer tone - after all he is the one who is holding the reins here. And who knows what he is up to this night. A moment later I felt his lips around my cock again and I yelped in surprise. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. The darkness around me seemed to amplify my feelings a thousand times. It felt like the room was turning and I was lifted up from the bed. I desperately held on to the bars at the bed, to keep me somehow steady. I could hear my own moaning from somewhere far away, getting louder and higher when I almost reached my climax, but as I expected Slash pulled back again. I tried to catch my breath, to hear what he was doing next when I suddenly felt those lips against mine again. I franticly kissed him back, that was all I could give him at this point and I put more passion in it that I ever did. “You…it… feels so good…” I managed to get out, while his hand slowly moved its way to my ass. Two of his fingers, still wet with my pre-cum, slowly but determinately glided in. I raised my right foot a bit to give him better access. His face was constantly close to mine, I was kissing him as often as I could find his mouth and didn’t care that my lips were sore by now. His fingers were moving in and out of me, I moved my hips to make him find the right spot, but it he seemed to miss it purposely. That was enough to make me go crazy. “Slash… please…”, I was practically begging him, whimpering under his touches, causing Slash to pull his fingers back and sliding his cock inside. One rough stroke and he hit my prostate right away. I didn’t even have time to think about what was happening, when I already felt my cum spreading on my stomach. My mind went black but I saw gaudy colors behind my closed eyes. I was moaning so loudly that it didn’t even sound like me. That was the most intense feeling and orgasm I ever had. But beneath all this pleasure I wanted to be free so bad, wanted to throw my arms around Slash’s body right now and most of all I needed to look into his eyes. It wouldn’t make me feel so vulnerable and exposed anymore.

“Fuck, Axl, you are… so… fuck!” I heard him gasp, when his face came back to mine. His heart was beating fast against my chest and I felt his sweaty body pressed against mine, as much as possible. I smiled and raised my head a little, so he could slide his arm under it to hug me tightly. “Please untie me… I wanna feel you…” It was a try, although I knew that he would never give in now. Now, that he knows how much I wanted him and enjoyed all this. “You are feeling me… this way”, he said, pushing his hips forward and sliding deeper into me. I groaned loudly and wrapped my legs around his hips, meeting him with every thrust he made. My head was turned to him, I breathed into his hair and noticed for the first time how good he smelled. He held me tighter and told me how wonderful I felt, how much he wanted this, wanted me to come again... I just nodded and he moved faster, my dick was rubbing against his stomach and this, together with his words, brought me over the edge again. I screamed out his name and raised my hips to feel him as deep inside of me as possible.

I was still shaking and grinding against him, when he suddenly stopped to move and I heard a clicking above me head. A moment later I was free. I grabbed the blindfold and tossed it over my head. What I then saw was beyond my imagination. Dark eyes, full of lust staring down on me, lips deeply red were ready to kiss me again and his beautiful skin as a wonderful contrast to mine. “Wow”, I whispered and stared up at him for a moment, before pulling his hair back with both of my hands to kiss him passionately. Our lips stayed together when he speed up his thrusting again. I ran my hands along his sides to his ass, making him shiver and groan against my mouth. My hands were everywhere, all over his body and he felt even softer than I thought. He buried his head into my neck, ready to come too, when I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, so I could look straight into his face. “Look at me!” I said breathlessly and I could see how much he forced his eyes to keep them open when he was coming hard. I just stared at him, he was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I could see that his mouth was forming “I love you”, before I felt his warm cum spilling out inside of me. I gently let go of his hair and his head fell down on my shoulder. We were holding each other, while slowly coming down. Every now and then we planted a kiss on each other’s face. When he finally pulled out he lay down next to me, as exhausted as me. I stared up the ceiling while Slash was curled up beside me, his head resting at my shoulder. When I slowly turned my head to look at him, I saw him already smiling at me. “That…”, he announced breathlessly, “was all I ever wanted. You – pretty tied up!” I laughed and with my fingertips I softly stroke over his lips. “I love you too!”
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